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University of Kentucky Basketball, Football, and Recruiting news brought to you in the most ridiculous manner possible. and ESPNU sticking with Hatcher to UK

Jason Hatcher has yet to make his decision public, but Kentucky is all but official at this point.  The defensive end from Trinity is set to announce his decision this afternoon at 3:00 p.m. in a press conference from his school.

We’ll have a live stream here on KSR.

Come on down!

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

56 Comments for and ESPNU sticking with Hatcher to UK

  1. mj7juice
    2:01 pm February 6, 2013 Permalink

    Big recruit for the CATS! BBN!

  2. JTack
    2:02 pm February 6, 2013 Permalink

    Is there anyone else out there who may commit in the next days or weeks to come?

  3. Crizzle
    2:03 pm February 6, 2013 Permalink

    Ya, go f*ck yourself louisville.

  4. Bobbum man
    2:03 pm February 6, 2013 Permalink

    Is it just me or is it kind of lame for espn to do this? Let the kid have his moment I’m sure they all look forward to this and want the suspense to still be there

  5. Dave
    2:05 pm February 6, 2013 Permalink

    Im generally happy with the work Coach Stoops and his staff have done. Getting Hatcher would really be an unbelievable feat considering where UK was positioned a month and half ago. Excited or the new eraof big blue football.

  6. I Say
    2:05 pm February 6, 2013 Permalink

    Stoooooooops!! I remember a couple months ago Hatcher was mocking UK, now look at us!

  7. Jason
    2:07 pm February 6, 2013 Permalink

    Where we watch the stoops presser?

  8. atlantacat
    2:09 pm February 6, 2013 Permalink

    All that hard work and still #14 in the SEC?

  9. JKUK
    2:09 pm February 6, 2013 Permalink

    How are we looking for Tevin Lawson? I know he’s visiting this weekend but has he said anything today?

  10. UKJay
    2:10 pm February 6, 2013 Permalink

    2.) Tevin Lawson (former LSU commit) and James Hearns (former Florida commit) may be the names we see in a few weeks sign on. Tevin is supposed to be making a visit here in the next couple weekends and Hearns is a question mark because of grades.

  11. JVice
    2:11 pm February 6, 2013 Permalink

    #8 – I know. I was thinking the same thing. This is going to be one of our best recruiting classes ever (supposedly), and yet we’re still at the bottom. Maybe after Stoops is here a couple of years, we can at least out-recruit Vandy?

  12. wins
    2:13 pm February 6, 2013 Permalink

    this is a great first class, but still has to get better SEC is just to strong!10 teams with top 25 classes hell even Vandy is in there at 20

  13. Jus Sayin
    2:13 pm February 6, 2013 Permalink

    #14? All this to be the lowest ranked class in the SEC…

  14. wins
    2:13 pm February 6, 2013 Permalink

    sorry didnt see #8

  15. JTack
    2:14 pm February 6, 2013 Permalink

    Imagine what this coaching staff will be able to accomplish with an entire year to recruit!!

  16. MemphisCat
    2:15 pm February 6, 2013 Permalink

    That sucks that Stoops is doing such a good job recruiting and we are #40 in national recruiting, but we are still #14 out of 14 in the SEC. I appreciate the hard work, but it looks like we have a up hill battle, but this is a great start for UK footall.

  17. Invisible Obama
    2:16 pm February 6, 2013 Permalink

    Rivals at least has us ahead of Arkysaw and Mizzu.

  18. Jax T
    2:17 pm February 6, 2013 Permalink

    As excited as I am, it is incredibly deflating to see that we are still at the bottom of the SEC.

    It seems our ceiling is 7-wins, and will always be that..

  19. Stats guy
    2:18 pm February 6, 2013 Permalink

    Well Vandy’s class is ranked higher merely because they have more players in it, not because they’re of higher caliber. Same probably goes for some of the other teams in the SEC. Also Hatcher isn’t included yet. Class rankings are largely a product of volume.

