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…Bo has come back to the blog.

That’s actually a boldfaced lie, considering I’ve never actually written here before, but I’ve always dreamed of owning $200 shirts like The Rock.  The little things make live worth living, yanno?

Anyway, I figured the best way to handle the first post is with a bit of an introduction.  It dawned on me the other day that I’ve been saying reckless things to you all without you knowing who I was, which is really bad form.  My apologies.

Matt found me after reading something I may or may not have written about a coach that may or may not have needed to be fired last season, based on what I’d seen at a game that may or may not have taken place at the Dean Done.  Matt didn’t like it, even though it seemed as though he agreed with most of what may or may not have been said in that piece.

From there, he called me and we agreed that I’d come on the show.  Next thing I knew, these dudes were asking me what Duke player I hated the most.  Granted, I’ve had that conversation many times, but on air?  This was my kind of party.

Keep in mind I once wrote “if Duke played the Klu Klux Klan, I’d root for a zero-zero tie.”  A man’s gotta have his principles, right?

Interestingly enough, I’ll be teaching a class at Duke this semester.  Another of my principles–few principles are as important as paying my mortgage.   Hook or crook, baby.  Hook or crook.

So we’ve been doing a weekly spot for a few months, which is one of the highlights of my week.

That brings us to here.  I’ll be posting around here and various oddities and tidbits I see around college hoops, or something else if it happens to be really compelling.  Just to irk Matt, I’ll probably do some extensive post on the next National Player of the Year, Tyler Hansbrough (btw, Kentucky can at least say it put the clamps on Hansbrough for the third straight year, effectively saving some NBA GM’s job).  Just know I’m doing it to him, not to you.

That’s all I’ve got.  Guitar Hero’s calling my name.

Article written by Bomani Jones

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