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Don Knotts’ Monday News and Views


There were a lot of different ways we could go today with the top slot….we could have given yet another salute to the Shark, since it is likely we will never see him in the position he was in today again. We could have given birthday salutes to Jon Lovitz (The Critic is great …I earlier wrote Dr. Katz, which I also like but of course was Jonathan Katz), Robin Williams (who I think is VASTLY overrated) or even Ken Starr (a fellow Duke Law alum). But instead, we will give the birthday shout out to the great Don Knotts. If you grew up in the South, then chances are you consider the Andy Griffith Show to be one of your top 5 shows of all time. And if that is the case, it is largely due to the great Barney Fife character. Second only to Homer Simpson in a recent listing of greatest tv characters of all time, Don Knotts’ “Barney” made the show, and it was never the same after it went color, he left town and we got more “Howard” than was ever necessary. Don Knotts as Barney was as good as it could get and if I am ever in need of a good laugh, I just think of the countless episodes that he completely mastered. He went on to do “Threes Company” and some know him for that “Ghost and Mr Chicken” movie that plays on TBS all the time, but for me its Barney Fife….the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be.

A few news tidbits……..

(1): The buzz on Sunday night was the speculation on another site that Kentucky may have another 2008 commitment, potentially as early as this week. If this news is true (and I have no reason to believe it isnt), then it is Brad Reese, the young man from the Florida Community College that we spoke about a couple of weeks here and who a couple of people have told me may have already committed to UK privately. Reese is a wing player who can put the ball in the basket and is said to have a great deal of skill. Very little (if anything) is known about the kid beyond that and my assumption is that almost no one outside of the coaching staff has ever seen him play. If he indeed is announced as a new UK player soon (and gets deemed eligible), fans must trust that he truly is a “diamond in the rough” of the highest degree. My only worry….that having a guy named Reese, leads to far too many “Reese’s pieces” jokes by Herald Leader headline writers in the near future.

(2): Speaking of eligibility, DeAndre Liggins and Kevin Galloway were the topics of a question by the Kentucky Sports Report’s Larry Vaught to Alvin Brooks, the Director of Operations for UK basketball. According to Vaught, Smith said he expected both to qualify, which is good news for fans wondering about UK’s point guard situation for next season. Neither of these two is a true point guard, although Liggins may be close….but what matters is if they can initiate the offense….if that happens, and both men get qualified, UK’s chances next season look infinitely better.

(3): Also from Larry tonight was a quote from Chuck Smith, UK’s Linebackers Coach, who said at a UK conference in Ohio that he guaranteed a win over Louisville in football. Nice bulletin board material from the coach and a good show of confidence. Larry has a lot of good stuff over on Kentucky Sports Report about his conversation with Chuck and folks should check it out if you are a premium member. Smith is likely smarting a bit from the Zach Martin (UK’s top OL recruiting prospect) commitment to Notre Dame, so he came out a bit feisty. UPDATE: I have been told that SMith was in a much more joking manner than I first presented when the comments were made.

(4): It looks like I am going to have to find a bodyguard in Louisville to keep me away from attacking former UL football players. They must be in a perpetual bad mood as it is getting dangerous in these parts…..

Gillispie on the show tonight at 8 pm….dont miss it….we will have the link here on the site.

Until later…….

Article written by Matt Jones