  20. big blue dominance
    2:19 pm February 6, 2013 Permalink

    Not football-related, but very UK-related. I think I just took the bait on an internet troll hating on UK/Cal. I tried responding with as many facts as possible. I was wondering if you fine members of the BBN could give me a little feedback. If it is accurate, I’ll just cut and paste it when I feel attacked. Here was my “i’m-sick-of-you-haters” speech: [Great points you make . So Demarcus has 3 ejections and you are OK to paint everyone else with the same brush. Who else is “like” him? What I am looking at has the total # of COMBINED ejections for former UK players in the NBA, 18 of them, at one (Rondo). Unless you can show me otherwise, nearly all of the other Kentucky players have been model citizens in the NBA, on and off the court. “Dribble Drive” —> For what its worth, the offense during Cal’s time at Kentucky has almost been entirely predicated on more traditional basketball schemes with high pick and rolls, pick and pops, playing through the post, & back screens. (Knight & Teague & Harrow are not the elite talents that Rose and others were, so Calipari has had to adjust accordingly.) “UK/Cal Douchebaggery” —> I guess I understand how you might be jealous of a program that has accomplished the following in recent years: 5 consecutive Top-2 Recruiting Classes, 3 Elite 8s, 2 Final Fours, a National Championship, an APR consistently above the NCAA Average, 15 players Drafted into NBA in 3 years (6 in Lottery), helped raise over a million dollars for Haiti Relief, over $900,000 for Sandy Relief, & Hundreds of thousands for Tornado Relief. I guess seeing that type of resume of success, on and off the court, might frustrate you. Have a good day.] Any thoughts?

  21. Season Never Ends
    2:21 pm February 6, 2013 Permalink

    LOT of Louisville idiots posing as UK fans on this board. Looking forward to next year’s team Kragthorping you fools.

  22. good grief
    2:22 pm February 6, 2013 Permalink

    You guys complaining about being 14th need to get a clue! You have to look at what other schools were after these guys. We’re beating out Florida Ohio St and Nebraskas, not EKU Morehead and Centre like Joker was. Give Stoops and staff a full year to work the recruiting trail and see what they bring in. UK wasn’t even a consideration for most of the guys who signed today before Stoops.

  23. Stats guy
    2:22 pm February 6, 2013 Permalink

    Keep in mind we can still add a couple guys and maybe a transfer from Neb. The key is to get SEC caliber kids to compete and good coaching. I believe we’ll have both. And if we had 26 kids in this class we’d be ahead of Vandy, so y’all gotta get some perspective.

  24. jka14
    2:23 pm February 6, 2013 Permalink

    You guys downing this class based on the rankings should go to ESPNs rectuiting page and in the middle of the page it shows the classes from 2008-2013. Obviously, there are guys that were in the top that are now in the NFL. But, there are a lot of busts in there too. As there will be with this class.
    Keep in mind we were probably #16 with the Joke and probably in the 70s nationally. Now, we’re top 40 on ESPN and rivals. That’s a HUGE difference when you consider that these ‘experts’ often miss on guys.

    Let the coaches coach and we’ll see where we are.

    Just remember, this UK basketball was the #1 class according to the ‘experts.’ And, although we’re getting better we’re still not TOP 25.

    Rankings are meaningless at this point.

  25. 18
    2:23 pm February 6, 2013 Permalink

    Except UK has won more than 7 games. You speak out of your ass

  26. Nick
    2:24 pm February 6, 2013 Permalink

    Sounds good to me #20

  27. Eastkygal
    2:26 pm February 6, 2013 Permalink

    Geez, enough with the naysayers! Can we just be happy for a moment that we have the best class we’ve had in a long time if not ever? Coach Stoops has worked a virtual miracle with recruiting in just a couple of months. Let him and has staff have a chance at a full season of recruiting and I’m sure we’ll see even more success. We are going to at least be competitive this season and even more success will come later. The sky is not falling! Some people just can’t be happy and enjoy the moment…

  28. Crizzle
    2:26 pm February 6, 2013 Permalink

    It is very obvious which of these “UK fans” are actually louisville posers. Pretending to be the fan of another team in the hope that you can swing common opinion to your side is hilariously pathetic…suits when you think about it.

  29. Splitting Hairs
    2:26 pm February 6, 2013 Permalink

    We are splitting hairs when trying to rank the last 5-6 recruiting classes in the SEC. If you do the math on ESPN’s star system, the UK, Arkansas, Mississippi St., Missouri and Tennessee classes are all so close, it is Very difficult to distinguish between them. If we get one or even two more late additions we will move ahead of all of those. As we can see Vandy and Ole Miss are having there best recruiting years ever and to see Vandy have such a good class only makes me feel even better about our future recruiting. Bama, FL, LSU, GA and Auburn are where they usually are so lets be happy with the tremendous progress we have made in just 66 days of the Stoops Era. It’s been said numerous times but bottom line is this is the best class we have signed in recent memory and just wait until next years class.

