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Draft Express sees Archie Goodwin falling all the way to the Lakers

archie-glasses updated its mock draft late Wednesday evening and the projections have Archie going even deeper in the second round. The website currently projects Goodwin to go 18th in the second round (48th overall) to the Los Angeles Lakers. It’s not the ideal spot to go in the draft, but it’s the ideal destination.

What 18-year-old wouldn’t want to play with Kobe Bryant?

Article written by Drew Franklin

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23 Comments for Draft Express sees Archie Goodwin falling all the way to the Lakers

  1. tyrus
    10:37 am June 27, 2013 Permalink

    Honestly his drop in the draft is no surprise. He’s a few years away from being a steady contributor on the pro level which means being on any team’s active roster his first year is a long shot. Development League is more the path I think he’ll be on. Just my opinion.

  2. PhilUK18
    10:52 am June 27, 2013 Permalink

    He’ll play in the D League for a few years would be my guess. Not sure he’ll even get to meet Kobe

  3. We Hang Banners
    11:16 am June 27, 2013 Permalink

    If he knew Kyle was leaving does he stay???

  4. yeah right
    11:18 am June 27, 2013 Permalink

    3- NO, no way he was worried about kyle taking any of his PT

  5. lonnieb
    11:19 am June 27, 2013 Permalink

    Yes 3…he was worried cal was gonna slide wiltjer over to 2 guard

  6. Nate Trump
    11:24 am June 27, 2013 Permalink

    Wouldn’t Archie have made a nice 3-year collegiate player? I guess he takes all the blame for this bad decision…just wish he could have seen the bigger picture, and a brighter future.

  7. tom5673
    11:25 am June 27, 2013 Permalink

    i wish archie the best, but there is a very good chance that he never makes an nba roster. that might not be a bad thing for the good of the program. the notion that because cal recruited you and you played at kentucky doesn’t mean you are ready to leave early (e.g. – teague, lamb, jones, orton).

  8. the Big Dog
    11:56 am June 27, 2013 Permalink

    Has Archie signed with an agent? I don’t think he would return at this point even if he could. Also not sure if Cal would want him back. I wish Archie the best, but I would worry about team chemistry if he were to return.

  9. Bradsd
    12:11 pm June 27, 2013 Permalink

    He should thank his lucky stars if a team decides to pay him for a year of sitting on the bench. He made a huge mistake by leaving to early, if he had played for 4 years at UK I am still not sure he would have been a NBA caliber player.

  10. Boogie
    12:19 pm June 27, 2013 Permalink

    Archie Goodwin would have been a top 10 pick in a future draft. But he decided to take the very long and hard route by going mid second round. Some kids just have to learn the hard way.

  11. Duck Fuke
    12:19 pm June 27, 2013 Permalink

    Well it’s not the most ideal spot. Unlike Lebron, Kobe does not make his teammates better, in fact he can be a negative influence. It’s a good situation only for the fact he will be able to fly under the radar and work on his game.

  12. cristoforouk
    12:50 pm June 27, 2013 Permalink

    I don’t know if Archie will ever play with Kobe even if the Lakers draft him.

  13. UKBlue
    12:51 pm June 27, 2013 Permalink

    The Lakers already have enough problems without adding an 18 year problem that can’t play named Archie. If he goes to the Lakers, he will never get out of the D League, especially when Lebron eventually lands with the Lake show.

  14. RC
    1:04 pm June 27, 2013 Permalink

    The only way Archie Goodwin hears his name called tonight is when the hostess at Denny’s tells him his table is ready.

  15. BravoBigBlue
    1:06 pm June 27, 2013 Permalink

    What is it with all these basketball players and their fake glasses? In most cases (including Archie), it doesn’t make them appear any smarter. Quite the opposite actually.

  16. DenimJerseys
    1:29 pm June 27, 2013 Permalink

    Jesus Christ, I hate our fans. Have you all forgot that this kid wore the blue and white last year and busted his tail? Most games he had the desire to win and played his heart out, he just wasn’t skilled enough to completely take over a game. Where is everyone getting that he is an 18 year old problem? Disciplone problem? Basketball problem? I agree the kid shouldn’t have left early, but I will surely be rooting for him to succeed and wish him all the best.

  17. theSkinny81
    1:54 pm June 27, 2013 Permalink

    16 – I agree 110%. My guess is that the Archie ‘detractors’ are more than likely impostor fans (DerpVille idiots), or the fair-weather, bandwagon type.

  18. AmazzzingLarry
    1:54 pm June 27, 2013 Permalink

    I hope Archie doesn’t go to the Lakers. That would mean that the backup SG spot would come down to him or Jodie Meeks, with he other likely sent to the D-League

  19. theSkinny81
    1:59 pm June 27, 2013 Permalink

    18 – Meeks has earned a spot in the NBA. He won’t be going to the D-League.

    That being said, Earl freakin’ Clark has a spot on the Lakers – there’s hope for Archie.

  20. RC
    2:19 pm June 27, 2013 Permalink

    #16- it’s about basketball. I’m a Kentucky fan and a basketball fan. Just because you play at UK doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed to be a star in the NBA. I think Noel as the #1 pick is a mistake. These are basketball opinions.

    I watch a lot of NBA basketball and enjoy following our alumni in The Association. But some of them can play and some of them really can’t. Archie Goodwin isn’t an NBA player. Period.

  21. KG
    3:13 pm June 27, 2013 Permalink

    I’m crossing my first round fingers crossed for ya Archie. Good Luck Tonight.

  22. Syrin
    3:49 pm June 27, 2013 Permalink


    What in the HELL are you talking about ?!?!?! NO ONE wants to play with Kobe. he’s an ASS BAG !! He’s ran off Shaq, he’s running off Dwight and Nash. He’s punched and verbally abused team mates. He’s a HORRIBLE team mate.

  23. Kevin C.
    4:34 pm June 27, 2013 Permalink