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Getting to Know Towles and Whitlow

Don’t look now but the college football season is just under three weeks away.  With every new season brings high levels of optimism and the belief that this is your team’s year, it also brings the inevitable and patent pending late season implosion by Clemson Along with that serving of optimism comes the hope that this year’s crop of recruits can come in and immediately gel with the returning players to make a huge impact.  Kentucky is no different in that department as Joker and staff brought in two excellent quarterback prospects who are looking to step in right away and prove they belong in the nation’s premier conference.  Patrick Towles of Highlands High School (Kentucky) and Jalen Whitlow of Prattville High (Alabama) both led their respective schools to state titles as Seniors and won a fair share of individual awards, so they have demonstrated the ability to win in the past.  But, how does that translate to the nation’s most daunting football conference?


Jalen Whitlow

Whitlow comes to Kentucky as a three star recruit from football powerhouse, Prattville High School.  According to, he was the 20th best recruit in in the state of Alabama and the 12th best “dual-threat” quarterback entering college nationally.  While his position is up in the air currently given the uncertainty on the depth chart at multiple positions, he wants to prove that he is a quarterback, “that’s my natural position.”  Though looking at high school numbers you wouldn’t realize that, he only threw for 633 total passing yards with 7 touchdowns and 2 picks.  It would be easy to look through these numbers and dismiss his quarterback play completely, but he averaged 7.4 yards per passing attempt and completed 62% of passes. The contributing factor to his low basic numbers would be the fact that he split time at quarterback with four-star recruit, Justin Thomas, who has enrolled at Georgia Tech.  While basic numbers would indicate a sub-par passer, he is actually quite capable.  Of course to earn the title of dual-threat QB one must have rushing statistics to back that up, and Whitlow certainly does.  Last season he rushed for 644 yards on 82 attempts which comes out to a spectacular 7.85 yards per carry.  To go with those numbers he also found the endzone 12 times as a rusher including this great 79 yard touchdown.  What sticks out to me in highlights is the fact his head always seems to be looking down field when either passing or rushing, which may just be the best trait any quarterback could have.  To accompany the passing and rushing, he is also a fantastic receiver. Sure it was at low volume, catching only 12 passes, but when completed he averaged 13.75 yards per reception.  Whitlow is a do-it-all type that will excel just about anywhere you stick him, he certainly has the skills and size needed to succeed at this level, but how fast can a freshman really develop?


Patrick Towles

Patrick Towles certainly has a claim to one of the best seasons in Kentucky high school football history, leading his Highlands Bluebirds to an undefeated season (the school’s 21st state title), becoming Kentucky’s Gatorade player of the year in the process.  Former Bengals’ Wide Receiver, Cris Collinsworth, even seems to think that Towles is as good as he has ever seen at that level.  The numbers certainly back everything up, the 6’5”, 232 pound, four-star threw for 3820 yards while slinging 42 touchdowns and only 1 pick.  Not only did he put up a high number of passing yards, it was done hyper-efficiently, completing 65% of passes and totaling 13.7 yards per passing attempt as a Senior.  Around the high school football community Highlands is known for a “sophisticated offense” which will only help Patrick as Kentucky’s passing game has been difficult to pick up by past quarterbacks early on in their careers.  With gaudy numbers also comes great athleticism, in this highlight tape he proves why the numbers are no fluke, demonstrating the ability to keep plays alive and improvise when the pocket collapses.  More evidence to his awareness and athleticism are the rushing stats complied.  Last year he finished with 589 rushing yards on 100 attempts (5.89 yards per carry) allowing him to compile 15 running touchdowns in addition to the 42 passing.  Towles is the real deal, he’s the 9th overall quarterback nationally according to for good reason.  The numbers are there, as is the size/athleticism, and from all accounts has his head on straight.  Towles is everything you look for in a field general, but this is the SEC we’re talking about, can he be ready immediately or will a redshirt be in order while the two returning starters battle for the job?  These are questions that only time can answer, but it’s certainly proven by the past that he is one hell of a quarterback prospect who will demand playing time sooner rather than later.



