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“Do You Even Want Them Back?”



When Harrow, Poythress, Goodwin, and Cauley-Stein all alluded to coming back next year, this question was posed to me by Tara Bilby- and I’m sure many of y’all were thinking along the same lines. “They didn’t try.” “They were uncoachable.” “Make room for next year’s team.” Et cetera, et cetera. Yet despite all the heartache BBN endured this season, if those four players were to ask to come back next year- yes, I’d take them back.


**Before we get any further, let’s all agree to understand that these players’ minds could change at any time over the next few weeks after they’ve had some time to get over last night’s loss and after their meetings with Calipari. This is a strictly hypothetical situation. Gucci? Gucci.**


Call me naive. Call me a glutton for punishment. Call me that girl who takes her boyfriend back repeatedly despite his constant screw-ups. But I’d still take these guys back for the 2013-2014 Revenge Tour- and here’s why.


Get Sh*t Right. I might still be a little spoiled from last season, but I don’t like the taste that 2012-2013 has left in my mouth so far- and I’m guessing the rest of our guys don’t either. As they joined Kentucky basketball, we knew the potential that each of these players had- I specifically remember Rashawn Franklin gushing over Alex Poythress during the McDonald’s All-American game last year- and they failed to live up to their (admittedly sky-high) hype. Next year, redemption will begin in practice as this year’s team goes from practicing against Jon Hood and Jarrod Polson (respect for you though, guys) to practicing against their competition for NBA lottery picks. So they didn’t live up to our expectations this year- let’s give them a chance for redemption and  in the everlasting words of Eric Bledsoe, “get sh*t right.”


That’s Logistics. We began this season with a solid six-man rotation, thinking that, like last year, it would be enough for us to work with in tight games and crammed seasons. We learned that unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Between Harrow’s absence, WCS’s knee, and Nerlens’ ACL, the Cats were hurting at a variety of positions this year. We’ve got six studs lined up for next year, and let’s assume that Wiltjer stays and Randle commits. I’ll gladly take a little extra security at each position after the injury bug we suffered this season. We saw how unhinged this team became when we lost Nerlens and his physical and emotional contributions- at the very least, having more bodies on the bench next year could make up for some of that lost impact.


For Their Own Good. Not one player last night said that they were ready to move on to the next level of basketball. Let’s take a look one more time:


Ryan Harrow:

“I just gotta get back to Kentucky and start working immediately.”

Alex Poythress:

“I’m not ready.”

Archie Goodwin:

“If any of us were saying we should leave, we’d all be delusional. None of us need to leave.”

Willie Cauley-Stein:

“I’m not ready for the real world yet. I am still a kid. I’m not in any hurry to leave.”


From the mouths of babes, they’re not ready to leave. Their basketball skills, maturity, and mindsets just aren’t developed enough. Calipari preaches a “players first” program, and as angry or disappointed as he and the rest of BBN may be, his players need another year of college basketball and coaching. Give them the education they need before we send them out of the Lexington bubble.


Experience: That Most Brutal of Teachers. After watching this crew visibly suffer all season (seriously, last night was comparable to a euthanization), I’ll admit that I’ve had qualms about these same problems (lack of chemistry, lack of heart, “uncoachable”-itis) affecting next year’s team. Once bitten, twice shy and all that. Who better to ensure that doesn’t happen than the guys who lived through it themselves? The 2012-2013 team rode in on the coattails of The Kentucky Coronation, expecting the national championship to be handed to them on a silver platter (and if not the national championship, at least the SEC tournament and a win over Robert Morris). A few mentors on the squad would help nip any uncoachable problems in the bud- problems that Calipari alluded to when he said “The stuff I accepted from this team, the program almost got hijacked.” The quotes from last night’s post-game presser were telling- no one believed they gave it their all or deserved to win that game, much less move on to the pros. With this brutal (BRUTAL) less under their belts, this year’s team would be well-equipped to mentor next year’s team.


