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Get Your Head In The Game With The Sunday Morning Links

-In Case You Missed It: Florida’s Jeff Driskell suffered a broken fibula yesterday and is done for the season. That means that an already poor offensively Florida team will bring a first time starting quarterback into Commonwealth Stadium. Could be a great opportunity for the Cats to make some noise in the SEC.

-Why is Stoops so likeable? Because he’s just a fun-loving guy with a penchant for pulling pranks. No word yet if he was responsible for the saran wrap over the toilet bowls in Nutter Fieldhouse.

-(Tipton) What has one Mark Krebs been up to lately? Oh, he’s just been working on penning a film while making strides as a young aspiring actor. Also included are some more tidbits from the KY Association of Basketball Coaches

Freshman Dakari Johnson will push sophomore Willie Cauley-Stein. “Dakari Johnson is better than I thought. Willie better step on the gas.”

Sophomore Alex Poythress has improved. “Alex is so much better. Head up all the time. Body language better.”

Just how has Kentucky managed to put together a top-10 recruiting class?

Get your head in the game!


Article written by Andrew Cassady

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16 Comments for Get Your Head In The Game With The Sunday Morning Links

  1. Marvb
    10:12 am September 22, 2013 Permalink

    2nd 3rd string, it’s still the Florida Gators. Remembered beat Tennessee with a wide receiver at QB. I can assure you, if he has a scholarship at UF, he’s good. That being said, I feel like we got a shot. The perfect Stoops storm is kicking up. Go Cats. I’ll be there!

  2. anyfan
    10:17 am September 22, 2013 Permalink

    You really should have watched the UT UF game. Driskells replacement looked really good and was really fast, not good for uk

  3. MadTex
    10:22 am September 22, 2013 Permalink

    UK Football sucks and will continue to suck for a long. long time. I have a better chance of winning the lottery than UK will have in a winning football season!!!

  4. Dave
    10:23 am September 22, 2013 Permalink

    I could watch those two gifs all day

  5. grumpycat
    10:39 am September 22, 2013 Permalink

    I was totally number seven when I was his age. I got beaned once while day dreaming in the outfield. haha

  6. schwing
    10:43 am September 22, 2013 Permalink

    we. will. not. beat. florida. next. weekend.

    how is this so difficult to understand? florida could bring in their 3rd-string punter to be their quarterback next weekend and still win by two touchdowns. i swear kentucky football fans are like beaten wives with this “things have really changed this time and i know deep down he loves me” mentality. give that bunch nothing until they actually show you something.

  7. Thanks for Playing
    10:44 am September 22, 2013 Permalink

    Gosh, MadTex. One of the best posts seen here for a long time. Great analysis. Please post here often, ok?

  8. cracka
    10:51 am September 22, 2013 Permalink

    i like how charlie hustle there jumps and slides into first base for no reason … if he’d been paying attention, he probably coulda rounded first and went to second, haha … love it

  9. Bad Luck
    10:55 am September 22, 2013 Permalink

    We had a chance to beat Florida with driskel as the quarterback. now it’s not looking very good. Murphy is a gamer and a very good athlete, he’s like whitlow except he can actually throw the ball too. looks like the streak will continue unfortunately, oh well we will get em in next couple yrs.

  10. bmt22033
    10:57 am September 22, 2013 Permalink

    Not a big surprise but Cliff Alexander says he’s “no longer considering Kentucky”. Or so says this guy:

  11. BigBlue
    11:09 am September 22, 2013 Permalink

    Anyone that actually watched UF play this year and yesterday sees that Murphy looked way better than Driskell. Their defense is good, fast QB, and the RB Matt Jones is a beast. Go Cats, but the writer of this post obviously did not watch. It will be a very tough time next week.

  12. niaps
    11:14 am September 22, 2013 Permalink

    Will the Cats beat the gayturds? Likely not but they do have injuries in their secondary, their receivers are no better than ours, and joker is their coach. Well looking at it that way we got a hell of a chance. Murphy looked better as game went on but remember he was at home and UT is just nasty bad. Maybe with a full house here and lots of noise we can sneak a win over a ranked opponent. Gee has that ever happened at Commonwealth, in a night game, against the best defense in the country? Seems I remember it has……hmmm fourth and 2 for LSU and they get 1 and UK does beat the best defense in the nation in overtime. It’s a funny game and it is possible.

  13. Ridge Runner
    11:32 am September 22, 2013 Permalink

    Any updates on the Poythress injury.

  14. TimeFor9
    11:47 am September 22, 2013 Permalink

    I don’t know what you all want them to post: we’re going to lose but we might as well talk about it anyway?? It’s a UK fan site, of course they are going to build em up for the W. No one wants to come here and read post after post of negativity, so yeah, they’ll continue to say UK has a chance to win this Saturday.

    And please post about the “Poythress injury” bc the trolls (here’s looking at you “Ridge Runner”) can’t stop refreshing the page waiting to see something. They need all the hope they can get that we won’t crush them next year. Sorry birds, but you’re going to get demolished.

  15. I Sayy
    11:50 am September 22, 2013 Permalink

    The muffed snap was the centers fault, not Murphy’s

  16. 73Butta
    12:07 pm September 22, 2013 Permalink

    They had him by maybe 6-7 steps too…even with the jump slide. Way to be there right fielder. Lets move him to 1B next game.