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Freshmen moving up the depth chart

Well, that didn’t take long. We all expected freshman running back Josh Clemons to move up the depth chart this season; we just didn’t know it would be before he ever saw game action. Clemons is listed as the No. 2 running back behind Raymond Sanders on the depth chart for Thursday’s game. Jonathan George had been listed as the backup throughout the summer.

Also, freshman wide receiver DeMarco Robinson is the No. 2 wide receiver behind Gene McCaskill at one receiver position. Matt Roark got the nod over Brian Adams as the receiver opposite LaRod King.

D.J. Warren, the true freshman from Alcoa, will start at fullback. Ashely Lowery (safety) and Alvin Dupree (linebacker) are the only other two freshman in the two-deep rotation.

It’s almost here. #RISE

Article written by Drew Franklin

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15 Comments for Freshmen moving up the depth chart

  1. mocha
    11:52 am August 29, 2011 Permalink

    The Verve Pipe must be loving this.

  2. hoss_cat
    12:11 pm August 29, 2011 Permalink

    RISE to be one place above vanderbilt… RISE!!!

  3. My Thoughts
    12:33 pm August 29, 2011 Permalink

    Well this tells me one of 2 thing. A. These 3 star freshman we recruited were insanely underrated coming out of high school and very good or B. We don’t have a very good football team.. I’m going with B

  4. BillDozer
    1:21 pm August 29, 2011 Permalink

    #2…we already above VU..need to RISE above Ole Miss.
    #3…I think the guys were slightly underrated. At FB though, we did not have one so it was not as tough to win the job. Jones is also a walk-on. Look at Clemons..that says it all, also ran a 4.3. He was the HS player of the year in his class in GA. Robinson is the all-time leading receiver in GA HS history. Lowery looks like he has been lifting weights for awhile. Thick for a 205 lb. guy. Also, YouTube clips shows his athleticism. Also, a safety spot was freed up when Guy moved to the OLD/SS role. Dupree is another guy who looks good physically.

    Here are my thoughts…be a fan, pay attention, actually do some research before writing worthless comments.

  5. The Blonde Bomber
    1:35 pm August 29, 2011 Permalink

    I’m tired of these punk ass basketball fans. If you don’t root for the CATS in football don’t read the posts bitch!!!!!!

  6. R-Truth
    1:38 pm August 29, 2011 Permalink

    5. And datz da troof!

  7. The Blonde Bomber
    1:42 pm August 29, 2011 Permalink

    I’m tired of all of these punk azz basketball only fans. If you don’t root for the CATS in football don’t read the threads biatch’s!!!!!

  8. The Blonde Bomber
    1:47 pm August 29, 2011 Permalink

    Why all of the negativity? I thought this site was for Wildcat fans not just basketball fans!! Remember Joker has won as many national championships as Cal.

  9. hoss_cat
    1:56 pm August 29, 2011 Permalink

    #5, #7 EAT SH_T! ur so mad cuz we su_k so bad at football.

    #4 I know we’re above vandy, but that’s it. It was a joke cuz we will never be relevant in the SEC.

  10. correction
    2:40 pm August 29, 2011 Permalink

    Couple of things:

    1) Darrian Miller at LT and Max Smith are also True freshmen (even though smith had spring practice)
    2) The depth at safety took a huge blow when Dakota Tyler and Josh Gibbs unpredictably left the team. Tyler may still return to the team as I think his situation was similar to Jeremy Jarmon’s a couple of seasons back. On the other hand, I think Gibbs leaving was a result of Lowery coming in better than expected. Senior Mychal Bailey also returns after the first game to increase the depth as well.

  11. BIllDozer
    2:41 pm August 29, 2011 Permalink

    #5…fully agree. Cant stand the bandwagon UK basketball fans.
    If you are a UK fan, then be a UK fan. That includes all sports.

  12. My Thoughts
    4:13 pm August 29, 2011 Permalink

    #4. Until UK starts finishing better than 2-6 in the SEC with 5 cupcake wins then I will give some credit. Why should I go look at youtube video’s of high school games lol what does that prove. I let the experts do the rankings and all I see is a bunch of 2-3 star regulars each year and 2-6 finishes. Just like every toher year all the hype and no results.

  13. My Thoughts
    4:21 pm August 29, 2011 Permalink

    #11. What bandwagon is everyone jumping on? My family has had tickets since commonwealth open and have watched many bad bad football teams. Seems like all the fans filling the stadium after making bowl games are the bandwagon fans. I will always watch and root for UK football but the difference is I dont wear the blue shades. Win some games and you will get respect. Every year its the same hype with no results and all the dillusional fans like yourself screaming how great we are and we prove nothing. We have improved but we are still below average in the SEC. We are one step above vandy and that is all.

  14. kymash
    9:55 pm August 29, 2011 Permalink

    who is the girl in the pic?

  15. Tokyo now Tampa Satchel
    12:01 am August 30, 2011 Permalink

    I believe her name is Party Patty. Ask a Beta.