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F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Thursday News and Views


If he were somehow alive and ready to take on the mantle of “Oldest Living Human”, today would have been the 112th birthday of the author of one of the novels in consideration for “The Great American Novel”, F. Scott Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald was one of a group of authors called the “Lost Generation”, which like Generation X, means absolutely nothing. He published four novels, but the one that made his legacy was The Great Gatsby, a tale of the “Roaring Twenties” and the dichotomy between the materialism and personal emptiness of the era. The novel has always been one of my favorites and recently came into play in my life once again when a media person told me he thought I was the “Gatsby” of Kentucky. Depending on whether one focuses on his exciting life and diverse life or his death by murder in his backyard followed by a funeral attended by virtually no one, this could be considered a compliment or defaming comment, so I have of course obsessed over it ever since. As for Fitzgerald himself, he only lived to be 44 and actually published Gatsby at 29, a feat that makes those of us who have hit 30 feel quite inadequate. While he would have certainly loved Vincent Chase’s performance in the film version of the story, Fitzgerald was very protective of his work and it has remained a book without a great film, theater or musical adaption. Fitzgerald had an astounding command of the English language and unbelievably bad hair and for both of those qualities, we salute him today.

To the news……

(1): The biggest news of the day is that UK has picked up a football commitment from Safety Davin Hawkins out of Alabama. Hawkins is one of those WAY off the radar kids, that neither scouting service has even graded up until this point. He has offers from Marshall, Southern Miss and UAB, but decided that he would rather play in the SEC and pulled the trigger for UK today. He will join a secondary that has gained tremendous depth in the past couple of years and will be the 9th member of the 2010 class so far. I wish I could tell you more about Hawkins, but I dont know it…but I do like the name Davin, and am considering using it to rhyme with “Gavin” in my next poem about the lead singer of Bush.

(2): Today is the BIG day for UK basketball recruiting as Stacey Poole will make his decision on ESPNU at 5:30 pm. Jerry Tipton chimed in earlier today and joined Larry Vaught in the premature calling of the election, this time due to an interview with Poole’s father. It is widely expected however that Poole will pick UK, although as we have learned, you never count the proverbial chickens until they proverbially hatch. Poole told’s Evan Daniels (officially the best in the game at this point) that he had not made up his mind as of Wednesday afternoon and nothing will be announced until showtime. Stay tuned here all day and we will let you know if anything leaks….and of course will have live coverage of the decision (via the wonderful LIVE BLOG format) at 5:30 tomorrow.

(3): Basketball recruiting also got some good news today when Tobias Harris joined the ranks of Midnight Madness visitors, agreeing to come to the big date for his official visit. That means that Harris will join Kyrie Irving and CJ Leslie for what will most certainly be the most talented recruiting weekend in America for that weekend, and possibly any recruiting weekend this year. The show they will see will be tremendous and I have started to hear some rumblings of what is being planned. I am sworn to secrecy, in part because the “surprise” of it is supposed to be part of the fun, but if I am you folks, I get tickets…and I will leave it at that.

(4): Finally, Jeff Drummond of the Cats Pause reported tonight that Cris Collinsworth’s son Austin will visit UK this Saturday to see the Cats take on his father’s alma mater. The Collinsworth recruitment is very interesting to me for a couple of reasons, most importantly that he can be a player to have a good long-term impact for the program. With his father’s national television exposure on a weekly basis, having Austin play for the Big Blue would ensure coverage by the national media who love his father, and would help UK in the recruiting game. Players who see Cris on television will obviously know where his son goes to school as well, and that cannot hurt in the very fickle world of football recruiting. Collinsworth is a talent on the field as well, but like Jai Lucas (because of his basketball father), the help that Collinsworth can give a program goes farther than just on the field and that makes his recruitment doubly important.

So it is finally Stacey Poole day and we are ready. Plus it is time to start previewing Florida….Beisner and Drew have been following Tebow around and you wont believe what they have seen. Plus, the Blogger contestants all have a take on the Gators. Stay tuned all day, if for no other reason, do it for Eric C Conn…..

Article written by Matt Jones