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University of Kentucky Basketball, Football, and Recruiting news brought to you in the most ridiculous manner possible.

Get the kids away from the computer

Not because of Friday the 13th, but because I’m in charge of the overnight post. We don’t want to warp their fragile little minds. June 13th will also be my wedding day (in a year), and it is also the day Timothy McVeigh was sentenced to death. You win some, you lose some, I guess.

Tonight will be no easy task, as Rondo’s injury has kept him out of the game, and the Lakers are lambasting the Celts right now (late 1st half), making the game damn-near unwatchable. Beisner was kind enough to offer his help (“there is nothing out there. It’s bad.”), so we were able to scrap up some notes of interest.

I hope no one read what I wrote up there, it’s really boring. To the notes!

-Ramon Harris and Jared Carter have returned from their trip to Africa. Upon their arrival, Harris created a new word: humble-ized. Use it in a sentence today at work. Hell, it’s Friday, no one will remember you said it by¬†next week. In seriousness, though, what these young men have done should be a great source of pride for the UK faithful.¬†Perhaps we didn’t have as much to cheer about last season as usual, but the selflessness and perspective gained by these two will serve them for the remainder of their lives—and that’s something to be proud of. Harris even spoke about being reduced to tears several times. Great story that will impact these guys forever.

-Oh my goodness…look out…what’s that? Is that…it’s…football news!?!?!?!? Yes folks, that’s right, we’ve finally been granted some tiny football teasers. Rich Brooks was on Dick Gabriel’s radio show tonight, and according to a poster on TCP, he had a few points of interest. He said that he has the best offensive line and defense since he’s been at UK. We’re thin at wide receiver, but DeMareo Ford is recovering hastily and Randall Cobb has been taking some reps at both QB and WR. Unfortunately, he mentioned a possible two QB set. As the adage goes, if you have two QB’s, you have no QB. We’ll be the first to break that trend, though, right?! No worries, and Coach Brooks said he’d be disappointed if we weren’t in a bowl game this year.

Obviously, none of this is close to being set in stone. So take it with a grain of salt. And, I pinky promise that we will have as much football as soon as possible. There isn’t a lot going on right now. Plus, we have to live up to the high standards that Rob Gidel set for us. It’s not easy, he did a really good job, but we shall do our best.

Kentuckians J.B. Holmes (+4) and Steve Flesch (+7) are playing in this weekends U.S. Open at Torrey Pines in San Diego. Those aren’t great scores, but they aren’t completely horrible. Holmes is fairly close to the cutline, and Flesch has some work to do. Good luck to them both, of course (like golf course!!! Get it?!!?).

-Mark Higgs and Tim Couch, along with Howard Schnellenberger and two others will be named to the Kentucky Pro Football Hall of Fame. I was pretty young when Higgs played, but I do remember his time with the Dolphins, especially on Madden ’94 (he and Marino were a force). Couch, as you recall, was the #1 overall pick for the Browns in ’98, then Cade McNown stole his playmate girlfriend, and it was all downhill from there. Though Couch is widely considered a NFL-bust, he had a strong 2002 season, throwing for almost 3,000 yards and 18 TD’s, leading the 9-7 Browns to a playoff appearance. He broke his leg in the season’s final game, so he wasn’t able to play in the Wild Card game. Instead, Kelly Holcombe threw for like ten trillion yards and created a QB controversy that eventually led to Tim’s demise. What can you say, Timmy blew it. He had a chance to be the great Ty Detmer’s under-study, and he couldn’t convert.

Whatever. I still blame Chris Palmer’s “U.F.O” defense.

Steve Johnson has been subpoenaed, with three others, in Marshawn Lynch’s hit-and-run case. Buffalo officials think that these folks know some information that is pertinent. That’s really it. I don’t know much else about this, but he’s not in trouble or anything. Beisner made me add this.

We’ll have a great deal more on recruiting tomorrow, but as of now, there is little to report. Hey, the game’s not so unwatchable anymore.

Article written by Evan Hilbert