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Getting familiar with Ricky Ledo

In the minutes after Kentucky bombed out against Ole Miss and Oxford, Cats fans got a surprising glimmer of hope from’s ray of sunshine, Jeff Goodman, when he announced that Ricky Ledo was de-committing from the mighty Providence Friars.  The 2012 five-star shooting guard, who will now reportedly not get a second look from Rick Pitino and the Cards, seems to be now holding a list of schools that essentially says “Kentucky and everyone else”.

But, for Ledo, the focus now is not on where he’ll go to college, but becoming a “Division I Person”, according to his former high school coach in this article in The Providence Journal.  According to the story, it’s not that Ledo is a bad kid or gets in trouble.  It’s that he’s had a rough upbringing and some worry that he has too many people clinging to him already.  Part of that plan to make him a “Division I Person” is his recent transfer to Notre Dame Prep (his fourth high school) and a likely decision to attend college away from Providence, where he would likely be surrounded by the same people.  It’s an interesting read, although decidedly one-sided.

Dude is the total package, though.  He can play.  He can Dougie.

Article written by Thomas Beisner

51 Comments for Getting familiar with Ricky Ledo

  1. old-school
    11:17 am February 3, 2011 Permalink

    FROM THE ARTICLE: “Maybe more important, Ledo has become a poster child for today’s college basketball culture, one that’s very different from what it was a decade or two ago. For this is no longer about getting a college scholarship, no longer about going to the NCAA Tournament, or graduating from high school. It’s no longer about any of the traditional markers of success.

    “This is about the promise of money.

    “This is about American Idol in baggy shorts and expensive sneakers. This is hopefully about going to college for only a year or so before going off to the NBA, where the checks are big and you don’t have to worry about passing western civ. This is the world Ledo is right in the middle of, and it’s not your father’s basketball world, not even close.”

    WOW- this sounds like the perfect recruit for Cal.

    Not good for college basketball. Not good in the long-run for the University of Kentucky. But helps Cal build his reputation of get em’ now, get em’ here and get’em drafted.

  2. MadnessMan
    11:18 am February 3, 2011 Permalink

    Looks like he’d be perfect at Kentucky. He seems to even have his dance ready for Big Blue Madness.

  3. Hmmm
    11:18 am February 3, 2011 Permalink

    Sounds like alot of baggage. Hope UK takes their time looking through his background…especially his Algebra III grades

  4. old-school
    11:19 am February 3, 2011 Permalink

    And for all you middle-aged men out there obsessed with teenaged boys in baggy pants – he can dance too! Cal is drooling!

  5. Tubby's gopher
    11:22 am February 3, 2011 Permalink

    old-school is obsessed trolling this site. Get lost fool.

  6. old-school
    11:24 am February 3, 2011 Permalink

    I can hear CALSPEAK on this guy now:
    “Ricardo Ledo is a great young man who has a dream of playing in the NBA. A university is about helping young people realize that dream and at UK – we are a player’s first program now. I want to help this nice young man achieve that dream for he and his family. He can come to Kentucky, learn what it means to play for the best fans in the world and for the greatest program in college basketball, and in 8 months, he will be a millionaire. That’s what it’s all about. Then in July, when I’m standing there smiling with him next to David Stern on Draft Day, it will all be worth it. It won’t matter that we flamed out in the NCAA tournament, this program is about the players, not the team. Winning a title doesn’t compare to watching this young man sign a check with multiple zeros attached.”

  7. Doc Lolliday
    11:24 am February 3, 2011 Permalink

    1 – jesus you are like some religous zealot preaching your hate for cal. And im sure you were one of the people complaining about Billy G’s recruits not being good enough. You are basically saying you want Cal to go out and purposely overlook the better players so he can get guys that are going to stay 4 years. Old-school is a good name for you because you are some narrow minded jackass who probably loves to talk about “the way things were”

  8. old-school
    11:25 am February 3, 2011 Permalink

    5 – You have a great day too.
    Actually – I’m just passionate about UK basketball. I hate to see it being destroyed from within.

