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Duke fans accused of worst chant ever

I count at least eight.

The Cameron Crazies are catching a lot of heat this morning after horrible accusations from a handful of people who were at last night’s game against NC State.  According to a couple NC State reporters and fans at the game, members of the Duke student section chanted, “How’s your grandma?” to Wolfpack guard Tyler Lewis.  Lewis lost his grandmother last Saturday and the two were very close.

Now people are saying the crowd was chanting, “Past your bedtime!” because Lewis looks like a little kid.  I’ve watched this video numerous times and I hear both:

And there’s this comment from a Duke fan blog:

Joseph Henry:

I’m honestly ashamed to say I’m a duke student. I’m lost grad, and I was stunned to hear this Hurtful and wildly inappropriate chant. I was @ the game, I heard the chant. Amazing what will be spun as being “appropriate” after they royally screw up. I was at the game, section 19, row 3, and the crowd was not only chanting, but also spreading the word, to chant ‘how’s your grandmother’. Not 1, 2 ,3, but 4 separate people specifically told me his grandmother died as the reason for the chant.

Classless students who are “mightier than thou” have ruined any good the CC wee did.

Duke fans can be the worst, but I still find it hard to believe that even they would stoop this low.  This would be the lowest of lows.

What do you think?

Article written by Drew Franklin

I can recite every line from Forrest Gump, blindfolded. Follow me on Twitter: @DrewFranklinKSR

104 Comments for Duke fans accused of worst chant ever

  1. mc
    10:34 am February 8, 2013 Permalink

    What does Michelle Picon think?

  2. Kev
    10:35 am February 8, 2013 Permalink

    Keep it classy

  3. UKFanLife
    10:35 am February 8, 2013 Permalink


  4. Culver
    10:36 am February 8, 2013 Permalink

    I think a royal ass-kicking is needed!

  5. Bobbum man
    10:38 am February 8, 2013 Permalink

    Bledsoe in the dunk contest this year…. Gonna get $hit right!

  6. Tyler Lewis' grandma
    10:39 am February 8, 2013 Permalink

    I’m doing fine up here in Heaven as you kids have to burn in that Hell hole of a place known as Cameron Indoor Stadium.

  7. BigBlue
    10:39 am February 8, 2013 Permalink

    Sounded like they alternated between the two chants

  8. UKBlue1!
    10:40 am February 8, 2013 Permalink

    They are the south’s NY Yankee fans. I was at tropicana field in 1998 NCAA tourney. They were chanting Christian _________ name. This was 6 years after the game. Several got nasty with us when the cats came back and won.

  9. I Say
    10:40 am February 8, 2013 Permalink

    Total sausagefest, and judging from the two in the front row im going to say its a Vienna sausagefest

  10. travyork
    10:40 am February 8, 2013 Permalink

    The “PLO” chants by Arizona States fans after his dad Malcolm Kerr was murdered by the PLO while President of the American University of Beirut was the worst chant that I remember.

  11. asdf
    10:43 am February 8, 2013 Permalink

    I hate Duke, but I want to be very fair about this. It sounds like there were two separate chants going on simultaneously. I definitely heard the word “grandma” once and “(something)your grandma?” another time. I also heard another chant, but I could not distinguish any of the words from it. There were clearly more people doing the “grandma” one than the other as it was the louder and clearer of the two.

  12. Mike Honcho
    10:43 am February 8, 2013 Permalink

    What do ya know, there is no mention of it on espn

  13. Larry linebeard
    10:43 am February 8, 2013 Permalink

    He shoulda gone Stephen Jackson on their arses

  14. Drew
    10:45 am February 8, 2013 Permalink

    Another reason to hate these self righteous s*** heads.

  15. truthaboutduke
    10:46 am February 8, 2013 Permalink

    You really find it hard to believe that Duke fans would stoop that low? Do you pay attention much?

  16. 2020
    10:48 am February 8, 2013 Permalink

    I’m googling “ACC fan code of conduct” and “Duke fan code of conduct” and nothing comes up. I surmise that the ACC and Duke endorses this type of behavior.

  17. Troy
    10:52 am February 8, 2013 Permalink

    What do I think? I think they’re douche bags which is on par with everyone I’ve ever met who graduated from there. Supremely arrogant douche bags.

  18. OregonCat
    10:53 am February 8, 2013 Permalink

    Drew, you count at least 8 what?

  19. Blue4ever
    10:53 am February 8, 2013 Permalink

    Bunch of Ivy League rejects.

