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ESPN Doesn’t Expect Much From The Kentucky Running Backs


Yesterday we saw that ESPN had ranked Kentucky 10th  in the SEC as far as Quarterbacks go.  Understandable I suppose – Morgan Newton has a lot of talent, but still has a lot to prove, too.  He certainly has the tools to move up in those ranks, so a low preseason rank isn’t too surprising.

They ranked the SEC running backs today though, and it was more of the same – nay, a little worse. Kentucky came in dead last as far as projected running games go – thanks in most part to the departure of Derrick Locke.

Here’s what they had to say:

12. Kentucky: Derrick Locke had been the heart and soul of the Wildcats’ running game the past couple of seasons, and now he’s gone. The good news is that sophomore Raymond Sanders was one of the Wildcats’ most-improved players in the spring and looks like he’s more than capable of being their go-to back. Several other younger guys are also waiting for their chance, including redshirt freshman Brandon Gainer, and the Kentucky coaches are extremely high on incoming freshmen Marcus Caffey and Josh Clemons.

It’s a surprisingly positive snippet for placing them last among the SEC schools, though, and they are right in a lot of ways.  The running back stable is largely unknown at this point and while they certainly have promise, it’s hard to rank what you do not know.

Expect that ranking to go up in more than a few lockers for motivation this summer…

Article written by Will Lentz

19 Comments for ESPN Doesn’t Expect Much From The Kentucky Running Backs

  1. tdogg4033011
    6:09 pm June 15, 2011 Permalink

    Cobb said Gainer is gonna be a force to reckon with …. I’ll take his word for it !!!

  2. SoCalCat
    6:17 pm June 15, 2011 Permalink

    I didn’t realize UK had a running game. Go Cats! 🙂

  3. Johnson
    6:35 pm June 15, 2011 Permalink

    The running game is the last thing I’m worried about. Mainly cuz I don’t really care with basketball season being right around the corner hahaha.

  4. Aaron Cordero
    6:38 pm June 15, 2011 Permalink

    UK has an experienced OL and the RB’s will be be just fine. I think Raymond Sanders is much better than people realize.Gainer can be really good. He has to hold on to the ball and stop being cute. He tries to make too many moves and sometimes needs to try to run over people. I think Josh Clemons has a chance to really compete. However, the offense is a lot to learn for Freshmen. UK’s running game is the least of my concerns.

  5. wackityschmackitydoo
    6:42 pm June 15, 2011 Permalink

    I don’t know of any Kevin James movies, but I rank them tops in sucking.

  6. Mr Schwump
    6:52 pm June 15, 2011 Permalink

    1, unfortunately he put the ball on the ground with alarming frequency this spring.

  7. tdogg4033011
    7:05 pm June 15, 2011 Permalink

    6) I don’t know much about him, maybe he’ll get things under control before the season begins.
    I think Sanders will be pretty good to.

  8. FanInNWLex
    7:09 pm June 15, 2011 Permalink

    3. Mancard…hand it over.

  9. kysc
    7:17 pm June 15, 2011 Permalink

    young backs, but big vet o-line, lookin forward to that game vs the CARDS


  10. Football Man
    8:21 pm June 15, 2011 Permalink

    O- line is stong = running game will be fine.
    We have got to be able to throw it down the field to stretch the defense , thus helping the running game.

  11. studmuffin
    9:15 pm June 15, 2011 Permalink

    whens bball season start ugh uk football terrible always will be

  12. Buzzard
    10:55 pm June 15, 2011 Permalink

    I think the offense will be just fine. it’s the defense that is cause for concern. who’s going to be on the D line

  13. BCO
    11:30 pm June 15, 2011 Permalink

    8) – whys that? most of us care way, way more about basketball. i mean i like football and watch all our games, but face it, we’re gonna suck this year. ill still watch and cheer them on but i cant blame anyone for wanting to skip straight to bball season. its not like we should be sitting here saying “man oh man I cant wait to watch florida and tennessee pulverize us for the millionth time in a row and watch us be lucky to get one MAYBE 2 wins in the SEC”

  14. BCO
    11:31 pm June 15, 2011 Permalink

    oops, i meant 8.

  15. JackNicklaus
    11:39 pm June 15, 2011 Permalink

    10…what the heck you been smokin’? Throw down the field? What kind of craziness is that?! You, my friend, obviously have not watched much UK football lately. Coach simply refuses to do that…ever.

  16. 44 Stitches
    11:42 pm June 15, 2011 Permalink

    Caffey and Clemons are both from Georgia. I live down here and most people down here thought Caffey was better than Clemons. I’m not so sure. Clemons was the AAAA Offensive Player of the year last season. AAAA is the second largest class down here and Caffey from Grady high school in Atlanta played in AAAA also. That is pretty impressive to win that award considering how much talent comes out of this state. I saw Caffey play on TV but I’ve seen Clemons play twice in person. Clemons looked like a stud both games! I saw him play against teams that went on to win state so it was not like he was playing against some scrubs. This past season in the first round of the AAAA state tournament Clemons school was playing the number one team in the state and Clemons team upset them. Mainly because they could not stop him. I’m not saying he is coming in and going to start and be all SEC but I think he will be a good one.

  17. STEVE!
    12:14 am June 16, 2011 Permalink

    12 – So, our QB is 10th in the SEC and our running backs are 12th, but they are better than our defense? Wow, that doesn’t make me feel too good about our chances. With Cobb and Mathews gone, I can’t see our Receivers being any better than 10th-12th either. I hope Joker and Company coach them up, because if the don’t it will be a long season.

  18. UKfanNKY
    8:36 am June 16, 2011 Permalink

    ESPN doesn’t know crap!!! Wait and see!! All you FOOTBALL HATERS are a bunch of WHINNERS!!! GO CATS!!!

  19. og68
    7:07 pm June 16, 2011 Permalink

    #18,You are 100% correct!!