“Sometimes the guys think they know more than the coach knows. That’s part of being young.” Ah, Uncle Julius in his infinite wisdom. This quote connects to my previous point because sometimes, these young kids won’t listen to their elders- but they’ll listen to their peers who give them the “been there, done that” schpiel. With the harsh lessons they’ve learned this year and with how candid Calipari has been following last night’s loss, I can’t imagine that these guys would return for a second season and NOT listen to what their coaches have to say.


But maybe more importantly- and something BBN has a habit of forgetting about their basketball idols- these guys are kids. They are young. Hell, they’re all younger than me and I am a pseudo-child 23 year old who takes a Flintstones vitamin every day. They don’t deserve to be kicked to the curb just to make room for an incoming class that is as hyped as they were this time last year. At the end of the day, this is a college sport that we are lucky enough to watch as fans. Let’s give them a second chance to prove themselves- to improve themselves- and see what we can do in 2013-2014.


We’re going to burn down arenas all the way to Texas.



Article written by Kristen Geil

126 Comments for “Do You Even Want Them Back?”

    11:32 am March 20, 2013 Permalink

    John Calipari and Kentucky experienced an entirely different kind of “one-and-done” in the opening round of the NIT.

    A year after cutting down the nets in New Orleans, the defending national champions were cut down in their coach’s hometown by Robert Morris, who let a 13-point second-half lead disappear before pulling out a 59-57 victory.

    Oh how far – and how quickly – the mighty have fallen.

    “If there’s any doubters,” Calipari said, “have at it.”

    Kentucky’s ugly finish to a disappointing season gave the critics plenty of ammunition.

  2. El Pollo Loco
    11:36 am March 20, 2013 Permalink

    Of course we want them back. They’re only going to get better. They were freshmen for the most part, and experienced freshman growing pains.

    The same people who say they don’t want them back are also the ones who say you can’t win without some veteran experience. Well, how does that work if you don’t want players back after a disappointing Fr year? As much as we love Davis, MKG, Teague…that team doesn’t win without Jones & Lamb coming back or Darius Miller.

    So, come on back fellas…we’ll combine you with the unbelievable class coming in and dominate. Practices will be tough. When a couple of guys aren’t playing well, they can have a seat because we’ll have depth. It’s going to be fun.

    Now, stop posting loaded questions that are served up to the lunatics on a platter to give them a platform for their negativity.

  3. Julius Randle
    11:37 am March 20, 2013 Permalink

    I can’t wait for youkay and have every loss put on my back…. WAKE UP! You have recruiter as head coach!

  4. stig1115
    11:38 am March 20, 2013 Permalink

    Why are we writing articles like this? They’re freshmen. They need more time to develop and learn. Its ridiculous to even ask “do we want them back”. Of course we do…they’re UK players that are all very talented, but need more time to develop. Good Lord. What a terrible article and makes UK fans look like fools.

  5. RICK
    11:38 am March 20, 2013 Permalink

    2012 NTL CHMPS, 2012 NTL CHMPS, A LITTLE BREAK BETWEEN CHAMPIONSHIPS. Do you undersatnd #1, you are a sad person , your team is playing in the ncaa trnt, go and support them and if you cant do that maybe you need to give up on sports a while and try fishing. You are stupid and i am glad i dont have your problem. By the way I HATE LOUISVILLE. Well heck i quess i need to go fishing.

  6. evan from cali
    11:38 am March 20, 2013 Permalink

    Don’t get me wrong. I’d love to have the deepest team in the country if they all come back. But something has been bothering me about these guys with all the quotes about them not being a team. Just how do we expect them to act next year when a bunch of new kids come in and take their starting spots. Bit worried team chemistry will be impossible. In Cal We Trust.

  7. Musehobo
    11:39 am March 20, 2013 Permalink

    I think this makes sense.

    1. I would love to have Cauley-Stein, Noel, Wiltjer back for another year. I think they could seriously help us out next year and give us some depth, even if it’s from the bench.