  20. 2020
    10:55 am February 8, 2013 Permalink

    From Duke’s website…

    “Athletics also plays an important role in creating a sense of community in the University.” If by “community” they mean “community of hatred and bigotry”, then yes, I think they are a success.

  21. 3 fan
    10:56 am February 8, 2013 Permalink

    Coach K should ban students for a game

  22. Duke Sucks
    10:58 am February 8, 2013 Permalink

    Duke also once chanted orphan to a player after his last parent died. They are awful and should be called out for this kind of crap.

  23. HawkeyeTim
    10:59 am February 8, 2013 Permalink

    I heard “how’s your grandma?” Maybe because i was listening for it. I think college student did to be immature and use poor judgment. This would be no exception. I think Duke AD should address this issue, publicly apologize, and find a way to punish the students attending.

    After seeing the racist party last week, nothing from Duke surprises me.

  24. That'sANewLow
    11:01 am February 8, 2013 Permalink

    Oops, not USA Today, it was a link on MSN

  25. kadizkat
    11:02 am February 8, 2013 Permalink

    No one cares what I think, but, after the Duke student posted his remarks you have to believe it happened (unless he’s a UNC troll). This just confirms my feelings that they are all a bunch of classless rich kids who know nothing about life. It is all about them and whatever they do is wonderful (in their mind). I am going to wait for ESPN and Pete T to investigate before I say anymore.

  26. Jack
    11:02 am February 8, 2013 Permalink

    Excuse me but.

  27. Skip
    11:02 am February 8, 2013 Permalink

    Really? No coverage of Shabazz being pouty after his team won but he wasn’t given the ball to take the last shot?

  28. Vitamin
    11:03 am February 8, 2013 Permalink

    18- I would assume Asians.

  29. NoJortsNoProblm
    11:03 am February 8, 2013 Permalink

    The AD must issue an apology at the very least. Must like the “gay” chants years ago UK did against Matt Walsh of Florida. The “gay” chants were VERY stupid and disgraceful – especially since Walsh was not gay, and was dating a Playboy model. I chalk this up to many UK student/fans being stupid, sheltered rednecks.

    However, the Duke chant is heartless in every way and even worse than the UK chant. I really hope the media does not sweep this under the rug.

    Twitter Machine: @NoJortsNoProblm

  30. dude
    11:03 am February 8, 2013 Permalink

    drew, i counted at least 10. one can only assume there are many more whose faces are hidden.

  31. Dirty Water
    11:04 am February 8, 2013 Permalink

    I absolutely believe that they were chanting despicable things. Duke fans believe they are untouchable and can do no wrong. There just like the rich d-bags who talk sh*t and then you give them a beating and they say something along the lines of, “my daddy is a lawyer and I’m goin to sue you for everything you own!” They’re disgusting ppl and last night’s game truly showcases the type of individuals who attend that university.

  32. Chad
    11:06 am February 8, 2013 Permalink

    New England Patriots fan did someone similar to Torrey Smith and his brother in the playoffs this year. Not sure how these people could sleep at night. My guess is with massive amounts of Vodka.

  33. dookie supreme
    11:06 am February 8, 2013 Permalink

    bbn don’t you know it’s blaphemous to make disparaging remarks about anything dook related

  34. Jack
    11:07 am February 8, 2013 Permalink

    Excuse me but doesn’t Duke have a Coach, an AD and a PA. System? Seems to me, that with something this far out of line, they would have done something– as many others have. Of course, Coach K looks like a little weasely snot that would be right up in there with them.

  35. Honky Kong
    11:09 am February 8, 2013 Permalink

    8 white people ? Where’s Waldo ?

  36. skyfall
    11:13 am February 8, 2013 Permalink

    Who was the Maryland guard the Dookies harrassed in the late 90s by calling him crack baby in reference to his down and out mother?

  37. NoJortsNoProblm
    11:15 am February 8, 2013 Permalink

    Juan Dixon


  38. Bob Loblaw
    11:15 am February 8, 2013 Permalink

    I hate the chants anyway. UK students were doing chants at the south carolina game and no one in the arena had an idea of what they were chanting.

  39. Felipe
    11:17 am February 8, 2013 Permalink

    Funny how people on press row (who are literally amongst the Crazies) never once heard the “grandma” chant but did hear the “past your bedtime” chant. Also a little ironic that, if indeed that is what was said (which I only hear the bedtime one) that the NC State fans are so upset about it. Weren’t they (NC State) the same fans who chanted to Chris Paul “I killed your grandpa”?

