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Facebook sparks an SEC nerd fight

Can you smell that? There’s a good, old-fashioned nerd-fight brewing right now between of a couple of our SEC East brothers and it’s getting pretty chippy. And very, very hard to follow. I’ll try to break this down as simply as I can.

First, this involves Georgia freshman wide receiver Marlon Brown, who hails from Tennessee and was the original Beisner football man-crush last summer. Brown was recruited by Tennessee and Georgia (and everyone else) but eventually gave his verbal to Mark Richt and his staff after saying some not-so-flattering things about the Vols’ Ed Orgeron. Thus, bad blood exists.

Now, enter Justin Maclin, the tenth-best outside linebacker prospect according to Rivals and a Memphis native like Brown. Maclin is also a recruiting target of Tennessee and Georgia (and everyone else) and is, at the very least, cordial enough with Brown to be Facebook friends with him.  And, as far too many of us know, that is where the problem begins. 

Brown left a message on Maclin’s wall while Maclin was on his USC visit – a message encouraging to be “rich” like him by getting all he could out of “white folks” on his visit.  I think that’s fairly sound advice, to be honest.  But, that’s the type of advice you share over the phone.  Or on a private Facebook message.  As you can probably guess, this is where all the fun started.

The Tennesee blog Losers with Socks (a good friend of Wildcat Blitz, may it rest in peace) got ahold of the wall post and made a little write up on their site about it, subtly accusing the Bulldogs of simply having the most cap room in Brown’s recruitment. Of course, this got the Georgia folks all riled up – especially after this story started making its internet rounds and showing up in local papers. Georgia denied that it was actually Brown’s Facebook page and said it was a prank, hoping it would just disappear like a fourth-quarter lead against Florida.

But, of course, Losers with Socks would not go down so easily (bloggers are tough) and later posted proof that it was in fact Brown’s real Facebook account. Now, the saga sits at a standstill, leaving fans of both teams to insult each other with misspelled name-calling and conspiracy theories too elaborate for any of their fans to actually think of….while Justin Maclin may or may not be out getting all he can and getting rich.

So, what’s the moral of the story?

Marlon Brown, if it didn’t end on signing day, this man-crush is definitely over now.

Article written by Thomas Beisner