    2. I would also be glad to get Poythress, Goodwin, and Harrow back. Don’t get me wrong. I HATED watching them play most of the year (Goodwin especially). Yes they may have been behind the eight-ball at adapting to the game/maturing. But I think, next year, if these guys started to show improvement (seriously, they played 1 year here), we could all learn to love them, and honestly, we owe them that. I mean, they are Freshman (well, not Harrow),but none of us thought they’d be back anyway. We thought they’d for sure be in the NBA. As long as there’s scholly room, I’d welcome them all back. But if scholly’s are short,h hmmm…different story.

  8. John Ellis
    11:39 am March 20, 2013 Permalink

    Let’s remember the NC team that were disasters as touted freshmen, then won the title. And remember this team did show what they could do beating Florida and MO.

  9. statman
    11:39 am March 20, 2013 Permalink

    “Do you even want them back?”

    Say whaaaaaaaaaat? This is the most stupid question ever posted on KSR. Ever. Sheesh!

  10. AylortheImpaler
    11:39 am March 20, 2013 Permalink

    Take them all back.

  11. Really bad "journalism"
    11:39 am March 20, 2013 Permalink

    Ok, we may all be thinking it, but I think it’s pretty low class to title your post “do we really want em back”? It’s bad enough when the fans have that mentality, but when a supposed UK supportive website encourages comments telling these Freshmen not to come back, then you’ve sunk too low. Stupid post

  12. asdf
    11:40 am March 20, 2013 Permalink

    Archie is another Keith Bogans. Given time, he’ll be one of our fondest remembered kids. Can’t hate that motor.

  13. Blue4ever
    11:40 am March 20, 2013 Permalink

    We need practice players don’t we?

  14. waveydavey
    11:41 am March 20, 2013 Permalink

    Of course I want them back! I think they all need to come back and get some sweet redemption. Nerlins has to go but I hope we have em all back. next year will be unreal!!

  15. Morehead Calln'
    11:43 am March 20, 2013 Permalink

    Its called a bench team – remember the 1996 team, my favorite quote “The only team in the NCAA that can bet the starters is the bench
    Wouldnt that be a beautiful re-quote for 2013-14!?!

  16. Adam
    11:43 am March 20, 2013 Permalink

    #8 Disasters as freshman??? They went to the Final 4… How is that a disaster?

  17. Champ
    11:44 am March 20, 2013 Permalink

    Of course we want them back. Any fan that wouldnt welcome any of these guys back isnt a good fan.

  18. Bluebloodtoo
    11:44 am March 20, 2013 Permalink

    #4 – The article is not what makes us UK fans look like fools. The idiots in the comments section do that very well. If the comments here aren’t enough, check the twitter feeds for the players.

    HOWEVER, every fan base has a certain percentage of stupid people. It just happens that our percentage amounts to a larger number because our fan base as a whole is bigger.

    For instance, how bad were the comments on the UT football pages when they lost kiffen and had several years of horrible product on the football field?

  19. Don't go there
    11:44 am March 20, 2013 Permalink

    I don’t think there’s a question that they should be back. It would be the BEST thing for these guys. They’ve experienced true humility through humiliation. Their heads are clear and I think asking fans this particular question is a bit inappropriate. Your opening Pandora’s box here.

    And Kansas fans, stop posting stuff on our fan site!!!

  20. UK Fan
    11:44 am March 20, 2013 Permalink

    Everyone is in agreement that none of these guys are ready for the NBA. What I don’t understand is why should we think some of them are truly going to commit themselves to being better players next year? The threat of sitting on the bench? This bunch didn’t even care when they were playing….so what’s their incentive nesxt year….to play some more? I noticed Wiltjer didn’t comment. Hopefully, at a minimum, he and fellow wussy Harrow are gone. If the later has no where else to go… that’s his problem.

  21. tombanjo
    11:44 am March 20, 2013 Permalink

    a very naive way of thinking.. go back to your studies..

  22. Dumbledore
    11:45 am March 20, 2013 Permalink

    Is there really a portion of the Fanbase stupid enough to not want three freshman who, combined, scored 33.5 ppg?

    Not every recruit is going to be a superhuman from day one. other schools would be elated to have Archie, Alex, & WCS. I refuse to believe there are some in our midst, without substance abuse issues, that are that short-sighted.