  40. dave
    11:20 am February 8, 2013 Permalink

    heard “past your bedtime” for 1st FT and “hows your grandma” for 2nd FT.
    counted 9, maybe 10.

  41. lexslamman
    11:26 am February 8, 2013 Permalink

    #10 – the PLO didn’t kill Malcolm Kerr. The Phalange did.

  42. Jeremy
    11:27 am February 8, 2013 Permalink

    My cousin goes to DUKE at was at the game. He said they were chanting about his grandma. He said it was pretty sad. If ESPN doesn’t come out and blast them for it like they would anyone else then I am thru with ESPN. You remember how much sh*t ESPN gave UK last year when our players would just flex or do three goggles, or how many times they try to spin something one UK fan will do into labeling the whole fan base that way! Pretty pathetic duke.

  43. Vitamin
    11:27 am February 8, 2013 Permalink

    Next time we play them we should chant “you’re all Asian”

  44. Chicago Chris
    11:33 am February 8, 2013 Permalink

    Clearly they are evil. Clearly.

  45. KyNetCutter
    11:34 am February 8, 2013 Permalink

    I counted 12…Indians are technically Asian.

  46. Ron Burgundy
    11:37 am February 8, 2013 Permalink

    Wow. Keep it classy, Duke.

  47. KYGuy
    11:37 am February 8, 2013 Permalink

    THe crazies are always nuts, but even for them this crosses a line of morality-
    Enjoy your trip to HELL you despicable excuses of human feces!

  48. Coach Cal says
    11:55 am February 8, 2013 Permalink

    SO i just want to point out at the TN game at home in Bruce Pearl’s last year, the students at UK started a “Bruce you cheated” chant, and it wasn’t that inappropriate, because he did, but Coach cal turned around at the students and gave a cut it out gesture and everyone immediately stopped after only 2 rounds of “Bruce you cheated.”

    Point being Coach Cal even controls the students sometimes when he thinks they are too rowdy. and Duke sucks!

  49. I Say
    11:59 am February 8, 2013 Permalink

    39 I think that was just you Bob who didnt understand the chants, they were chanting “daisy dukes” and “you wear short shorts”

  50. pohlcat1
    12:02 pm February 8, 2013 Permalink

    Like I’ve always said….the only people that are duke fans are students, alumni and a**holes!

  51. Kidnut
    12:04 pm February 8, 2013 Permalink

    Probably not cool to make an implied count of Asian Duke students especially in light of the recent events where a Duke Frat threw a pretty racist party.

  52. sam
    12:10 pm February 8, 2013 Permalink

    its definitely hows’ your grandma. Wow how low down is that

  53. Sam
    12:16 pm February 8, 2013 Permalink

    I was at last night’s game in the grad school student section, and while I heard both “past your bedtime” (which, if you say aloud, sounds eerily close to the accused chant) and “Bilbo Baggins”, I did not hear “How’s your grandma”. Maybe I missed it, and it would be unbelievably inappropriate if true, but I’m going with the glass half full outlook in that the two chants just sounds really close to one another.

  54. Blueswade
    12:17 pm February 8, 2013 Permalink

    This is why duke sucks !

  55. Big Blue B-Rad
    12:25 pm February 8, 2013 Permalink

    What happened with a Duke frat party? I don’t think I heard about that.

    Oh, and by the way, if this happened at UK, ESPN would be all over it!

  56. M. Wilson
    12:29 pm February 8, 2013 Permalink

    Several years ago when Steve Kerr was playing at Arizona, fans of a team they were playing against chanted “PLO, PLO!” Kerr’s father was an ambassador over in the middle east & had been murdered by terrorists. That’s the worst I’ve ever heard but this is a close second

  57. Tyler Lewis' Punchout for SNES
    12:30 pm February 8, 2013 Permalink

    I wouldn’t have blamed him for one second if he dove into the student section and started throwing haymakers at those little twats. Absolutely disgusting and uncalled for.

  58. Felipe
    12:35 pm February 8, 2013 Permalink

    For the record, Coach K has been known to yell at the Crazies if they get out of line. He even stopped a game once (many years ago) and told them to stop with their “you suck,(pause)Dick” chant that was directed at a ref named Richard. (Which is actually kind of funny). He has also been known to yell at them for other little things. So you’re trying to say that you think if this really happened, he wouldn’t have stopped it? He’s stopped them before, so why would he not stop it this time? It’s not what was said.

