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Former Wildcat NBA Preseason Updates

The past three seasons of Kentucky Basketball have certainly been a whirlwind of just about everything a college program can experience.  From the lowest of lows that the Billy Gillispie era brought about to the enormous heights that current coach John Calipari has restored the program to, it’s safe to say that we’ve been through quite a bit in recent years.  One of the many things that the enormous heights have brought about are countless stars that have been making their way through Lexington to play college ball.  So far in Coach Cal’s tenure he has sent 15 players to the Association with many more certain to follow.  Since those individuals were only here for a brief period of time and given the sheer volume of players being produced it’s difficult for any one fan to keep up with them at all times.  So in order to give an update on how some of Calipari’s and previous administrations’ Wildcats are doing, I researched just how they were performing on their various teams throughout the NBA preseason.

Keep in mind that it is the preseason so numbers really aren’t reflective of what they’ll be in the regular season, but some players are still producing just about what is expected of them, in particular Anthony Davis and DeMarcus Cousins.  Both players are currently showing why they were deserving of the high draft selections they earned in their respective years.  Other players like Enes Kanter and Eric Bledsoe are looking to show why they are poised for breakout seasons, as they’re averaging 12 and 11.7 points per game respectively.  Some like Michael Kidd-Gilchrist and Marquis Teague are discovering right out of the gate that the league is a bit more difficult than college, but it’s clear they have the potential to be standouts at the next level in due time.

The NBA Preseason, like all other professional preseasons, is a time for young players to grow and for veterans to get back in the swing of things so it’s not surprising to see established players like Keith Bogans and Tayshaun Prince to put up low numbers early (age aside).  Likewise it’s not shocking to see Michael Kidd-Gilchrist struggle early given the vast amounts of incompetency he will be forced to play with early on in his career.  But, the most staggering thing about compiling this list was it’s sheer size.  It’s still difficult to believe, even now, the tremendous number of players that Kentucky currently has playing ball in the NBA.  Given the way Calipari has things rolling right now, is it out of the realm of possibility that perhaps 40 players from Kentucky could populate the league at one time?  The past says that’s an absurd argument to make, but the present and future may eventually say otherwise.

Article written by Jonathan Schuette

14 Comments for Former Wildcat NBA Preseason Updates

  1. UL2UK8
    8:10 pm October 23, 2012 Permalink

    Bulls-Thunder game is just starting on NBATV.

  2. Duke Sucks
    8:21 pm October 23, 2012 Permalink

    I’m sorry to bring it up ,but as bad BCG was I think Tubby had us at the bottom. I know Tubby made the NCAA every year, but anyone who watched his last team should know the ONLY reason we made the tourney that year was because we are Kentucky. He left the cupboard bare Bradley and Crawford had majorly underproformed under Tubby and Meeks had yet became the scorer he ended as. To me Tubby not Billy Clyde was the Joker of UK basketball.

  3. HA
    8:30 pm October 23, 2012 Permalink

    #2 Call in too the radio show tomorrow and tell Matt that, he will rip you a new asshole over the air.

  4. jymbo
    8:30 pm October 23, 2012 Permalink

    I wouldn’t add Orton until he finished his classes.

  5. spookykim
    8:35 pm October 23, 2012 Permalink

    Love the update! I’d like to see the stat at least each month! #4 – hilarious; maybe Orton’s finally going to earn his keep this year, but I’m betting against him.

  6. Han
    8:49 pm October 23, 2012 Permalink

    2) Tubby certainly didn’t have us as an elite, and we slipped in the minds of many, but we were high in the next tier under him. It was surprising when we didn’t make an elite 8, but unfortunately, it was the norm. His greatest teams couldn’t get over the hump, his first year as an exception. He was also unwilling to put the effort into recruiting and molding talented players.