  23. Musehobo
    11:45 am March 20, 2013 Permalink

    Evan Daniels tweeting his Randle prediction…UK!

    @EvanDanielsFOX: Prediction is in. Everyone coming out predicting Kansas for Julius Randle. I’m taking Kentucky.

  24. JohnnyWoo
    11:45 am March 20, 2013 Permalink

    #9 is right. What a horrible thing to write on KSR. We not only WANT them back, we NEED them back. Furthermore, they need us as well. Next year is going to be a year of growing and healing for those guys, and the fans will build their confidence back up. Better yet, we will be world beaters again if they stay. What a moronic post. Sounds like one of our worst “fans” is now writing for KSR.

  25. Lil c
    11:45 am March 20, 2013 Permalink

    Alex Poythress is like the hot girl in the club with the big boobs, from first glance you like what you see, but after you take her home and help take off her bra, you realize 75% was just padding!!

  26. rick
    11:45 am March 20, 2013 Permalink

    No wonder people think the bbn needs help, WHY write a post like this, of course we want them back. Writing this just gives the media ammo to write something negative…” I HATE THE CARDS”

  27. Ryan
    11:46 am March 20, 2013 Permalink

    Please change the title to this post. This question doesn’t deserve a 500 word post from Kristen f-ing Geil to prove why we want them back. The question shouldn’t even be entertained. These kids had a bad year, so what. It will be a blessing in disguise having them back next year.

  28. duh
    11:46 am March 20, 2013 Permalink

    Of course. Only the “Far Cal” numbnuts would think differently.

  29. henry earl
    11:47 am March 20, 2013 Permalink

    Kristen – change the title or take this post down. of f*cking course we want them back. how do you think a guy like WCS who seems on the fence feels if he gets on here and reads this? or a potential commit. smfh at our fans

  30. wtf
    11:47 am March 20, 2013 Permalink

    How could a question like this even be posted on KSR? It is stupid and demeaning to these players.

  31. symphonist41169
    11:48 am March 20, 2013 Permalink

    9 – Wholeheartedly agree, this was one of the dumbest KSR posts ever. Almost as bad as those inane & useless “Bachelor” diaries.
    Of course we’d take them back, does anyone really believe they won’t improve next year? And how soon we forget that Deandre Liggins spent most of Cal’s first year on the bench. Lots of people were ready to give up on him but coming back made him a defensive ace & helped propel the Cats to the Final Four.

    Was this year’s team maddening to watch? No doubt. But Harrow will only get better (can’t get a lot worse), Archie will learn how to get under control, WCS will stay in the same direction he’s been headed (Most Improved player this year by far), and Alex will grow up & grow a set when he realizes how little PT he’ll get if he keeps acting like a big baby. Trust Cal, he’ll fix them all.

  32. Winston Churchill
    11:48 am March 20, 2013 Permalink

    – I want Nerlens and Willie back without qualification. They still have a lot to learn, but they busted their butts and listened to the coaches.

    – I want Alex and Archie back, even though they really ticked me off. I am willing to give them a break because they are freshmen- but they have a lot to prove, and right now I want to see them on the bench next year until they show they’ve changed.

    – I’m not sure I want Kyle back. He’s not a freshman and should’ve known better. If he decides to actually work hard in the off-season and actually decides to play defense and rebound and dive on the floor, then I definitely do. If he doesn’t do those things, then no, I don’t.

    – I don’t want Ryan back. He’s even more experienced than Kyle. Cal gave him multiple second chances and he blew every one. Seems like a nice kid, and I think he has talent, but enough is enough.

  33. randomer
    11:48 am March 20, 2013 Permalink

    Thank you #2: Now, stop posting loaded questions that are served up to the lunatics on a platter to give them a platform for their negativity.

    KSR is failing and has come to represent the “dark side” of the UK fanbase. The writers are ingrates that do not understand that most of the UK fanbase actually has a life outside of UK basketball and does not resort to assaulting the character of teenagers when they have a bad season.

    For the time being, I’d rather read Jerry Tipton.

  34. Look Out Fireworks!
    11:50 am March 20, 2013 Permalink

    What makes you think there will be a big change in attitude from this year to next?

