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Geno Auriemma’s Thursday News and Views

To say that the growth of KSR over the past few years and the way it’s changed the lives of those of us involved with it is surprising would be a tremendous understatement.  It’s probably even more ridiculous than the banner promises.  We’ve been very fortunate (shoutout to all of you reading this) that you guys have sent us on this ride from goofing off to goofing off and making a career out of it.  So thank you.  Having said that, there have been a couple of times over the years when we’ve been told about someone reading the site and we’ve kind of just shaken our head and wondered why.  This one might be the strangest.  I was told yesterday by someone that wouldn’t make it up that UConn women’s coach Geno Auriemma reads KSR every day.  In fact, he reads it enough that he felt comfortable in calling one of our writers – not the one you would guess either – an idiot.  I’m not sure if it was BTI’s blatant sexism toward female athletes or the constant ripping of Jim Calhoun that drew him in, but I have it on good authority that he’s committed to keeping up with his UK sports in the most ridiculous manner possible.  So, this Thursday is for you, Coach Auriemma.  May your day be enjoyable, may the KSR posts be to your liking and may Matthew Mitchell whip your Husky tail this year.  Toast!

Now onto a few UK notes…

 – There’s no longer any uncertainty to it.  The Dominican vs. Legends game is on at the Yum! Center.  Calipari will make Louisville Second in their tour of the state and take the floor in the House That The Colonel Built August 16, just one night after putting on a show at Rupp Arena.   Don’t forget that tickets for the game will be available for pre-sale this morning at 10am.  You can follow this link to order them.  The password is “GAME”.  DO NOT SCREW THIS UP!!!!

 – Not surprisingly, the news brought outrage from those ungrateful Cards fans who can’t see this for what it really is.  It’s an opportunity to see good basketball in outstanding basketball facility.  There’s no debating that the Yum! Center is a fantastic venue and anyone who says it’s not is not being completely genuine.  But only playing Louisville basketball inside of it seems to be selling taxpayers short.  Give them a quality team and program.  The facility deserves it.  The best way I can summarize it is this:  We were given beautiful dishes and silverware for our wedding, but my wife is still the one cooking the food, so it’s not really like being at a five-star restuarant.  If a great chef from down the road offered to come serve a five-course meal on the dishes for us, we wouldn’t complain.  We’d embrace it.  Do the same, Louisville fans.

– The other portion of the collective Louisville meltdown involved the participation of former Cardinal coach Denny Crum, which is now official.  John Calipari announced Wednesday night that Crum would serve as an assistant coach for the UK Legends team during both exhibition games.  Crum will assist one-time nemesis Joe B. Hall in leading the team of former Kentucky greats and serve as a final reminder for Louisville fans that Big Brother will always and forever be Big Brother.

 – The question now remains whether or not the game in Louisville will sell out.  Considering there’s an exhibition the night before in Lexington, it might not, but there should still be a very good sized gathering of Cats fans in The Bucket.  The original release from Ticketmaster made it appear that tickets would be significantly more expensive than they were for the game in Lexington, but we’re being told that there will be some available in the upper level for around $15 and lower level tickets start at $35.  That should make it a lot easier for fans to find themselves a spot and pretty much eliminate any excuse you Louisville Cats fans might have.  And just remember that if it doesn’t sell out, there’s always a way to spin it.  When all of your Cardinal buddies start cracking jokes about UK not filling the house on the second night of an exhibition, just tell them the empty seats are a tribute to Coach Crum.  I probably attended 20 games at Freedom Hall over the last two years of Crum’s tenure and the highlight of each was having room to spread out and listening to my UofL friend scream, “Give your tickets to a real fan!” as people made their way to the exit with at least 10 minutes to go in the game.  At least one school in this state cares about treating Denny with respect.  You paying attention, Jurich?