  59. Big Blue B-Rad
    12:38 pm February 8, 2013 Permalink

    Felipe. I used to think Coach K was a very classy guy. But IMO, he has gotten progressively worse over the past few years. He has become the symbol for Duke’s arrogance. So it doesn’t surprise me that he didn’t stop it. He’s come to know Duke is untouchable in the national media.

  60. Raazoul
    12:42 pm February 8, 2013 Permalink

    Surprised people? Duke is full of nothing but pu$$ies. That’s why the chant so well, what else can they do? If you throw a basketball into that student section, they will all collectively turn and stick their hands out and scream. I’m punching the next Duke fan I see…

  61. AlexnotsoGr8
    12:43 pm February 8, 2013 Permalink

    This would never happen at Rupp Arena because blue hairs aren’t into the game! We sleep at Rupp and occasionally wear orange to games.

  62. Felipe
    12:44 pm February 8, 2013 Permalink

    And #56, it’s not all over ESPN because it isn’t a truthful news story! It is based merely on speculation and rumors that were started by jilted NC State fans!

  63. Ah well
    12:47 pm February 8, 2013 Permalink

    (Shoulder Shrug) Eh? It’s Duke. It sorta comes with the territory. Moving along now… (Walks away while sadly shaking head at the failed humanity of trust fund elite)

  64. No love
    12:50 pm February 8, 2013 Permalink

    No class duke ! That’s low down and dirty. Acc grow some balls and handle duke .

  65. [email protected]
    12:57 pm February 8, 2013 Permalink

    wait, didn’t a Duke fan write a letter after the Miami game about how classless the Miami fans were to her? Oh the irony.

  66. [email protected]
    12:59 pm February 8, 2013 Permalink

    63 “speculation and rumors” and “isn’t truthful”…uh do your ears work? Did you not watch the video hear them chanting? You, mr. troll, are in serious denial. Pathetic.

  67. rich
    12:59 pm February 8, 2013 Permalink

    MIGHT get an apology from Duke to make things all better again and then have to listen to what a great atmosphere Cambron Indoor is until another ignorant chant or cheer is displayed. Then the cycle continues again.

  68. Big Blue B-Rad
    1:02 pm February 8, 2013 Permalink

    63) I would urge you to please listen to the chant. If you hear, “past your bedtime,” get your hearing checked please.

  69. Big Blue B-Rad
    1:03 pm February 8, 2013 Permalink

    67) couldn’t have said it better myself.

  70. Felipe
    1:09 pm February 8, 2013 Permalink

    #67 and #70, yes I did hear the video and I heard “past your bedtime” like everyone else on press row heard. I was actually watching them game and didn’t hear it then either. You only hear what you wanted to hear. Your disdain for Duke might be affecting your hearing sir.

  71. Drew Sucks
    1:13 pm February 8, 2013 Permalink

    Kinda ironic to talk about how one fan base sucks while Drew makes weird irrelevant racist comments.

  72. [email protected]
    1:13 pm February 8, 2013 Permalink

    71 you and press row can just stay in your blue devil bubble, while the rest of the country shakes their heads at how idiotic your fan base acted. At least his dad took it well…”It was mostly ‘Past your bedtime,’ but there was an instant when a brief number of students chanted about Tyler’s grandmother,” Rick Lewis, Tyler’s father told the News-Observer on Friday. “It wasn’t the entire student section, I think a few tried to outdo themselves.”

  73. Tim
    1:17 pm February 8, 2013 Permalink

    Has everyone forgotten those brilliant UK students chant “Walsh is gay”?

  74. BBP
    1:18 pm February 8, 2013 Permalink

    72. Agreed

  75. kingrex
    1:19 pm February 8, 2013 Permalink

    Every single person I have met who has anything to do with Duke has been a horrible human being. The arrogance is palpable. Their own state hates them and wants nothing to do with the school, if that gives you any idea.

  76. And...
    1:31 pm February 8, 2013 Permalink

    74 what’s wrong with calling a dude happy, I’m sure that’s the definition of “gay” that they were going for.

  77. LionGeneral
    1:32 pm February 8, 2013 Permalink

    Drew’s predictably infantile. “I count at least eight.” Wholly unnecessary, but not surprising. Frankly, he’s little better than the insensitive Duke students he purportedly finds so repugnant. With a higher SAT, he may very well have fit right in at Cameron Indoor . . .

