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Former Cat Abney Speaks Out Against Crazy Idea of Eliminating Kickoffs


Rutger’s Head Football Coach Greg Schiano got a few headlines with his proposed idea to eliminate kickoffs from the college football game.  One of our SEC foes and UGA coach Mark Richt presented a similar idea, as well.  Sounds like crazy business to me.

Former UK WR Derek Abney agrees that it’s a bad idea – and he is slamming his foot down against this nonesense and bellowing out a big, “Hell No!”  Actually, here is what Abney truly said:

“To eliminate that would be pretty disappointing for me.”

“A lot of the kids that play ball, especially the younger ones, that’s their opportunity to get on the field. So it would be a shame to take that away from them.”

“Not having the kicking game is a travesty if you took that from the football game.”

Obviously, Abney’s words carry weight and will quickly quell the plans of Schiano and Richt.  Just kidding.  But, really, Derek Abney was a successful Wildcat when it came to kickoffs – he returned 2 for touchdowns en route to becoming and All-American Special Teams player, so his voice does carry a little weight in that area of the game.  Abney also spent two years in the NFL after being drafted in the 7th round of the 2004 NFL Draft, spending one season with each of Baltimore Ravens and the Chicago Bears (sadly, never say any game action)

Sorry….terribly slow news day.

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Article written by Chris Thomas

8 Comments for Former Cat Abney Speaks Out Against Crazy Idea of Eliminating Kickoffs

  1. goboxoutorgogetinbox
    7:09 pm June 26, 2011 Permalink

    he has a good point though…at all levels, that is sometimes the only action some kids in high school get to see action is on special teams

  2. mudcreekmark
    7:09 pm June 26, 2011 Permalink

    Worse idea ever.There are 3 phases to a football game with each one that can change a game around or make the difference in winning and losing. You take away almost all of one aspect and it completely changes the game. It would be like taking away the free throw in basketball. You just cannot make that kind of drastic change to a beautiful game.

  3. James
    7:09 pm June 26, 2011 Permalink

    shabazz muhammad to UCLA. darn.

  4. StevieD
    7:46 pm June 26, 2011 Permalink

    Matt Jones has a huge head.

  5. manbearpig
    7:49 pm June 26, 2011 Permalink

    That’s my cousin!!

  6. Football Man
    9:42 pm June 26, 2011 Permalink

    Let’s create the 12th Man here @ Kentucky like they have @ A&M.

  7. thenamerobdigity
    10:49 pm June 26, 2011 Permalink

    Eliminate the most exciting football play???? No thanks. David pollack ended his career on a run play, should they eliminate running plays? As abney would say , “Hell no!”

  8. mike
    6:22 pm June 27, 2011 Permalink

    I used to play Halo 2 on xbox live with Abney!