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Five More “Who Wants to be a Blogger” Finalists

The incoming class for UK’s womens team!

Five more finalists, including our only lady, a 16 year old and the biggest geek in the competition (which we say with all due respect). There are 20 total finalists, but it will be cut to 15 quickly, so enjoy them while you can….


Hello very fine KSR readers. My name is Jared Quillen and I like to live dangerously. Matt asked me to introduce myself to you folks so here is the truth. I was born in Ashland, Kentucky and I love it there, even if this girl doesn’t. I’m sure she’d appreciate the opinions of the Big Blue Nation. One year after my birth I sat down and wrote all of the things I wanted to accomplish in my life. Thus far I have achieved the following: I counted to one hundred, twice, I found Waldo and Carmen San Diego, I traveled the Oregon Trail, (on an Apple IIE) I was almost famous once, but then I wasn’t, I visited all nine continents, I drank a root beer, I have told three jokes that people tell me are funny, I taught an old dog new tricks, I ran a four minute mile in two minutes, and I have the death sentence on twelve systems. I also want to speak Chinese on Tuesdays, write for Kentucky Sports Radio, and kiss a Swedish girl, not necessarily in that order. I also want to get more facebook friends than Eric Estrada. He’s huge with midgets. So please support my candidacy for Hunter Campbell’s job as bottom of the totem pole and good luck to all of us blogger competitors, (but mostly me).


Hey guys! I’m Kate, coming to you from Lafayette, IN. I grew up in Louisville, but ventured up to Purdue for college and haven’t managed to get out, mostly because I LOVE bitter winters, terrible athletic atmospheres, and 2:1 ratios of men vs. women (The odds were very good that I’d find some nerdy, meth-addict engineer to spend the rest of my life with. Alas, I married a townie). My dad wasn’t blessed with sons, so the burden fell on me to absorb all of his passion for sports, and especially UK. My husband knows a little less about sports than most ten-year-old girls, though I have managed to teach him the basics of being a UK fan: Rick Pitino is a traitor, every sports journalist is blatantly biased against UK, and every foul called against Kentucky is because either the ref is (1) blind (2) stupid or (3) blatantly biased against UK. Slowly but surely I’m nagging him to death until he changes into who I want him to be helping him realize how great it is to be a Kentucky fan. I have a weird passion for statistics and I think books like Moneyball have changed decision-making on the amateur and professional levels, making it a much more analytical process. So, if I ended up blogging for the site, that’s what I’d like to focus on. I’m really excited about this opportunity and I’m looking forward to proudly representing all the ladies of KSR.


I am a self-proclaimed sports loser due to my fanaticism of all Cleveland and Kentucky based sports. I just graduated from the University of Kentucky in May, majoring in Finance and awkward conversations with women. I will name his first dog Kosar and my first son James (LeBron is up to the wife for a middle name). My current girlfriend hates both ideas. I am incredibly skilled at games involving a ping pong ball. I once won 45 games in a row in beer pong over the course of several nights with a Middlesboro alumni (shameless plug for bonus points). If you notice in my picture, I have a birthmark under my eye. Most gas station attendants are led to believe I got in a nasty bar fight. I live to watch and debate about sports. However, I am not some unathletic couch potato. I can contribute to this site with good knowledge along with some humor.


Greetings KSR! How’s it goin? Good? I’m fine as well. Thanks for asking. My name is Caleb Epley. Pleasure to meet you. Since I’ve submitted my entry to this little contest, not only have 98384209485 celebrities died, but I have also turned 16 years of age. Wow. 16?? Yup. 16. But have no fear. Not only am I the youngest in the competion, I am also the best looking…. (crickets) Cockiness aside, the best feature that I bring to the table is the perspective and the insight of a younger generation. Why would you be interested in that, you ask? Because this is the beggining of a new era in Kentucky basketball. My generation hasn’t had the chance to fully appreciate the thrill of being on top of the college basketball world. When I write about the excitement of Kentucky being a national powerhouse, this is my first time truly experiencing it. Let me share that experience with you… And oh yeah.. I’m also a musician. One of my Kentucky-themed songs has even been put on this site before. I look forward to making more. 🙂 Thanks for reading.


I am sure that many of you have heard of me already, but for those of you who have not, my name is Greg Turner. I am the brilliant architect behind the unprecedented 13 straight National Championships the University of Kentucky won from 2013-2025 (Okay so its only on my XBOX 360 but hey I did this on All-American mode, and I guarantee Wooden couldn’t do that!) I live Erlanger, Ky, or as I like to call it the Athens of Kentucky, and am a math major at Northern Kentucky University. I have bled blue for as long as I can remember, and am the crazy guy no one wants to watch games with in public! My first realization of the power of Kentucky basketball happened in the NCAA regional finals during the early 1990’s, a game i am sure many of you remember. It was a last second shot that caused a million different kinds of hysteria in my grandparents basement and all across the commonwealth. As I am sure you have already figured out it was when the much loved Northern Kentucky University transfer, Todd Svoboda, knocked down a clutch last second three against Florida State to seal the 106-81 win. Many of my family members had attended NKU and when Svoboda knocked down that shot I had never before and never since heard my grandmother yell that loud. That is when I realized Kentucky basketball had an unmatched power that nothing I had ever seen before could match. Since that moment I have been enamored with the University of Kentucky and I would love nothing more than to be able to write for others who share my passion. Being the self-proclaimed math geek that I am, I look forward to sharing my thoughts on Kentucky Sports based on the statistics the teams produce. I honestly believe you can really find a lot out about a team by studying the numbers and forming your conclusions based on the facts in which these numbers hold. I hope to be writing for you for many seasons to

Article written by Matt Jones