  78. Truebluedrew
    1:38 pm February 8, 2013 Permalink

    As a true Kentucky fan, I hate Duke with everything that is inside of me. Strangely however, there are several Duke players that I have gone on to respect once they took off the Duke Jersey (Grant Hill, Carlos Boozer, JJ Reddick) and even though he is the face of the program, AS A COACH, I respect the crap out of Coach K. However, this type of news does not really surprise me because Duke fans have always had this “we’re better than you” attitude. Maybe that’s just the “swagger” of a good student section. But, I think we can all agree that this chant (and I did hear grandma every time I listened to it) was WAY below the belt and lacks class. There isn’t much that anyone can do about it, but it should be addressed by Coach K and other administration at the University.

  79. Mooseknuckle
    1:40 pm February 8, 2013 Permalink

    If you all have forgotten we chanted “How’s Hector?” after Fransico Garcia’s brother was murdered.

  80. BCO
    1:48 pm February 8, 2013 Permalink

    72 – racist toward whom? White people? How is saying someone does well in school an insult?

  81. yepyep
    1:52 pm February 8, 2013 Permalink

    Well…….drew was spawned from the loins of matt……who is a dookie……so there you have it

  82. Bubba Earl
    1:59 pm February 8, 2013 Permalink

    This past week they had a “Racial Rager” against Asian
    students and now this incident. Oh the sounds of Kent State of the past, maybe we will hear Four dead in

  83. Drew Sucks
    2:12 pm February 8, 2013 Permalink

    81 – You’re being as ignorant as Drew’s statement. If you think Drew’s comment is solely a statement on how smart Asians are, I think you are deluding yourself. But even if it were true, racism doesn’t necessarily imply an insult. Racism implies ignorant stereotyping/profiling of a race. I’m not trying to be the PC police, just thought I’d point out that every fan base has bad apples. Don’t worry, I still hate Duke.

  84. Matt Jones went to Duke
    2:19 pm February 8, 2013 Permalink

    I’m glad all of the experts on Duke have decided to provide their analysis in the message section. It’s very clear from all of the generalizations, stereotyping and pure hatred being spewed that the haters have never set foot on Duke’s campus, never seen a game in Cameron, and in general don’t have enough information to know what the heck they’re talking about. I’m sure there are lots of Duke fans that are a-holes, but ask the residents of Nashville how classy some of the Kentucky fans were at the Music City Bowl games and SEC tournament. Most fans were just fine, but like any fan base, there are some real d___s that give Kentucky fans a bad name.
    If some of the students really chanted, “How’s your Grandma?” At the game, they should be rounded up, beaten and banned from Cameron for life. I agree with Felipe that it likely wasn’t said or Coach K would have stopped the game and handled it.

  85. CanYouHear
    2:26 pm February 8, 2013 Permalink

    85 you can agree with Felipe all you want but the rest of us can actually hear and we don’t need to go by Felipe’s opinion. We heard it, many others have heard it, and this isn’t the only site talking about it.

  86. NoYouSuck
    2:28 pm February 8, 2013 Permalink

    84 and the others crying that Drew is racist – Drew was making a joke referring to the “racist rager” party a Duke fraternity threw last week. So he was actually making fun of the white racists at Duke, not being racist towards Asians. Good grief you people are dumb.

  87. Jim Scott
    2:32 pm February 8, 2013 Permalink

    There are 2 issues here:
    1) Because someone tweets something doesn’t mean it’s true. And the instant, unsubstantiated swirl goes viral and the masses confuse the written word with the truth.
    2) People are predisposed to hearing what they are told to hear and what they want to hear. If you want to believe Duke fans are horible, and someone tells you they chanted “grandma”, then you will hear it.

    This allegation is dispicable and inconceivable. The “Mainstream” press in attendance would love to publish this scoop, but they aren’t. It did not happen. The words “past your bedtime” were written on a small whiteboard and instantly chanted by the fans. Don’t shame yourselve by joingin the frenzied, uninformed mob.

  88. WhateverJimmy
    2:42 pm February 8, 2013 Permalink

    88 I’ll choose to believe what I hear AND what Lewis’ dad says. His dad said some of them were chanting it, and he didn’t say it all bitter. He said they mostly chanted ‘past your bedtime’ but a brief number of students tried to outdo themselves by chanting about his grandmother. If he were lying and trying to make Duke look bad, he would’ve confirmed they were chanting it, without saying it was mostly past your bedtime and it was just a few students. I think it was just a few and it isn’t representative of the entire fan base, but obviously there is a small portion that is scum.