  9. enes
    11:25 am February 3, 2011 Permalink

    The original enes says. Sounds like our kind of guy. On his 4th high school, short, one and done, lots of baggage, point guard, a real project, has wanted to play for Kentucky for the last 8 hours. Coach Cal will really go after him! Beware the fake enes.

  10. deer boss
    11:26 am February 3, 2011 Permalink

    hopefully the one and done rule will be gone this summer. Either go right away or stay 2-3 years.

    Kid may be trouble, but how many really know whats going on. Sounds like this article was written by the jerry tipturd of Providence.

  11. Doc Lolliday
    11:26 am February 3, 2011 Permalink

    Old school you do realize that you are literally having a conversation with yourself on a internet website message board. You are every other post. And you have the nerve to use the word obsessed…

  12. deer boss
    11:28 am February 3, 2011 Permalink

    8….I think Tubby and BCG’s recruiting did a good job of that.

  13. Zulu
    11:28 am February 3, 2011 Permalink

    7 – Good God, give it a rest man. I can’t figure out if you are a troll or just obsessed with Cal. For his safety, he may want to get a restraining order. I bet you stalk every woman who broke your heart, right (your cousin and your aunt)? You are complete freak.

  14. Zulu
    11:30 am February 3, 2011 Permalink

    My comment was obviously intended for that Freak Show #1 old-fool.

  15. cats
    11:30 am February 3, 2011 Permalink

    I’d rather have Shabazz.

  16. Doc Lolliday
    11:32 am February 3, 2011 Permalink

    14 – haha obviously. Dude has a problem…he his probably using the wi-fi from Cal’s house to post on here while he looks through binoculars

  17. Stickman
    11:32 am February 3, 2011 Permalink

    old-school Says:
    February 3rd, 2011 at 11:25 am
    5 – You have a great day too.
    Actually – I’m just passionate about UK basketball. I hate to see it being destroyed from within.

    If what you say is true, then you should have been overjoyed the day Tubby left, right?

    I love what Cal has done for the team so far. We’re leaps and bounds ahead of where we have been at any point in the new century. I think we need to back off on always going after the big name guards and work on more big men, but it’s only the second year of the Cal era, and I feel alot better in this second year than I did in Billy G’s second year or any of Tubby’s years after 1998.

  18. UK2012
    11:38 am February 3, 2011 Permalink

    Everything I’ve heard and read says that this kid could be the one to bring a lot of issues and trouble with him. Doesn’t seem worth it. I just hope the staff does their due diligence on this one.

  19. MillerMan
    11:39 am February 3, 2011 Permalink

    He’d be a terrific backup plan.

  20. old school's a nancy
    11:45 am February 3, 2011 Permalink

    1,4,6, Dude you are harshing everybody’s mellow. If you hate UK that much just go root for the tards, the Dookies or whatever team that YOU really root for. For the record you sound like a tape that’s being looped, the words are different but the meaning the same. My guess is that you were a part of triplets. your sibs nursed off of Ma while you nursed off of a mangy assed dog.

  21. old school's a nancy
    11:48 am February 3, 2011 Permalink

    old school= is really Saul Smith

  22. stupidUKfan
    11:50 am February 3, 2011 Permalink

    WHo wants him anyway nother One – n – doner…Aint no gonna win ncaa with them there one – n doners. we’s need’s a better coach. I remember when slick rick took it all. we need to press more and recruit better players. We need them to stay all 6 years to win it all. YEE HAA

    now i gotsta go i’s gotsa to go be mad about somethin else.

  23. old-school
    11:51 am February 3, 2011 Permalink

    For every one of these “one-and-done” divas, there are 25 Kentucky-raised, solid players who would give their heart and soul to the program. Cal needs at least two of them this coming class if we ever expect to make a final four while he is here

  24. You Can Call Me Cal
    11:53 am February 3, 2011 Permalink

    What happened to the kid from alabama, Trevor Lacey?

  25. shadowboxer
    11:55 am February 3, 2011 Permalink

    23 – And where would that get the program? Competing against Union College or Cumberland? Yee Haw!!! Go get them boys Cal, winning be damned.