  30. UofL sucks
    2:29 pm February 6, 2013 Permalink

    Espn hasn’t updated its team rankings. We aren’t going to be 14th.

  31. RUPPS_rhetoric
    2:29 pm February 6, 2013 Permalink

    Will all of you quit bitching about being 12-14 in the SEC.. PLEASE!! According to Rivals we have a Top-30 class! Maybe by the time it’s all said and done Top-25, and maybe the best ever in the schools history. Yes, while we might be in the bottom of the SEC ranking-wise, we’re at least in the conversation now. Being Top-25 allows you to at least be in the neighborhood of our SEC brethren. However being in the 60’s and still at bottom of the SEC gives you no chance to compete, which is where we were with Joker. We are laying a foundation of being able to compete in the SEC. I mean do you all seriously think Auburn can compete with UK for basketball recruits? No, but they could compete with the Vandy’s and Tennessee’s of the SEC. Will we ever compete with Alabama for recruiting? No, but we could compete with the Arkansas’ and Tennessee’s of the world. We’re laying the groundwork for future recruiting to maybe move up that ladder. FYI we’re ranked higher than Oklahoma State, Wisconsin, Michigan State, Missouri, Iowa, Miami, Purdue, Kansas State, Stanford and Louisville, amongst others. So quit bitching and be excited that we’re in the Top-30 and not the Top-60. I digress and GO CATS!!

  32. kingrex
    2:31 pm February 6, 2013 Permalink

    People need to realize that of course we are going to be way down on the SEC list. We are in the only conference that matters, where the facilities are world class and the fanbases care about Saturday Fall afternoons more than anywhere else in country. The SEC puts more resources into football than anyone else. Coordinators make ridiculous salaries in the SEC, to such an extent that the head coaches in other conferences lose any successful staff member as soon as he is deemed worthy of the SEC. Our conference makes up the majority of the top 30 teams every single year. Not only that, but obviously we are by and large all recruiting in the same geographical areas. This is not basketball where you can luck into one or two guys in a class that change your program for 3 or 4 years. The idea we are going to move up 25 or 30 slots in terms of overall ratings is amazing. The good news is this is only the beginning. Imagine we were trying to compete with classes not even in the neighborhood of the other SEC schools. We were not seen as a viable option for high class football recruits. This is a huge step. At least we do not have 35 other schools between us and the rest of the SEC. We have coordinators that seem to know what they are doing. This means they can develop talent. We have not done that in years. Joker was not exactly a football genius.

  33. Larry linebeard
    2:34 pm February 6, 2013 Permalink

    Any news on Patterson/Lucas?

  34. Shame
    2:35 pm February 6, 2013 Permalink

    Jason Hatcher, the future transfer to USC. This kid hates to lose; and although Stoops is a smooth talker who has him buying in to this point; this kid is gone after one season comprised of one win.

  35. Al's IndiCats
    2:37 pm February 6, 2013 Permalink

    I’m pretty amped about Stoops first recruiting class here. Paw Paw surprised a few people in this league without so many stars next to their names, who’s to say Stoops won’t? Ye of little faith.

  36. stoops
    2:38 pm February 6, 2013 Permalink

    This has potential to be our best class in over 30 yrs, remeber in 07 how good that team was, we are getting the talent to compete on the football field w anyone, its gonna be all about coaching schemes and strategies, ive watched the texas am and bobby petrino teams win in the sec w 3 and 4 star players, why not us to all the people being negative, I believe if you can consistenly recruit in the top 30 and coach some guys up we can compete, im super excited in the job stoops and staff has done in a short amount of time

  37. They only had 2 months to recruit
    2:39 pm February 6, 2013 Permalink

    And still got some of these guys to sign with us. Just give it time. This class would be #1 In the big east, #6 in ACC, #4 in Big 10. We won’t be last if Hatcher commits.

  38. Reality
    2:39 pm February 6, 2013 Permalink

    Yes they are sticking with him because he is coming to UK. All these pessimistic people need to grow a pair, and face the fact that this a new era in KY football. We will be getting some good players. The days of saying o well he is a “long shot” are over.