  89. NoYouSuckMore
    2:53 pm February 8, 2013 Permalink

    87 – I’m as open as anybody else is to making racism being the butt of jokes. However, without making a clear reference to the “racial rager” story (which I hadn’t even heard about), I’m sure you can understand how easy it would be for that joke to go over peoples’ heads. It would have been a perfect time to mention that story as well to highlight Duke’s suckiness.

  90. MaybeIDoSuckMoreOhWell
    3:00 pm February 8, 2013 Permalink

    90 I suppose I shouldn’t have called you dumb. I apologize. It just gets tiring reading comments with people screaming about racism when most of the time they are blowing things out of proportion and jumping to the wrong conclusion.

  91. UK22
    3:04 pm February 8, 2013 Permalink

    That’s just sad. D-Bags at their best.

  92. whoitis
    3:06 pm February 8, 2013 Permalink

    I hear “past your bed time” and I hate Duke.

  93. DesignatedDrinker
    3:14 pm February 8, 2013 Permalink

    I only count 8 chics in that picture…. And Matt Walsh will always be gay, no amount of pounding vag will change that.

  94. bluristhurr
    3:18 pm February 8, 2013 Permalink

    Boohoo Kentucky get off your high horse.

  95. KingsOfTheCourt
    3:31 pm February 8, 2013 Permalink

    95 – hate to tell you but we are the kings of the court…we will stay on our high horse so we can laugh at you peasants below.

  96. Wow
    3:40 pm February 8, 2013 Permalink

    Someone needs to be expelled.

  97. Lmao
    6:06 pm February 8, 2013 Permalink

    For the “bunch of Ivy League rejects comment” you did realize Duke is the 3-4th hardest school to get into, ahead of most of the “mighty” Ivy League schools.
    Know some facts before you make yourself look like an idiot.

  98. Ryan
    6:45 pm February 8, 2013 Permalink

    Ive been a loyal Duke fan for years. It sucks if this is true, and judging by all accounts from people who were there, there was a small group chanting it. Those people are the ones that are awful people. But at the same time this has nothing to do with the basketball team. You cant judge a team or an entire national fanbase off of 10 or 15 kids. That would be like judging Big Blue Nation because Rupp Arena can be silent during games…anybody thats ever been around knows that they have an extremely loyal fan base. But as strong of an institution as Duke is, I can see them singling out the group of students doing this and seeing that they are removed from future games, if not the university. They are on an EXTREME PR campaign since the rape that wasnt a rape and the racist rager.

  99. adolph oliver bush
    6:49 pm February 8, 2013 Permalink

    Funny thing is that on Duke boards its nothing but “of all people we wouldn’t do that”, “never happened, non-story”, “because we’re Duke we always get doubted”…., rivals board. Hilariously typical that they deny it, sweep it under the rug, or blame the media for hating them, because of all people they wouldn’t do it. They’re better than everyone else

    To be fair, there were a few of them that admitted it happened, and were appalled. Diamonds in the rough

  100. Ryan
    7:58 pm February 8, 2013 Permalink

    Theres seriously got to be some kind of change in college basketball decorum. It’s gone from Maryland chanting about raping JJ Redick’s sister, to this, to student sections chanting bullshit at every hand check called against their team. Seriously if you were a parent of a small child would you want them to go to a game with you to be subjected to that?

  101. Troy
    8:17 pm February 8, 2013 Permalink

    Just a bunch of hateful liberal douche bags which I understand is redundant.

  102. You Can Call Me Cal
    11:27 pm February 8, 2013 Permalink

    Weak tagline comment drew. don’t be that guy. It was a racist comment, and not the first one he has made about asians and duke. be better than that. cut ties with your hillbilly roots in that sense drew.

  103. maddogmitchell55
    1:57 am February 9, 2013 Permalink

    98. You might be right, but there were a whole lot of douchebags in that Duke crowd saying the grandma chant. It can be heard plain as day. Perhaps it was the Duke students who weren’t good enough to make into an Ivy League school.

    103. Your comment is as bad as any other negative comment on this board. Implying that because someone has hillbilly roots means they are racist is stupid and idiotic. I’m a hillbilly and not a racist. I know, you probably gasped and fell backwards out of your chair, but, believe it or not, people can be rednecks and hillbillies without being racist.