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The “Gold Standard” new locker room video tour has been released

Coach Calipari has gushed about the new Kentucky basketball locker room as being the gold standard of locker room suites. We’ve seen some of the pictures from the finished product, but now has a virtual tour available.

“We’ve made it one of the best I’ve seen,” stated John Calipari. “We made it NBA-ish.”

My favorite part is the hallway which includes a number of great graphics outlining some of the history of Kentucky basketball, specifically with highlights from the Calipari era. Fun fact: Some parts of the locker room suite are also used by the football team when they have recruits.

Click here for the entire tour on

Article written by Ally Tucker

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17 Comments for The “Gold Standard” new locker room video tour has been released

  1. Ukfan89
    8:21 pm December 21, 2012 Permalink

    All those state-of-the-art facilities and no good place to keep the expo markers lol

  2. Carolina Blue is past tense for CAROLINA BLOWS
    8:24 pm December 21, 2012 Permalink

    22 minutes up and no comments? Coach is very proud of his players and it shows every step of the way with the upgrades to locker room. The man just “gets it”.

  3. CATfish
    8:40 pm December 21, 2012 Permalink

    I love the National Championship floors. If i was a recruit for Cal, I would be amazed! The locker room atmosphere just has to get you pumped up!

  4. UK(first)Cats(forever)
    8:40 pm December 21, 2012 Permalink

    Saying that Cal “gets it” is a huge understatement. There are very few people in the world that are a perfect fit for their job, and Cal is one of them. This man will have his name hanging in the rafters of Rupp in the future, no doubt about it. Oh yeah, the “locker room” is unbelievable, we truly are the gold standard of basketball worldwide. It’s great to be a Wildcat that’s for damn sure! Hopefully our boys show improvement tomorrow, and most importantly, hopefully they tap that ass on December 29th. Go Cats!

  5. daninsantabarbara
    8:45 pm December 21, 2012 Permalink

    Just back from the UK Hoops vs. UCSB Gauchos.
    The offense was inconsistent at best, but the 40 Minutes of Dread are so stifling UCSB had a very tough time advancing the ball past the foul line. They might have gotten a couple of easy buckets per half. They had to work extremely hard for everything else.
    The Lady Kats forced 28 turnovers and so many clock violations in that total that I lost count.
    The Lady Gauchos hustled from tip to the last tick, they just didn’t have the athletes to compete for a full game.
    MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone.

  6. James K
    8:48 pm December 21, 2012 Permalink

    Cal’s grandiosity in this video is hilarious. The part with the dry erase board had me cracking up.

  7. true fan
    8:50 pm December 21, 2012 Permalink

    look like theres a recruiting room now

  8. BPsycho
    8:56 pm December 21, 2012 Permalink

    #1 The video was so ballin I half expected him to say ” You know what **** that, I’ll have somebody pick those up later “

  9. njCat
    9:33 pm December 21, 2012 Permalink

    Hey 5… Did the fans toss tortillas on the court after bad calls??? Lol

  10. Lawdog
    10:36 pm December 21, 2012 Permalink

    I knew that the bball squad had upgraded facilities, but I really had no idea just how much so until I watched this video. My God, why would you ever want to play anywhere else??? Cal is likely my favorite sports figure of all time. Sad? I think not. Merry Christmas to you as well, Cal, and thanks for the tour!

  11. Rae
    12:11 am December 22, 2012 Permalink

    A few thoughts:

    1. Cal must have bought up some of the leftover Stadium Frame Final Four Prints.

    2. Shower pills made me laugh. Cal sounds like a dad forcing his kids to wash up.

    3. Now the guys have a place to eat their allotted training meal bagels without spreads. “One per person,” said the NCAA to the little Oliver Twists. Wouldn’t want the schools who couldn’t afford two bagels per guy to have a disadvantage.

    4. What about when we win #9 next year? Where are we going to put the mural honoring that team, and that stadium’s floor and everything else?

  12. just saying
    9:03 am December 22, 2012 Permalink

    dont get me wrong, I love it, but the entire lockerroom is one big heritage to last years team. So what happens when this years team, or next years wins, do we hang a few pics in the wooden wall room? There is no pics or reference to anyone else. No John wall, no Demarcus cousins, No Brandon Knight, No Josh Harrelson, and not to mention any player before Calipari.

    Secondly, WHY WOULD ANY OTHER SPORT want to use this for recruiting?? I mean if youre a top football, baseball or girls basketball playerwould you want to be taken into a “basketball shrine” and sit in a room with 20 x 10ft picture of UK basketball at the FF?

    Its a great way to sell it, but lets be HONEST, Uk is barely ever at Rupp, they spend all their time at Memorial. Very few practices are at Rupp. So all of this is for when we have Home games, and guys go into the “locker room” at half time? Looks like a huge waste of money and time to me. It seems to me even Cal thinks so. When the construction started he said “it will be the gold standard, even compared to NBA locker rooms”. Now he says its “NBA-ish”, and its “ONE OF THE BETTER locker rooms that Ive seen”, and finishes with “there may be better locker rooms”

  13. hmmm
    9:09 am December 22, 2012 Permalink

    the only thing “wow” about it is the actual blue hue circular locker room, the rest looks like a painted up Conference hall with bad furniture

  14. just saying
    9:13 am December 22, 2012 Permalink

    I do stand mildly corrected, I looked at it again and the mural on the right when you first walk in has the “NBA cats”,

  15. bluefan
    9:30 am December 22, 2012 Permalink

    I think it’s amazing. We have some real Negative Nancies around here these days. Merry Christmas. Go Cats!!

  16. STEVE!
    2:13 pm December 22, 2012 Permalink

    Offer the Athletic Director’s job to Cal when he retires from coaching. Pay him whatever it takes. We would recoup the investment many times over. What a spokesman and fundraiser he would be for all sports.

  17. Chad
    4:35 pm December 22, 2012 Permalink

    Very cool but looks like a shrine to Cal. What about the last 60 years? Never saw the other banners only 2012. Left out a lot of great years and players.