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Get Ready?

Surprisingly, Kentucky is among the leaders in the EA Sports NCAA Football 14 Cover Poll (Vote here!).  While there wasn’t much to cheer for last season there were players who demonstrated stand out ability.  Punter and First-Team All-American, Landon Foster, was one of those players. The numbers don’t lie either, Foster kicked 61 punts this season for 2,617 yards (42.9 yards per punt) and 13 punts inside the opponent’s 20-yard line. However, once the poll closes, Kentucky probably won’t get the cover, but EA Sports was kind enough to send a copy of what the cover would look like if UK’s best player from last year were to grace 2014’s cover.


Foster for Heisman 2013!


Article written by Jonathan Schuette

30 Comments for Get Ready?

  1. One Issue
    8:06 pm December 18, 2012 Permalink

    Penn State is catching up, quickly. We must keep voting!!!

  2. Blue Jesus
    8:07 pm December 18, 2012 Permalink

    Is this real or photoshopped?

  3. williamtitan
    8:11 pm December 18, 2012 Permalink

    foster cant be on the cover even if kentucky wins. the ncaa prohibits current students in the ncaa to be on the cover of a sports game. even their names in the game. if anyting it would probably be coshik williams, larod king, or larry warford.

  4. Turd Furgeson
    8:21 pm December 18, 2012 Permalink

    Williamtitan beat me to it. And I also doubt its authenticity due to the poor photoshopping job.

  5. KY Realist
    8:23 pm December 18, 2012 Permalink

    EA Sports must be trying to “jump the shark.”

  6. kevin9425
    8:25 pm December 18, 2012 Permalink

    When is the voting over?

  7. Youngblood
    8:31 pm December 18, 2012 Permalink

    Stooooooops for the cover!

  8. KYStout
    8:39 pm December 18, 2012 Permalink

    “Kentucky probably won’t get the cover”

    Based on your weak photoshop and snide writeup you’ll probably be disappointed if they do.

  9. katzrjamers
    8:39 pm December 18, 2012 Permalink

    3-asking a real question, even if it doesn’t sound like it – can an active ncaa athlete’s image appear on a commercial product? steve alford was suspended for a game for being on a calendar a long time ago, but today’s IU players can be on popcorn boxes sold at an ncaa member stadium venue? If you are a reader who knows the answer, please reply. thanks in advance.

  10. BravoBigBlue
    8:40 pm December 18, 2012 Permalink

    It doesn’t bode well for a program when your punter is one of your best players every year.

  11. UK Rifle >>>> WVU Rifle
    8:42 pm December 18, 2012 Permalink

    It is not Penn State I would worry about it is TAMU. Remember the ESPN commercial last summer when they went head to head with Nebraska for it, then wrote several bots and won going away. To beat them you are going to have to get a post or two up a day on KSR and keep going liked ADD kids on crack. Getting Cal and Ashley to tweet will probably also have to happen.

  12. Alan
    8:50 pm December 18, 2012 Permalink

    I like how U of L fans are talking smack to UK fans on Facebook. UK has over 7,000 votes. U of L barely has 500, last I checked.

  13. Hal
    8:53 pm December 18, 2012 Permalink

    voting doesnt end for like, what, 2 weeks? and that’s only to go to 2nd round. and EA sports says other aspects go into how they’re going to pick the winner. but hey, may be a 2-10 team will win over manziel or any other big-time football program….

  14. cover
    8:55 pm December 18, 2012 Permalink

    Randall Cobb on the cover, please.

  15. Hazard bulldogs
    8:56 pm December 18, 2012 Permalink

    #9 I don’t know how rule works because I always get a calendar with the basketball and football teams, but I know Tim Couch got a job as a greater at Whitaker Bank while he was at UK. He couldn’t wear UK clothing or get payed more then any other greater. I don’t think a player is allowed to benifte from being athlete. I know some of the players work camps over the summer but I don’t think they can work their own while in school. I know Rondo makes a lot of money with his camps over the summer but he can’t use UK’s official logo on the shirts.

  16. Hmmm
    9:32 pm December 18, 2012 Permalink

    So your telling me that we were so bad last year that our best player was the person who sole purpose was to give the ball to the other team?

  17. Commonwealth Kid
    9:41 pm December 18, 2012 Permalink

    For a good laugh, get on the Facebook page and read all “Da Ville” fans getting butt hurt. It is a fan based vote therefore it is Big Blue Nation’s strength.

  18. Bad Taste
    9:55 pm December 18, 2012 Permalink

    Penn St. had a pretty terrible season as well, what in the world would they put on the cover? A little boy grabbing his ankles in the shower?

  19. Scoreboard
    9:59 pm December 18, 2012 Permalink

    I’d show The Joke looking up at the VANDY 40-0 scoreboard…. Just sayin…..

  20. katzrjamers
    10:13 pm December 18, 2012 Permalink

    #15-thanks for the reply. i don’t think anyone really knows except the ncaa infractions committee and they change their decision based on the school/player involved.

  21. UK
    10:17 pm December 18, 2012 Permalink

    No way the marketing committee at EA puts UK in ther, right? Lol

  22. jcpostel
    10:34 pm December 18, 2012 Permalink

    Looks like we’ve got a decent lead here… hope KSR keeps posting these voting polls…

  23. Biglaw Dawgin'
    11:59 pm December 18, 2012 Permalink

    “Once the poll closes Kentucky probably won’t get the cover”… because? We won’t have the votes or for another reason? We have almost 2 weeks to vote, so if it’s the votes why the pessimistic attitude?

  24. williamtitan
    12:21 am December 19, 2012 Permalink

    if u look at all the ncaa covers, not one of them is current athletes on the cover. its always been a year behind with athletes. for example, tim tebow, he left florida after his senoior year and he was the next cover. robert griffin III, got it for 2013 he didnt play this year. so what im trying to say is if they used a current player EA Sports would have to pay the player because they are using them to sell their product, hens-forth the ncaa states that if u get paid for your sport u are not a amateur and u are not qualified to play in the ncaa. it all fits

  25. Chris
    12:59 am December 19, 2012 Permalink

    If Kentucky wins Randall Cobb will be on the cover.

    7:24 am December 19, 2012 Permalink

    That 14 on the cover is NOT for the year…it is #14 in the $EC.

  27. Joe joe
    8:46 am December 19, 2012 Permalink

    Having UK on the cover of anything, especially an Internationaly played video game is completely rediculous considering we were basically the laughing stock of college football last season. For once, this could show just how ignorant certain UK fans can be and would be doing a disservice to EA sports and its goal to promote excellence in college football. If UK makes the cover after having a break out year, or at least finishes with a winning record or bowl game win for a few consecutive years then by all means vote away! Not now though. We need to slow our role and stand in line behind schools that actually win games and earn respect.

  28. I wouldn't worry too much 2...
    9:19 am December 19, 2012 Permalink

    This is one of EA Sports most high profile and profitable games–there is no way they let UK on the cover. As has been mentioned before this is only the first round to get to 32 or some other number. EA will not allow it to happen. Bank it!

  29. SeoulCat
    9:34 am December 19, 2012 Permalink

    #27 Your inability to spell is “rediculous.”

  30. NeverHappen
    9:44 am December 19, 2012 Permalink

    This vote is just to get into the top 32 teams. And EA will consider more than just votes, (comments, likes, shares, photos, videos). They will make it so Kentucky doesn’t make it to the finals, even if we do have the best fans.