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Get to Know The Starting 5 (and some)

(Does anyone else remember the ridiculously long Arkansas basketball shorts of the 1990s? If you were to ask me my first ever impression, memory or thought on Arkansas basketball, it would have to be the long shorts)

Aaron Flener taught us nothing about our enemy this week (except for the 99 of you who consider Aaron’s Bachelor posts to be your enemy each and every Tuesday morning), but that won’t stop us here on KSR from taking a quick look at a few of the Arkansas Razorbacks’ finest…

 BJ Young, 6’3″ Guard  (Sophomore)

BJ Young is arguably Arkansas’ best player, averaging 15.3 ppg, Young was second team All-SEC as a freshman last season, as well as being voted to the SEC All-Freshman team by the league coaches. Young led last year’s team in a number of statistical categories, including scoring, points, field goal percentage, free throws made and free throws attempted. Young leads the team in scoring once again this season as well. Coming out of high school, Young was rated as the #16 player in the nation by ESPN and #25 by Rivals. He picked the Razorbacks over Baylor, UCONN, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Marquette and NC State. Young toyed with entering the NBA Draft last year as a freshman, but elected to return to the Razorbacks.

Young has been struggling as of late, even causing Mike Anderson to keep him out of the starting line-up against LSU earlier this week. Young is 2-19 in Arkansas’ last 2 games, including an 0-8 outing against Florida. 

More importantly, BJ Young sent this out in October. For those keeping track at home, that was before the Harlem Shake phenomenon. Imagine what BJ thinks now…


 Marshawn Powell, 6’7″ Forward (Junior)

After switching to Apple, PC mouse pads give me mild anxiety and often cause me to make a crucial mistake. The only thing worse than trying to “copy ” an image and instead accidentally clicking “use image as desktop picture,” is doing so on your Dad’s computer while your home for a nice weekend visit. I’m 100% sure my Dad doesn’t know how to change the background on his computer either (hence the water droplet picture that comes pre-programmed). I hope my Dad enjoys Marshawn Powell as his background picture for the next 10-11 months (that’s how long Dells last, right?)

Powell is also the second half of the inside-outside Razorback punch (Young/Powell). Powell is Arkansas’ most dominant post presence on the offensive end. Although he is undersized at 6’7″ he plays bigger than he looks. Powell is averaging 14.9 ppg. Although he hasn’t been an overpowering or dominating force on the boards, only grabbing 5.3 rpg on the season–Powell is a solid weapon from the outside, shooting 40% with the second most attempts on the team. Powell is also the Arkansas player most likely to at some point tomorrow cause you to ask, “Hasn’t he been there for like 5 years?” (Every SEC team has one, and you know it).


 Cody Coty Clarke, 6’7″ Forward (Junior)

According to Arkansas’ official website, Coty Clarke transfered to Arkansas from Laswon State Community College. According to every other source in the entire world, Coty Clarke transferred to Arkansas from Lawson State Community College. And no, the misspelling in that first sentence wasn’t Coty’s name.  Clarke is currently the third leading scoring on the Razorbacks with 7.3 ppg. Clarke had a monster game against Florida last weekend in a losing effort, going 8-8 from the field to finish with 18 points.

Okay Coty, I’m going to try. You are the Doron Lamb of Arkansas’ Twitter.

Yes, I believe they do.


 Mardracus Wade, 6’2″ Guard (Junior)

The name Mardracus could have been used in any of the Harry Potter books and it would have made complete sense. Wade led the SEC in three point shooting percentage last year as a sophomore. Many pre-season watch lists named him as either the best, or one of the best shooters in the SEC. I would tell you more about him, but it doesn’t matter, apparently…


 Hunter Mickelson, 6’10’ Forward (Sophomore)

Not Hunter McClintock. Not a good haircut.


 Michael Qualls, 6’5″ Guard (Freshman)

Qualls is an extremely lengthy and athletic guard for the Razorbacks. Qualls was considered to be the prized recruit of the freshmen class for Arkansas. Qualls has seen his playing time increase over the course of the past few weeks as he becomes a key contributor on this Arkansas team.

