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Fired Man Complains About Former Coworkers


I’m sure we’ve all done this at one time or another.  You’re watching a game and, as usual, the refs have a vendetta against your team.  With so many blown calls, phantom fouls, and out of bounds plays from in bounds, you are seriously considering writing a strongly worded letter to someone.  If it gets much worse, you might even make a video of all the missed calls to send to those refs bosses! But, again as usual, by the time the game is over, either the calls didn’t change the result of the game or your drunk enough not to care.  So nothing is done.

But wait, armchair referees, we have a hero!  Someone is finally calling out the refs, and they’re doing it with the NBA Finals. Who is it, you might ask?  Who is this beacon of truth in a dark world?  Who is holding these referees feet to the fire, making sure they are doing their jobs?  Why, Tim Donaghy of course!  Yes, that Tim Donaghy.  The one that was in jail for failing to be an impartial referee.  Crazy right?

Over at Deadspin, Tim Donaghy has documented, in his eyes, all the missed and bad calls of Game 2.  Spoiler Alert: It boils down to inconsistencies, but not necessarily one team being heavily favored. Still, it’s pretty interesting.  If you ask me, there should either be 5 refs that call a game tight, or they should make changes to the rules to allow for mild physical contact to prevent inconsistencies.  But what do I know?  Not much.  Check out the full log and videos here.

Article written by Will Lentz