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Get Your Title Odds Straight Out Of Vegas

Matt Jones is live from fabulous Las Vegas and the Palace where Caesar spent most of his days and brings us the latest 2014 NCAA Men’s Basketball championship odds. No surprise here as the Cats are still the favorites to win it all at 3/1.

Other notable teams include:

KansasĀ  made the leap to 5/1 after acquiring Andrew Wiggins.

Lousiville still at 8/1

Duke 10/1

Michigan State 12/1

UNC 15/1

Florida State after losing out on Wiggins falls from 40/1 all the way to 100/1

Looks like a tough year in college basketball. So, how much money will you be throwing on the Cats to win it all next spring?

Article written by Andrew Cassady

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14 Comments for Get Your Title Odds Straight Out Of Vegas

  1. Opening Vs. Current
    4:16 pm June 1, 2013 Permalink

    Know the difference between opening and current lines? No? Ok, just checking…

  2. Gordon Gee
    4:21 pm June 1, 2013 Permalink

    This site has collected the biggest group of jacka$$es to write for them. I can guess where they went to school.

  3. You're dumb
    4:23 pm June 1, 2013 Permalink


  4. 1 is stupid
    4:35 pm June 1, 2013 Permalink

    1) Your comment is stupid. What did you see in this post that would make you ask that!

  5. Larry from Mud Lick
    4:40 pm June 1, 2013 Permalink

    I will bet everything I got in my Cats with them odds
    Vegas got them $25 drinks I hear
    Well I ain’t payin no $25 for no drink you all

  6. Cat Fan in Georgia
    4:41 pm June 1, 2013 Permalink

    Two weeks ago a buddy was in LV and Excalibur had UK at 4-1, Louisville at 12-1 and MSU/Kansas somewhere in between. I think UK wins #9 but 3-1 or 4-1 is not enough to entice me to wager. Actually, Louisville at 12-1 is not a bad bet….but I won’t be making that one either.

  7. Big Black
    4:42 pm June 1, 2013 Permalink

    Put $10000 on my cards for me Matt

  8. Cash cat
    5:14 pm June 1, 2013 Permalink

    7… What?… You don’t like money

  9. TDog
    5:26 pm June 1, 2013 Permalink

    @4. You are the stupid one here. When the post was originally posted it had the opening lines posted instead of the current lines. It was corrected though soon after.

  10. Sooohigh
    5:27 pm June 1, 2013 Permalink

    Kansas’ odds are way too high. Wiggins is good, but he’s no LeBron. Not to mention, they lost all their starters from last year.

  11. GoFish
    5:27 pm June 1, 2013 Permalink

    I am SO glad I don’t gamble.

  12. rockatao
    7:56 pm June 1, 2013 Permalink

    3-1 odds on an NCAA championship is insanely low. Those are odds you might consider after the tourney is down to the Elite Eight.

  13. Opening vs Current
    10:03 pm June 1, 2013 Permalink

    @9. Thanks TDog.

  14. cornbreadmafiacook
    8:31 pm June 2, 2013 Permalink

    I love my cats, but at those odds (3-1 just ain’t much of a return), if i’m a betting man i’m putting a little scratch on izzo and msu–say 50 or 100 bucks at 12-1–isn’t a bad at the office if it hits