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End of a Crazy Friday Notes


Its been kind of a nutty day today, starting very early this morning and really only finishing in the last hour or so. Lots went on, some of which it will be good to forget. But we can do a quick recap and get the weekend (at least for me) started off correctly:

— The most important news of the day on the basketball end is that Eloy Vargas is now eligible and ready to go after finishing his summer classes and getting the necessary grades and credits. There had been some speculation on message boards that there was an issue, but I never heard that from the UK end and now he is fully ready to play and help the depth on the post for UK. Vargas is a little bit of a mystery and is scheduled to arrive on campus tomorrow. Lets hope he becomes a player who can contribute this year.

— If you were around the site or show today, you know about the issues with the Lexington Herald Leader. I posted earlier about their decision not to allow their writers to come on KSR programming and before I did that, I called the paper’s editor, Peter Baniak, to ask him for a comment. He contacted me after the piece went up and the official Herald Leader statement is this:

At this time, the Herald-Leader is choosing not to provide free content, including the expertise of its reporters, to Kentucky Sports Radio, which, as you know, has throughout the past two years, repeatedly chosen to use copyrighted Herald-Leader photographs without permission — and despite repeated requests from the Herald-Leader to cease this practice.

Needless to say, I disagree with this statement. There was a time last year when the issue of the use of photographs became a point of discussion between the Herald Leader and KSR. I met several times with Peter and our conversations were cordial and productive. He seemed to understand our issue and I noted that while I had a legal right to hyperlink pictures, in the spirit of avoiding conflict, if a picture from the Herald ever ended up on KSR, we would take it down. Over the course of the last year, that has happened 3-4 times, Peter has always contacted me and we have removed it soon after. The last time was about 2 weeks ago on a BTI post. Peter contacted me, I removed it…he thanked me and we moved on. It was cordial and there was no hint of a problem. There hasnt been a conflict since then and we have had relationships with the Herald Leader writers since those meetings. I thus find it hard to believe that this latest decision would come from that issue. I have my guess as to why there has been a sudden change (because all that has changed in the last two months has been the criticism of one particular writer from the HL), but I am scheduled to meet with Peter early next week and in the spirit of goodwill, I will refrain from any more comment until then. Contrary to what people think, I dont want a fight with the Herald Leader…I certainly like to give them a hard time, but a fight doesnt help us. In addition, I think it is GREAT publicity for the Herald to a new audience when its writers come onto our forums. We have an audience that is much larger and with different demographics than the Herald Leader online. I would think they could use that as a benefit, instead as a way for needless conflict. My hope is that will be able to restart our relationships with some HL writers after our meeting next week. If that isnt the case, then I will write more at that time.

— While at UK today for some interviews, I saw Darnell Dodson walking in the Craft Center. He seems to still be in school at the present time and thus has not left campus. What that means for his future on the basketball team past this season remains to be seen, but for now he is still at UK and around the campus.

— We have a new Tight End starter in Jordan Aumiller and there is still a battle at Center and Linebacker for the final nods. What is more important is that there seems to be a growing consensus on the UK media side of things that Kentucky is going to lay a smackdown on Louisville in a few days. I hope that ends up being the case, but I admit that I do wonder about it. Jeff Drummond said today on the show that he thinks UK will be able to run the ball at will on the Cards and that they will dominate on offense. I hope that is the case, but I still see a 4-7 point victory for UK.

— We now have our radio show totally ready on podcast. Below are the last three days of the show. You can get all of the RADIO SHOWS AT THIS LINK. They feature:

Wednesday: Mark Krebs and Tom Leach in studio….Oscar Combs on the phone….Krebs great impersonations

Thursday: Andy Katz on the phone and a lot of talk on the UK vs UL football game

Friday: Lots of basketball talk, Jeff Drummond of Kentucky Ink and some shenanigans at the end.

I am pretty proud of our first week so I hope you will check it out. We are taping the Episode 2 of the KSR Podcast tonight with the Turkey Hunter, Drew Franklin and Hubby. It will be available on Sunday. Tomorrow the great Beisner takes you through the day so make sure and stop by early and often….

Article written by Matt Jones