Google Image search Michael Qualls if you want to kill 5 minutes of your Friday night. Here, let me help you make that 30 seconds instead of 5 minutes.


 Charlie Henderson, 6’5″ Guard (Sophomore)

Some people look exactly like their given name. No one has ever looked more like a Charlie Henderson than Arkansas’ Charlie Henderson.


 Kikko Haydar, 5’10” Guard (Junior)

Take away the tie (and shirt in general), add a neck tattoo and an earring (two if you’re feeling crazy) and Kikko Haydar looks exactly like every U of L fan that has ever tweeted hateful things to Matt Jones. On Arkansas’ website, Coach Mike Anderson described Haydar as “one of those guys that will not go away.” Again, a similar description to that of every U of L fan that has ever tweeted hateful things to Matt Jones.

Fun fact: His parents are both professors at Arkansas.

He also read Coach Cal’s book:



Go Cats. Cats by 5.


Article written by Ally Tucker

I once successfully requested "The Wobble" to be played 6 times at one wedding.

12 Comments for Get to Know The Starting 5 (and some)

  1. Joe
    9:47 pm March 1, 2013 Permalink

    Excellent work ally! Good chit girl!

    10:04 pm March 1, 2013 Permalink

    Alright, alright, let’s see here…

    “Young led last year’s team in a number of statistical categories, including scoring, points, field goal percentage, free throws made and free throws attempted.”

    He led the Razorbacks in scording AND points? I wonder if he has the highest vertical AND can jump the highest.


  3. Gary
    10:13 pm March 1, 2013 Permalink

    Perfect example here of KSR’s constant racism towards white players. Ally’s comments about the black players refer to basketball. Her comments about the white players refer to their appearance in negative ways. Dont believe it? Read it all again.

  4. Tennessee Wildcat
    10:17 pm March 1, 2013 Permalink

    All right everybody, I know we will be up against the Razorbacks on their home court and Doug Shows, but I am just not that impressed with their team on paper. We need to get off to a good start and sustain it really bad tomorrow. A win in Fayetteville could mean wins at Georgia and home against Florida and likely Alabama in the SEC tourney. That would get us to the final game and a decent NCAA seed. Definitely a tall order, but I have faith in these fellas!

  5. Kikko is nothing like those vile villains down the road
    10:25 pm March 1, 2013 Permalink

    Considering Kikko has actually read a book, then you gotta figure he’s nothing like a Louisville Cardinal.

  6. rly?
    11:09 pm March 1, 2013 Permalink

    You remember the long shorts from the 90’s?
    I guess you remember KY as the team with the denim shorts.
    Florida as the team with the guy with crazy hair.

    Fitting that a girl remembers something silly like shorts style instead of something actually pertaining to the game.

    Kitchen is calling.

  7. BlewHareXTwo
    11:24 pm March 1, 2013 Permalink

    lmao at your dad’s tech skills. He needs a grandson to school him.This old dell gets KSR just fine.

  8. Ally Tucker
    12:28 am March 2, 2013 Permalink

    6- When you are 7 years old, you tend to remember things like shorts. In my next life, I will be a more critical analyst of the defensive schemes by age 7.

  9. Bulldawg
    3:27 am March 2, 2013 Permalink

    FYI – my Dell is 8 yrs old and still goin’ strong…

  10. SeaCat
    5:47 am March 2, 2013 Permalink

    Ally, that was hilarious.
    You are good.

  11. Des
    12:13 pm March 2, 2013 Permalink

    3- You are an idiot. 6- You know what you call guys who make “women in the kitchen” jokes? Single. Ally this was a great entry.

  12. Jon Lock
    1:19 pm March 2, 2013 Permalink

    “After switching to Apple, PC mouse pads give me mild anxiety and often cause me to make a crucial mistake.”
    Sounds like you just don’t know how to use a computer.

    Oh and like #9, I’m on a Dell right now that is 7+ years old and runs just like new. You just need to know how to take care of it, just like anything else.