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Expectations of Expectations: What to Expect to Expect

I’m not sure how many of you guys still get newspapers (recent Gallup polls estimate somewhere around .00000002%), but Sports Reporters regular and fellow IU graduate Dr. Richard Bozich has penned the requisite contrarian piece that was published in this morning’s C-J. The headline: Wildcats Can Still Flourish With Meeks Gone. Well, duh! But Bozich then said that we would be better. And everyone laughed and laughed.

“But,” I thought, “with a title that craaaaaaaaazy, he must really have some interesting ideas!” Then, as we humans tend to do, I read the first couple of words in every paragraph. And, well, his reasoning falls woefully short, in my awesome and infallible opinion.

Dr. Bo suggests that the ‘Cats will benefit from the lowering of expectations now that Meeks has decided to ruin everyone’s life. I mean go pro or whatever.

Um. Rick. I think the USS Hey Let’s Be Careful About Our Expectations Everybody It May Take A Few Years ship sailed once Cal signed on the dotted line back in April. Regardless of who is coming back and who is coming in, Kentucky fans are going to expect nothing short of regular season dominance and a Final Four. The expectations to win it all haven’t changed; our chances at a title have significantly, though.

I like your style, though. I want to think that some good can come of this (Porter Redemption Tour ’09!), but it’s hard for me to find the silver lining in seeing a guy leave that had the most amazing offensive game I’ve ever seen a college player have.

I guess what I’m saying is: don’t be fooled. Meeks leaving sucks. He was an awesome player and a great kid and one of the only reasons watching UK last year didn’t make me want to jab my eyeballs out. However, in that same vein, don’t let this event temper your expectations of how good this team can be.

Wildcats Can Still Flourish With Meeks Gone (Courier-Journal)

Article written by Evan Hilbert