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Enes Kanter: Where We Are as of Now


For those of you who have been hitting refresh and looking for info, here is where we are in a nutshell:

— Obviously no decision has been reached as of yet. I have spoken with someone who did however confirm to me that the Enes Kanter Appeal was heard on Wednesday Thus speculation that it might have been later was incorrect…the Appeal was heard when Vitale/Decourcy claimed.

— The talk of there being a 48 hour deadline for the NCAA is false. The NCAA usually gives a decision in 48 hours and UK sent out a statement to Brett Dawson that they expected a decision within 48 hours, but it is not (as some have claimed) a requirement. So it can take as long as they want.

— Contrary to what you would believe if you followed the Courier Journal sports tweets or read ESPN’s Eamonn Brennan, Enes Kanter does not have a Twitter account. So any writing from him suggesting that bad news was coming today was false and someone is having a good laugh (as they should) fooling the mainstream media.

— Gregg Doyel of CBS Sports has spoken with a very good source (I do know the source and it is…well very good) who says that they do not expect a decision from the NCAA Today. Now NO ONE except the head of the NCAA Appeals Board knows FOR SURE, but I can generally guarantee that there isnt another person who has a source on this better than Gregg, unless they are sitting in the head of the NCAA Appeals Board’s Office.

— Gregg says his source is pessimistic about UK’s chances of success on the appeal. This has been the general vibe I have gotten as well and again, Gregg’s source is the best I know on this issue in terms of “reading the tea leaves.” But again, even Gregg’s source doesnt know for sure, so nothing is certain.

— As far as a guess or prediction, I have none. All I have is one source around the University who told me this morning, “the longer it goes, the better I feel.” And I resisted giving a “thats what she said” in return.

— We can generally assume that if no decision is released by 6 pm, there will be no decision until at least Monday. So keep hitting refresh for the next three hours, but then go have fun with your families and/or significant others.

We will let you know what else we hear, if we hear anything.

Article written by Matt Jones