 – The day was full of meltdowns from Louisville fans across the board, which were both understandable and thoroughly appetizing, but Rick Pitino’s reaction was absolutely priceless.  He thought he was supposed to talk about his team heading to the Bahamas, but Pitino was sneak-attacked with questions about Calipari and the Kentucky Legends invading the Yum! Center – and on the day Bubba Smith died, no less.  Pitino did what Pitino does and repeated something enough until it sounded believable to him, noting that he had no idea and doesn’t pay attention to what his competitors do.  Yep.  Pays so little attention that he and his boss made sure UK could not play in the Yum! Center.  He was, however, kind enough to invite Lady Gaga to visit.

– And just in case that’s not enough international flavor for you, Darius Miller has made the World University Games team. He’ll represent Team USA alongside guys like John Jenkins, JaMychal Green, Trevor Mbwake, Ray McCallum, Tim Abromaitis, Draymond Green, Ashton Gibbs and Scoop Jardine in China. The team will continue to practice in Colorado Springs before leaving for China August 8. The squad will be coached by head coach Matt Painter and assistants Brad Stevens and Cuonzo Martin.

 – On a completely different note, three-star defensive end Langston Newton will make his decision Thursday.  Newton is the brother of Morgan Newton, who is Kentucky’s quarterback.  In case you didn’t know that.  The Cats already have four defensive lineman committed in the class, but that position is a focus, so Newton could end up going with Kentucky.  Honestly, I don’t know.  I’m just trying to make it sound like I do.  Rivals ranks him as the 14th-best player in the state of Indiana.

 – I am going to say something and then completely distance myself from it and never acknowledge it ever again.  I almost feel bad for Duke right now.  Almost.  The possible secondary violation by Coach K has been all over the news the past few days and it’s pretty stupid when it comes down to it.  Would Calipari be roasted from Bristol to New York to LA over it?  You bet.  That’s why I don’t feel completely terrible about it.  But I think it’s run its course.  We can all get back to talking aboute Corey Maggette and Derrick Rose.  That’s the real injustice.

 – What are you talking about?  I never said anything about feeling bad for Duke.  What?  You read it on this site?  Liar.

 – Finally, I would just like to take this time to put on my Nostrabeisner or Nostrathomas hat and inform you that the Atlanta Braves will win the World Series.  I will not back this up with stats or facts.  It’s just a gut feeling.  Place your bets accordingly.

That’s pretty much all there is for right now.  Make sure you stop by in the morning as Matt Jones and Oscar Combs talk about the exhibition game in Louisville and all of the wonderful joy that comes with it.  From there, it will only get awesomer and more awesomer.  In the mean time, rest easy knowing that our good buddy Eric C. Conn never really left us.


See you in a few…

Article written by Thomas Beisner

39 Comments for Geno Auriemma’s Thursday News and Views

  1. Sexington
    11:21 pm August 3, 2011 Permalink

    Hey Geno,

    Not a big fan.



  2. Logan
    11:31 pm August 3, 2011 Permalink

    Agreed the braves will win the WS!

  3. 44 Stitches
    11:34 pm August 3, 2011 Permalink

    Nostrabeisner I hope your right about the Braves. I say the Braves are going to win it every year. Of course I’m bias. I’m a Kentuckian converted to ATLien since I have lived down here two thirds of my life. To hell with the phillies!

  4. mocha
    11:34 pm August 3, 2011 Permalink

    Headed to Vegas tomorrow for my 30th bday.
    Putting money down on the braves because nostrabeisner said so.

  5. Dan
    11:37 pm August 3, 2011 Permalink

    Will this presale sell out like the one at rupp? I want lowers are they going to be hard to get?

  6. Stephen
    11:41 pm August 3, 2011 Permalink

    Go Braves! Beisner is my new favorite! Sorry Drew.

