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Duke Lacrosse

A couple of you have recently asked me my thoughts on the whole Duke Lacrosse scandal. For the last few weeks, I have generally ignored the topic on this blog as I think it is a bit too serious just to joke around about. However that doesnt mean that I have been ignoring it. I find the entire situation very sad. I of course have no idea what happened that night, but it is clear that whatever happened, the end result has been very difficult for a number of people. If the woman in question was raped, she has the burden of that to deal with, along with the cameras and spotlight of the national media. The two guys that have been arrested should be prosecuted thoroughly if they have done it, but the evidence is shaky and at least one seems to have something resembling an alibi. And if they have been falsely accused, it truly is a travesty as their lives have forever been changed.

Ultimately however the legacy of this case will be on the spotlight it has shined on the problems in Durham, NC. Having gone to school there, it was always clear to me that huge racial tensions exist in the city. When you have a predominatly poor, black population and you inhabit a school with a number of rich, elite white students, many of whom have the worst of attitudes, trouble is bound to ensue. I hope that the school takes the opportunity of this case to address this issue. It truly is a shame that one of the best universities in America is located in a place where the majority of citizens have nothing but contempt for it. Hopefully over time that will change and the University will be better for it.

But I do wish nothing but problems for the Duke basketball team…..nothing will change that.

Article written by Matt Jones