  26. No Coach
    11:58 am February 3, 2011 Permalink

    bet he can’t shoot freethrows

  27. Al's IndiCats
    12:00 pm February 3, 2011 Permalink

    old school I’m sure you think you’re thinking is rational sense, but let me say this, look north to Bloomington and what Crean has, IU’s getting thumped on a regular basis (with the exception of last night), B/C Crean doesn’t like one and dones. I’m not in love with having a lot of them but it’s better than getting trounced at home with the likes of VMIs GWs ect. But that’s not why I thought to call you out, on every comment board you’ve fired off that hummingbird mouth over that alligator ass of yours. Like someone said if you don’t like it……. go elsewhere plain and simple.

  28. old-school
    12:07 pm February 3, 2011 Permalink

    23 is an imposter. But I’ve always heard that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

  29. Jiggaboo
    12:10 pm February 3, 2011 Permalink

    God I hate that [email protected] song!

  30. Answer Man
    12:15 pm February 3, 2011 Permalink

    So how does the effect or change the recruitment of Archie Goodwin and shabazz Mohammed??

  31. Paducah fan
    12:15 pm February 3, 2011 Permalink

    If college ball is about entertainment (and I think it is) one-and-doners is fine. I watch Cal’s teams but didn’t when BG and Tubby were there. If we had one-and-doners in the business school who left early to start successful companies, everyone would say that was great. Basketball is the career path for these guys and there’s nothing wrong with them leaving. However, if you can’t win the NCAA with last year’s guys, that might tell you that one-and-doners are not likely to go all the way. As to the above article, let’s have this potential recruit go somewhere else.

  32. maynard62
    12:19 pm February 3, 2011 Permalink

    8 – It is amazing just how obsessed and blind you are. Two of Cal’s biggest recruits at UK have been Wall and Knight. Both are outstanding young men who have taken their education seriously and UK is better to have had them here, however briefly. Your complaint boils down to the basketball program is not serving you, the fan. That is completely backwards. The University is here to serve its students and the basketball program is here to serve its student-athletes. Getting these kids ready for a career in basketball, something Cal does better than anyone, is the best way to serve them. That is the way it should be. As an example, regardless of what happened with Bledsoe in high school, where would he be if he never had a chance to play college ball. Because of Cal and UK he now has a bright future in the NBA and his life, along with that of his family’s, is much different. I would like to know how you could find something wrong with that.

  33. best guard
    12:27 pm February 3, 2011 Permalink

    I’d rather have Shabazz Muhammad.

  34. beau
    12:33 pm February 3, 2011 Permalink

    32) One of the better posts I’ve seen in the comments in a long time. I have no idea what the hell is wrong with the OP, but you said it masterfully.

  35. Johnny Utah
    12:33 pm February 3, 2011 Permalink

    32…thank you for injecting some common sense here.

  36. old-school
    12:33 pm February 3, 2011 Permalink

    32 – you don’t serve the young men by exploiting their talents for 8 months and allowing them to exploit a tradition that was built by hundreds of student-athletes before them.

    If a player decides to come to Kentucky, a coach who really values them as a person will emphasize to them the importance of an education. (Cal’s teams have a pathetic team GPA his two seasons) and he openly encourages his guys to drop out of school to go to the NBA – knowing full well the statistics that show that 60 percent of NBA players are broke five years after they leave the league.

    If Cal really cares about these players – he should personally set them up with financial advisors. Many claim that he’s their father figure and he wants to be an adult-mentor in their life – but does he really care for them after they leave. Why doesn’t the Unversity REQUIRE some financial management and investment courses for star athletes?

    These are 17-18 year old kids whose dream of playin in the NBA needs to be countered by an adult with some common-sense to sit down and talk to them about reality. Instead – Cal is an exploiter of these young men, and by extension, the University of Kentucky has become the same.

    See I care about the program and the name KENTUCKY written across the chest. We’ve not always had the best reputation – sometimes earned sometimes unearned – but any true fan would want the school do things the right way and the respectful way. Using kids to build a coach’s image doesn’t qualify.