Article written by Jonathan Schuette

11 Comments for Getting to Know Towles and Whitlow

  1. red shirt
    8:27 pm August 9, 2012 Permalink

    Sad thing is that these 2 are probably better than the older guys. Hope Joker doesn’t “coach” them like he did Newton. Newton was better as a high school senior than he is now. Towles’ Dad should tell Mitch that if his son burns a season but doesn’t end up w/ 50% of the snaps – Towles will transfer. Joker is so damn dumb and desperate that he will use all 4 QB’s in some form or fashion this season, watch! Joker is soooo predictable.

  2. T rocks
    8:33 pm August 9, 2012 Permalink

    Towles will have a nice career at Kentucky.
    Intrigued why you guys ignore the highlights against Trinity last year?
    Trinity plays Highlands tomorrow night.

  3. Fairweather UK Football Fan
    8:40 pm August 9, 2012 Permalink

    [Insert negative Joker comment that suggests he is not of average intelligence.] [Insert comment implying you can do a better job than Joker. Consider bringing up how you would take less money to do so.] [Insert comment that suggests not supporting UK football will somehow make it better by “not accepting mediocrity. Continue to show no relevant examples where your approach has worked in the past.] [Glorify the Brooks years by forgetting you too wanted him gone prior to 2006. Act like a 5 win regular season is significantly worse than 6 wins.] [Continue to alienate people and not make friends. Repeat.]

  4. 1" dildo
    9:10 pm August 9, 2012 Permalink

    #3 – I am as useless as you. And Joker is just as useless as both of us!

  5. LOL @ #4
    9:23 pm August 9, 2012 Permalink

    #4: Dude, I’m sure you’d prefer the real thing to play with…way too easy. Good thing you’re anonymous, or you may have regretted sounding so stupid.

    #3: Joker sucks. Get over it.

  6. Blue in Bama
    9:53 pm August 9, 2012 Permalink

    Whitlow has all the potential to be a really solid player in college. He can run, pass, catch, and do anything else you ask him to do. No, he is not Cobb but if used properly he can be a difference maker.

  7. Moemoe
    10:09 pm August 9, 2012 Permalink

    #2: Please note the difference. Trinity is a catholic/private school that RECRUITS its players from a metro area of nearly a million people. Highlands is a public school which draws from the City of Ft. Thomas, population 17,000. While I’m confident that a player or two from outside of the Ft. Thomas city limits pays to go to school at Highlands, the Trinity roster is chock full of RECRUITS who are often given a free ride or “financial aid packages” to attend the school. Next, you might note that a pre-season game is hardly a good guage as to the strength of a high school team. While my guess is that Trintiy would have beat HHS last year had they met in the regular season (an anomoly), to use a pre-season game as a rallying cry is a joke.

  8. not my real name either
    10:18 pm August 9, 2012 Permalink

    5 – Pretty sure you didn’t get 4’s joke. Also, don’t think he was proclaiming his love of the 1″ dildo. Pretty funny that you chimed in on his dildo comment, got something to come clean on? Oh yeah, and I’m guessing your name isn’t “LOL @ #4.” Way to bust someones balls for having an anonymous post while being anonymous yourself. You wouldn’t happen to have been educated at uofl, huh?

  9. Sadness
    10:53 pm August 9, 2012 Permalink

    #8 is defending someone who immediately resorted to 1″ dildos when given a sarcastic (though not funny) football comment. That’s as U of LOL as it gets. #4 is likely the same person as #8. Maybe that’s actually your thumb up there buddy. Go Cats! Beat these Tards!

  10. UK > UNC
    11:07 pm August 9, 2012 Permalink

    #4 and #8 are DEFINITELY the same person. Who defends that joke? Isn’t it better NOT to “get it”?

  11. theWilkman
    10:03 am August 10, 2012 Permalink

    I seriously hope Towles gets the red-shirt. He has the potential to be an absolute star, and I think it would be better for him and the program if the other incoming freshmen (and team as a whole) can get some SEC experience to surround him.