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For those who wonder about the lack of football coverage, here is one man’s take on the UK football practice on Monday. His opinions are his own, and I dont know him, so dont blame me….

“Wasn’t going to go but had something to do in the neighborhood. Then wasn’t going to stay very long and then decided to. Can’t leave when they do 11 on 11 and then do some tackling The first hour i was there, the team seemed lethargic. When they started scrimmaging more, things picked up. The D definitely has a ‘tude about them. With so many folks out, the team needs to stay healthy–but they also need the scrimmage work. On that note, Leger hurt an ankle I think and was held out of the rest of the contact work.

In reviewing the qb’s, I did not think Curtis did very well today in the scrimmaging and for the most part the drills. They were still working on the running game and throwing to the backs a lot. He just wasn’t sharp and shared the #1 reps with Andre who had a good day particularly downfield in the scrimmaging. I finally saw Andre make a horrible throw that was almost picked off. It was a fly pattern and I think it was Demoreo Ford had a step on Tim Hargrette. Well it looked like it was shot out of the sky and fell way short. The receiver made a good play to keep it from being picked off. Will Fidler showed a little footspeed on two occasions with 10+ yd runs. He threw well in drills and scrimmages. Only a few clinkers and probably his best day so far. You know who has an arm? Keenan Burton. They were doing one drill where the qb’s would fake one way and roll towards one side and hit Burton who was stationary along the same sideline as if he’d done an out pattern. Keenan was throwing it back with as much mustard as the qbs. When they rolled left, Curtis didn’t throw very well while the other two were pretty sharp. Go figure. He did better rolling right. Coach Sanders apparently wanted it taped up close with a shoulder cam unit. Overall, I don’t remember but a few drops by the backs and receivers in all drills.

Alphonso Smith and Antoine Brown had good days running as did Raffy who had two very good runs. TD didn’t play much. The plays that Brown runs aren’t blocked very well and he has to make his own way. They aren’t much yardage wise but they are always positive. Smith flashed some real speed and almost broke a couple of runs. I think Bankhead is going to play this fall, he’s versatile. And the more I see Joe Joe Brown, the more I think he has a future at wr. Logan had a good day catching it and just seemed more active than usual. One area they need to work on is downfield blocking by the wr’s. If they improve it, a couple of runs today would have been six points. This was the first day that I saw the #1’s against the #2’s a lot and along with the # 3 units against the #2’s. Trai Williams was at C again today with Aitcheson at RG, Lane at RT, C Johnson at LG and Miller at LT. 2nd team was Blaylock, Fischer, Gonzales, Morehead and Hennis. They did a little mixing on 2nd and 3rd team. On D, I think our de’s and lb’s are doing some good things. I like the pass drops by the lb’s and their reaction time. Grinter does this very well and he did look a little more comfortable out there today. Didn’t like the safety play today though I’m seeing more good things from Mike Schwindel. The de’s are forcing some things at times, and Lewis is showing that he can be a contributor. He did get into a fracas with OT Miller that carried on after the whistle and lasted too long. Coach Brooks let Lewis have it with a tirade at the top his lungs that ended in a “Stupid, stupid, stupid!”. Obviously a personal foul penalty and coaches don’t like the kind he would have been given. To his credit he went back to playing well and hard. Travis Day and Durell White had good days while I didn’t see much of Oninku. The O-line knows who he and Pryor are for sure.

Overall, we may have become a better team today. Lots of little signs emerged today.”

Article written by Matt Jones