  37. old-school
    12:35 pm February 3, 2011 Permalink

    god…i wish teenage boys would teabag my chin

  38. truBLU
    12:40 pm February 3, 2011 Permalink

    #20–I read that first line in a Pauly Shore voice haha. Quit weezing on my grindage buuuuuuddy haha

  39. Mikegilchrist
    1:41 pm February 3, 2011 Permalink

    #23: Kentucky has two true blue kids in Hood and Miller, both suck as$ as players. Neither try hard. You are old sir.

  40. Jughead
    1:42 pm February 3, 2011 Permalink


    10:02 PM on February 2, 2011

    its sad that the word coming out of st andrews late last week was that this was going to happen….i think the quote was ” Ledo’s going to decommit from Providence within the next three weeks and commit to Kentucky “

  41. bluesince66
    1:45 pm February 3, 2011 Permalink

    Old school I bet you’re not anymore oldschool than me and I have no problem with Cals recruiting. YOu see that 66 after my name that’s 1966 when I watched UK get beat in the Ncaa championship with a bunch of seniors. Exploiting their talents for 8 months and them signing multimillion dollar contracts, man I’m sure they feel used. Just copy your last post and use it because it’s the same old sh!t everytime and it’s getting older than you.

  42. boom
    2:10 pm February 3, 2011 Permalink

    give the kid to grow up another year away from providence. u never know. dont judge the book by the cover

  43. atrain77
    2:35 pm February 3, 2011 Permalink

    36. You are an idiot. This years GPA was well above the national average. So your opinion is that Cal should not go after the top 100 caliber players b/c they ALL want to get to the NBA as fast as they can. Or should Cal convince a young man, most of whom don’t come from the most ideal family situations, that even if he is a lottery or first round pick, he should stick around and risk being injured or his draft staus dropping.

    I am not sure how you know that Cal or someone on the university staff doesn’t counsel these kids on the potential risks of instant wealth. I believe the NBA does require all first year players to undergo a pretty rigorous week-long seminar in which all of the topics you mentioned are discussed very much in detail. The truth is you can look after and advise a player as much as possible, but in the end it is their responsibility to make sound investments. Is it the UK staff’s fault that Walker is broke 15yrs after he played here?

  44. Go Deep
    3:43 pm February 3, 2011 Permalink

    36) what percent of all Americans are broke? Either five years after college, five years after their Freshman year, five years after they win the lottery? The real point of college is to maximize your opportunity for your field of choice. If your field of choice is athletics then of course you go to the NBA asap, just because they might be broke later doesn’t change that. If you are a singer and American Idol says you’re going to Hollywood, do you say oh well sorry, but I have to go to college this semester instead? Quit trying to hold athletes to a higher standard than the rest of America’s youth. Or maybe you don’t like to see young black men get rich quick without having to go to a hard working blue collar job and earn it like you have to?

  45. tom9698
    4:02 pm February 3, 2011 Permalink

    44) You hit the nail on the head.Old School,sorry,but times are different than when you and i grew up.You either go with the flow or get left behind.I trust in Cal and know that he’s making the right decision for the kids and the university.GBB

  46. ya boi
    4:18 pm February 3, 2011 Permalink

    This dude is filthy. Hopefully if we get him we can still get Shabazz Muhammad lol. #selfishUKfan

  47. balls
    4:27 pm February 3, 2011 Permalink

    Give me shabazz or archie…this dude’s jumper is broke for reals

  48. Ledo's Twitter
    4:34 pm February 3, 2011 Permalink

    You could have gotten the info I was de-committing from me, or about a dozen other places, the day before.

  49. Jacocat
    4:49 pm February 3, 2011 Permalink

    I for one hope we dont get Ledo and not because of one and done . But who would not liked to have had Deron on last years team?? #8 baby!!!

  50. tnRNcatfan
    10:58 pm February 3, 2011 Permalink

    44) Yeah I would hate for anyone to actually have to work for a livin…what have you got against blue collar work lazy a$$ go draw another govt check…and for my “blue collar money” Ill take Shabazz Muhammad anyday. Thank you.

  51. BTI is a Jealous Fool
    8:22 am February 4, 2011 Permalink

    I hope CAL is not dumb enough to get involved with LEDO. This kid already has an agent and is trouble. I hope this was the last post on this site about this kid who probably deals crack.