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Doldrums commence

 This will be no easy task

This is it.

Summer, I guess, is officially here. With a deflated effort from the Lakers and a half-hearted Boston riot comes 2 months of speculation, baseball, and the heat. My God, the heat. Intern warned us. Perhaps we should’ve heeded the ol’ vet’s advice a bit more and realized that, man, summer’s boring. But, I kind of have a plan…sort of.

Beisner and I (he doesn’t know this yet) will be profiling the University of Kentucky football men, one by one. Perhaps, even, some of the more experienced contributors to this blog may take a player or two (they don’t know about this either…hey gang!). Either way, in the 70+ days leading up to the kick-off of the ’08 season, we will have a handy guide that will facilitate much bar chatter and provide you with enough Kyrus Lanxter information to impress the ladies (or gentlemen). Since UK Athletics has yet to compile a roster for the ’08 season, it will probably be easiest to do the freshman signees after the rest of the team, which we will do alphabetically.

This project was tentatively set to begin “never,” but with a renewed vigor derived from the void in my life created by a lack of Stephen A. Smith, I can announce with 100% certainty that we will begin this task: …in the future, sometime. I’m not entirely sure, I’m still waiting on a text from Beisner…


Still nothing…

OK, well, he must be “working” or something. In half-seriousness, though, I’ll say that we’ll start this tomorrow. By my count, there are like 12 million people on the roster, so we’ll have to do duplicates and perhaps some of the lesser-knowns on the weekend. Obviously, some players will elicit longer previews than others, but everyone will be represented. Hopefully, this will sufficiently provide a respite from the summer bore, as well as a source of information unparalleled and never before seen—in history.

Take that, Encarta.

Article written by Evan Hilbert