    But don’t allow your bitterness over our slipping in status during Tubby’s years to blind you to the colossal mistake that was BCG. We were a high pressure job after Tubby left, and allegedly many people turned us down. We took a shot on a guy that seemed like an up-and-comer but who turned out to be a rageaholic alcoholic. We never had non-winning seasons under Tubby. We weren’t in the NIT. Even team turmoil gave birth to the great Suffocats. Gillispie’s last team would’ve given birth to something like what Indiana had after Sampson and what UNC had with Doherty. He made us a laughingstock while Tubby just made us a declining legend.

  7. Not TN Fan
    8:57 pm October 23, 2012 Permalink

    Soon we’ll have a Cat on every NBA team. Who will we root for?? A good problem to have!

  8. Cayts
    9:00 pm October 23, 2012 Permalink

    2 – amen brother keep speaking the good word. BCG failed because of Tubby. Blaming BCG is like blaming whoever takes over after Joker. Joker will have us recovering for at least two years after he gets sent off

  9. bigbluejon
    9:05 pm October 23, 2012 Permalink

    How bout big Nazr! Solid numbers in limited minutes. Keep getting it done big fella!

  10. bigbluejon
    9:10 pm October 23, 2012 Permalink

    Come on guys BCG was a flaming bag of turds. Tubby definitely fell off towards the end, but let’s not pin Billy’s disaster on anybody but Billy. That bastard was losing games on purpose.

  11. Duke Sucks
    9:45 pm October 23, 2012 Permalink

    Half of the 10 loss seasons for UK are owned by Tubby. In over the 100 years of bb at UK half of the Ten loss seasons came during his tenure. I never said BCG was anything other then a fail. I’m just saying you can’t put it all on him Tubby played a huge role in our slip from the top. BCG failure was epic, but some of his recruits where pivotal in our FF run in 2011. I do think Pitino inherited a better team his first year the what billy Clyde walked into. Don’t forget Porter and coury where tubby guys.
    #3 I like KSR and think Matt has done a good job with it. But he’s no more a expert then me, you, or anyone else. He’s a fan just like the rest of us getting to live out a dream. Anyone short of Oscar is not a Guru for UK basketball. I would dare say Mat would tell you the same.

  12. 40 won't happen
    10:10 pm October 23, 2012 Permalink

    This is why 40 can’t mathematically happen: by season’s start, our “23 NBA” guys will be down to about 20 once Orton and Magloire are cut. Mohammed, Prince, and Bogans are all about 2-3 years from retiremement. That will put us at about 16-17 players retained from the current group. Of that, 2-3 more won’t be in the league in a few years. Players produced is different than player retention and this is why: of the list of players above, about 13-14 will be in the league in 5 years, and that’s the important figure because if Cal puts an average of 4 guys into the league every year and three are retained long-term, in five years, the high tide of UK guys at one time in the league will be closer to 30 – which by the way would be about a dozen more than any other program historically had in the league at one time.

  13. Come on
    10:23 pm October 23, 2012 Permalink

    In somewhat related news: a secret source as alleged that members of last yrs UNC basketball team were selling donkey nuts to help students with E.D. When reached for comment a spokesperson for the NCAA advised there is no rule against this and asked where mark emrett might get an order form

  14. RaleighCat
    9:18 am October 24, 2012 Permalink

    Couple of points to educate some of you folks:
    1. OTS did not produce one single solitary NBA Lottery Pick in his entire tenure. ZERO. None. Look it up.
    2. Tubby’s best players- who became very good-to-great NBA players- were severely under-valued because he didn’t get UK back in the Final Four. Truth.
    3. Doron Lamb might get waived and have a very hard time sticking with a team this season. D-league bound IMHO due to his injury and draft position.
    4. Terence Jones is going to excel in Houston. Jones is the 2nd most ready NBA player from last year behind Davis.
    5. I met Daniel Orton on Sunday night in OKC while there on business. Very polite, engaging and humble. Smiled the entire time we talked about UK. Big friggin’ kid.
    6. Orton said that Liggins was bustin’ his butt to make the Thunder’s roster. Liggins has a great chance to stick in OKC.

    That is all. You have been informed until next time.