  7. Big Blue 66
    11:43 pm August 3, 2011 Permalink

    5. if the a-hole scalpers wouldnt buy up their limit just to screw a family into paying more for the tickets, then I think it would be possible to get lowers. Too bad people have to be selfish and opportunists

  8. GoCats2
    11:46 pm August 3, 2011 Permalink

    I am not sure which one you are going to take the most heat for Beisner, the sympathy for Duke or the line that may or may not be a small shot at your wife’s cooking. I am just saying, that would not have gone over well in the GoCats2 household.

  9. Eric C. Connman
    11:48 pm August 3, 2011 Permalink

    “I never left..”

    What a douchebag! haha

  10. WestPointCard
    11:52 pm August 3, 2011 Permalink

    These “Legends” games, are they to raise money for charity?

  11. The Rock
    12:04 am August 4, 2011 Permalink

    10- Yes. All monies earned will go towards the John Calipari School For Kids Who Can’t Read Good (And Want To Learn How To Do Other Stuff Good Too) Foundation.

  12. Jason
    12:07 am August 4, 2011 Permalink

    Not even a mention that football move in day is tomorrow smh

  13. Ryan NKy
    12:16 am August 4, 2011 Permalink

    The chef analogy was brilliant!!!

  14. MTW
    12:30 am August 4, 2011 Permalink

    Am I the only one that couldn’t care less about these Dominican Republic vs. Kentucky Legends games and who the hell coaches during these games and where they are at on top of it all. I’ve tried to care just can’t get into it.

  15. GoCats2
    12:35 am August 4, 2011 Permalink

    #14 yes you are the only one. Having those guys on the floor at the same playing anywhere is a wonderful thing.

  16. Hoss
    12:48 am August 4, 2011 Permalink

    I’m with ya, 14. I mean, it’s great and all, but I’m not driving that far for an exhibition game this close to FB season, I won’t see either game on TV… it’ll almost be like it never happened aside from the coverage we’ll see on the netz. Meh.

    However, I’m very happy with the idea that there will be enough stars to create a new constellation on UK’s campus this fall and even happier for the John Calipari School For Kids Who Can’t Read Good (And Want To Learn How To Do Other Stuff Good Too) Foundation.

  17. Eric C Conn
    1:44 am August 4, 2011 Permalink

    Will I win an oscar for this commercial?

  18. justintb
    1:48 am August 4, 2011 Permalink

    yes, the atl braves will win the world series

  19. Kentuckygentleman
    1:52 am August 4, 2011 Permalink

    MTW, I am with you on that. I care a little, but not enough to pay to buy tickets or care enough, but having a child two weeks ago, starting a doctoral program in three weeks and looking forward more to the start of football season could do that to someone 🙂

  20. Jay
    2:13 am August 4, 2011 Permalink

    Yeap. Eric C is still available to get you your disability so you can have legal documentation to see your local pain pill prescriber. Who says one man can’t wipe out half the state and cause mortal destruction on many communities. Who’s this guy got by the nuts? Why’s he not in jail? Just an opinion.

  21. Tyler Durden
    2:23 am August 4, 2011 Permalink

    +1 @13 That was the best prose Beez has stroked in a minute.

    @14, yes, you’re the only one.

    Geno is a bambino. UK giving props to Crum. JoeB is free. Cal gets it. Pitino sucksshitrealbad. We got John Wall. And Rondo. At the same time. #1 class. Rat face is in the dog house. Louisville’s pissed.

    This is the most awesome August storyline you can wish for in a Great Depression.

  22. Cousins Fake Teeth
    2:42 am August 4, 2011 Permalink

    Geno = Prick.

  23. Buckets
    4:02 am August 4, 2011 Permalink

    Geno is a douche and a prick. If he were as good a coach as he thinks he is, he’d try men’s basketball.

  24. Buckets
    4:07 am August 4, 2011 Permalink

    BTW, Beis is moving from Tampa to Old Ham county? Man, I though Beis was smarter than that!

  25. SexnNursinHomes
    6:31 am August 4, 2011 Permalink

    Awesome post Beis.