  39. Shame on Shame
    2:42 pm February 6, 2013 Permalink

    Hey 34, it’s a “shame” you don’t keep your negative BS on your UL websites. See you and your birds in the Fall. Don’t worry too much between now and then about losing.

  40. Randy Marsh
    2:43 pm February 6, 2013 Permalink

    @ 34 – Your cynical outlook gives you away as either a lame UK fan or a dirty bird lover. I think as much as Stoops’ smooth talking and track record of developing D-lineman swayed Hatcher, USC did more to dissuade the big fella than anything.

  41. dave
    2:44 pm February 6, 2013 Permalink

    34-haha, good effort. try & step the troll game up a notch next time.

  42. ciggy
    2:44 pm February 6, 2013 Permalink

    I’m excited as hell about kentucky football, I just hope they don’t let me down again.

    It’s looking pretty dang solid with all the commits, gonna be nice to see em on the field.

  43. Randy Marsh
    2:45 pm February 6, 2013 Permalink

    USC had a top recruit coming there, having promised him he would play and would be able to enroll, etc. I can’t remember all the details, but they reneged on that offer which really put the kid in a bad spot.

  44. BlueMark
    2:45 pm February 6, 2013 Permalink

    3 years of this kind of recruiting and we are going to win big. It’s just going to take a little while to get the car out of the ditch. This class is an amazing start, and such an improvement over recent years, that we should be dancing in the streets.

  45. inlinefor9
    2:45 pm February 6, 2013 Permalink

    #34 douche

  46. Shame talking out his ass!
    2:48 pm February 6, 2013 Permalink

    Damn good thing the NCAA was as crooked as everyone else KNEW they were, or Loserville would be burning in the ashes as Miami will soon be….

  47. Al's IndiCats
    2:52 pm February 6, 2013 Permalink

    I love to see UVel idiots get on here and make Jones money….

  48. TrinityForever
    2:52 pm February 6, 2013 Permalink

    What I love the most about UofL fans bashing the success of UofK’s recruiting, is that 3 short years ago, UofL was in UofK’s position. They hired an up and coming coach, who recruited an awesome first class, and turned the program around. They CAN NOT STAND seeing UofK immulate, and perhaps further the success. Love love love it!

  49. Chicago Chris
    2:53 pm February 6, 2013 Permalink

    I guess this makes me feel better. I’m probably not the first to post this, but these are our recent Rivals rankings. #36 was our best year by far. I’m surprised we ever made any bowl games at all.

    2012: #62
    2011: #61
    2010: #50
    2009: #41
    2008: #57
    2007: #54
    2006: #36
    2005: #67
    2004: #52
    2003: #63
    2002: #94

  50. Cats in the NBA
    2:53 pm February 6, 2013 Permalink

    Our class needs to be CLOSER to the other SEC teams in terms of talent order to compete, the ordinal ranking not so much.

  51. BigBlue
    3:19 pm February 6, 2013 Permalink

    Thanks 49…this really puts it in perspective.
    Everyone quit complaining, if this class is top 30 then Stoops has done better recruiting in a few months than we have had the past 10 years..give him time! He will close the gap in the SEC!

    2012: #62
    2011: #61
    2010: #50
    2009: #41
    2008: #57
    2007: #54
    2006: #36
    2005: #67
    2004: #52
    2003: #63
    2002: #94

  52. Joe Bob
    4:05 pm February 6, 2013 Permalink

    51. That’s all well and good, except almost all of the recruiting services put UK in the forties. Only Rivals has Kentucky higher.

  53. cats
    4:17 pm February 6, 2013 Permalink

    I’ve watched Hatcher all year long, and he is a punk, with a bad attitude and a bad work ethic but lots of talent

  54. Michael
    5:00 pm February 6, 2013 Permalink

    Chicago Chris, we made bowl games because there are 35 of them.

  55. portland,westLouisvilleKY
    5:20 pm February 6, 2013 Permalink

    future is bright for KY football, choosing KY over alabama and southern cal, who would have ever thought a kid would choose KY over those two, barnhart definiatly hired the right guy for the job, up to this point

  56. BigBlue
    5:27 pm February 6, 2013 Permalink

    52)The class is in the 30’s. Call Joker back, man what were we thinking!!!