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University of Kentucky Basketball, Football, and Recruiting news brought to you in the most ridiculous manner possible.

For all you College students out there…..


Got this in an email today and found it amusing. Created by a fan (if someone emails me as to who the fan is, I would be glad to give credit) and gives all you college students something to do during your Spring Break of basketball:

As you may have heard, seen, or even suffered through, this is shaping
up to
be a pretty piss-poor season of UK Basketball. So, to help ease the
pain of
watching the games, some UK fans from across the nation have devised
2006-2007 UK Basketball Drinking Game. Hopefully this will make the
slightly more entertaining and definitely more enjoyable! If you are a
fan, PLEASE repost this as a bulletin, including this introduction.

The Rules:

Drink every time they show Ashley (drink two more if they show her
her head in disgust or some other indication that she agrees the Cats

Drink once every time they show Donna.

Drink 2 every time they show Tubby give his stare.

Chug your drink when Tubby’s coat comes off.

Cheers when the announcers talk about how Tubby didn’t recruit Corey Brewer citing that he wasn’t “physical enough”.

Drink every time an announcer comments on how we “just don’t have
talent” or the last time this happened to the Cats was….” .

Drink twice when an announcer mentions that UK fans aren’t used to

Drink every time the announcers mispronounce Woo-kosh Orb-zhoot.

Drink more when Sheray stays in his block during a free throw.

Drink when we actually use the full court press.

Chug everytime a KY bred boy Lights it up like
Griswold’s House b/c we didn’t recruit him and let him go to another

Drink every time Orzbut completes a fantastically European foul like
closelining someone across the face with both hands. Drink twice every
he gets away with it.

Drink every time the Cats have a 1 and 1 opportunity to cut into an
opponents lead, miss the front end and the other team goes down and
killing the Cats “momentum.”

Drink two every time the team is obviously fighting with one another.

Drink three every time we throw an idiotic lob pass up the floor that
results in a turnover (either stolen or out of bounds).

If Morris gets two early fouls (within the first 5 minutes), power hour
until the end of the first half. This is not by the game clock, you

Funnel a beer every time the Cats are up 3 points at the end of the game and Tubby allows the other team to shoot a 3 instead of fouling because its against the spirit of competition.

Drink three and say hallelujah if we score while in our half court
offensive set.

Drink four and say amen when Tubby actually designs a play that gets the ball inbounds coming out of a time out. Drink another if we actually score.

Waterfall any time some white boy you’ve never heard of ends up on the
because we’re getting our asses handed to us.

Shotgun a beer when Ramel Bradley is on the bench with the game on the line.

Social chug your drink if we shoot over 30% in either half.

Order and drink a shot to the ghost of Chuck Hayes (or insert favorite
player that actually cared that he was a Cat) during halftime.

At the end of the game, if the leading scorer was a walk-on or a
freshman, chug your drink, order another, and chug it.

Shit your pants if we actually get a shot off when the game is on the line.

Goes-without-saying Rules:
– Forget the beer and stick to bourbon if Billy Packer or Dick Vitale
are announcing the game
– Scream “Duke sucks!” and flip off the TV whenever the Duke team is
for no real reason or they show the Laettner Shot.


Article written by Matt Jones