    Great news for Miller. Draymond Green? damn nation, that guy has been there for 15 years. Somebody forgot to double tap that dude.

  26. Eric Bledsoe
    6:50 am August 4, 2011 Permalink

    11) I already go to that school.

  27. Big Blue Barber
    7:07 am August 4, 2011 Permalink

    Who gives a hoot what Geno Auriemmas view on anything is. Lets put him in one of our ugly new football uniforms and kick him in the butt…KABOOM!
    Feel sorry for Duke??????never
    Rick P is priceless!!!

  28. Chris
    7:18 am August 4, 2011 Permalink

    Ticketmaster link for UK Legends game seems to be for regular Friday sell date, not the Thursday pre-sell. Is this correct link? Can we order tix today? Where can you order? What link shoul we use?

  29. tyson
    7:35 am August 4, 2011 Permalink

    greatest. commercial. ever.

    hello coach auriemma

  30. Tom Handy
    7:35 am August 4, 2011 Permalink

    Eric Conn = Social Cancer

  31. Big Blue Barber
    7:50 am August 4, 2011 Permalink

    Legends games SELL THE UK BRAND!! I think a lot of press will be seen by recruits everywhere. Can you imagine young recruits seeing all those NAMES playing together? It might not be on tv but, it will get press. Good move Cal! Lets put Cal in one of our ugly new footbal uniforms and kick him in the but!!!KABOOM!…..because we love him!

  32. the anti-cat
    8:28 am August 4, 2011 Permalink

    I can understand uk wanting to play in Louisville. After all, they currently play in the 4th best arena in the state and it is nice to play somewhere people actually like to go to.

  33. Al's IndiCats
    8:36 am August 4, 2011 Permalink

    “Almost feel sorry for Duke”? Never!!!! I’d “ALMOST” feel sorry for “If a rogue elephant went mid evil in the middle of New York. Or if Lassie caught Rabies and bit Half the people in Little Rock. Had Cal did this secondary violation the NCAA would be in Lexington quicker than another sexual encounter of Pitino and Sypher. ESPN would put up another channel “ESPN-RC” just for that occasion.
    Looserville fans get over it, it’s rather sad that your “ARCH” enemy to the south has to do something to honor one of best coaches of his era. I never cared him when he was coaching but I did respected him as a coach. Evidently your former and current AD isn’t creative enough to honor him…..I said it before and I’ll say it again you all just “SUCK”!

  34. kycager
    8:42 am August 4, 2011 Permalink

    informative, witty, technologically sound…? who really wrote this article?!? Beisner!?!? NFW!! will the real “nostra-beisner” please stand up!

  35. Um...
    9:11 am August 4, 2011 Permalink

    Just wondering, where is all the Cardinal fan ‘outrage’ coming from? That’s not a rhetorical question, I would actually like to know. I read plenty of UL blogs, forums, etc and really haven’t seen much regarding your self-hyped UK scrimmage. In all honesty, isn’t this how it usually turns out? KSR reads one message board post, or talks to your girlfriend’s friend’s UL fan cousin and now we Cards fans are ‘outraged!’, though your site has been blabbering about UL fans being mad for days with no substantial…anything?

  36. Well, Um....
    9:30 am August 4, 2011 Permalink

    35 – I admit that I’ve only read one message board post about it bc someone linked it on KSR…but there was enough whining and crying on that one message board to call it a meltdown. Oh, its good stuff. Pretty much every Cards fan that can read and write were exploding on that site.

  37. the anti-cat
    9:32 am August 4, 2011 Permalink

    I can understand why people want to go to Morehead State. After all, they are the 2nd best basketball team in the state, right behind the Cats.

  38. Hambone
    10:00 am August 4, 2011 Permalink

    Go Braves!

  39. Sid Bream's Leg
    10:24 am August 4, 2011 Permalink

    Good call on the Braves. Chipper will retire a 2 time World Series champ.