  35. Computer Blue
    11:50 am March 20, 2013 Permalink

    If they just didn’t develop as quickly as we hoped, that’s fine. I think we’ve been spoiled the last three years in that regard. But I’m concerned about the players that never “bought in” and “hijacked the team.” Do they deserve to come back?

  36. UkfaninTexas
    11:51 am March 20, 2013 Permalink

    Of course! These guys are 18-19 years old. They need time to grow and develop. As long as they want to stay at UK,I want them to stay. With the new guys coming in, it will push them to try to keep their spot and we can win more games next year!

  37. randomer
    11:51 am March 20, 2013 Permalink

    Thank you 30 How could a question like this even be posted on KSR? It is stupid and demeaning to these players.

  38. D
    11:51 am March 20, 2013 Permalink

    Not to long ago we would have been tickled pink to have a freshman average in double figures. Maybe this year will make us better fans and lower our expectations of incoming players.

  39. randomer
    11:51 am March 20, 2013 Permalink

    Thank you 29 Kristen — change the title or take this post down. of f*cking course we want them back. how do you think a guy like WCS who seems on the fence feels if he gets on here and reads this? or a potential commit. smfh at our fans

  40. Fake Elmo
    11:52 am March 20, 2013 Permalink

    This is a terrible article. Really? Do we want freshman back that struggled? Absolutely stupid. Of course we do, there freshman. They were included as some of the best freshmen in the nation and struggled to adapt to college. And, if they can’t cut it next year, they won’t play. Such a dumb question.

  41. Rei
    11:53 am March 20, 2013 Permalink

    I mean, Kyle is terrible

  42. ksr
    11:53 am March 20, 2013 Permalink

    matt jones you allow this trash!?

  43. randomer
    11:53 am March 20, 2013 Permalink

    Thank you 4 Why are we writing articles like this? They’re freshmen. They need more time to develop and learn. Its ridiculous to even ask “do we want them back”. Of course we do…they’re UK players that are all very talented, but need more time to develop. Good Lord. What a terrible article and makes UK fans look like fools.

  44. Hoptownsbeast
    11:54 am March 20, 2013 Permalink

    We need them back! They are all great players & great people. They just need XP! Cal said he didn’t have the bench as a teaching tool this year, next year he will. Some of these dudes may even have a senior night in 2016.i get frustrated too, but they always have my support. They will only get better

  45. Robster
    11:54 am March 20, 2013 Permalink

    I want them all back.

  46. Hoptownsbeast
    11:55 am March 20, 2013 Permalink

    Not every player is a superstar by age 20

  47. tovax
    11:56 am March 20, 2013 Permalink

    Ok well if the guys are admitting that they were out of their league and not ready to move up to the next level that’s one thing.
    I’d welcome them back for a 2nd year. We all should want that for them.

  48. Chief Illwhiniwept
    11:56 am March 20, 2013 Permalink

    Of course I want all of them to come back. I won’t be upset if any of them chooses to try his hand in the NBA. Once a Wildcat, always a Wildcat.

  49. tuddy
    11:56 am March 20, 2013 Permalink


  50. ksr
    11:57 am March 20, 2013 Permalink

    just remind yourself of the billy g era. happy now? Come on

  51. LACatFan
    11:57 am March 20, 2013 Permalink

    For all of the complainers about one and done quit bitching. These guys will come back next year, and they will provide the depth for not only next year, but possibly more. with the potential playing time issues next year along with the fact they are typical freshman that are far from one and dones, we may see Alex and Archie as juniors as well. Imagine 2014 with those guys as juniors along with the 2014 recruits and the non one and dones next year. If these guys make the smart decision, we may look back and say this season is what we needed to get some depth and reel off multiple NC’s in a row.

  52. randomer
    11:58 am March 20, 2013 Permalink

    KSR – please make more posts like this so maybe you will piss off the intelligent and reasonable fans enough to share their opinions and you hear from more than just the psycho message boards crowd.

  53. ryan
    11:58 am March 20, 2013 Permalink

    Seriously, change the title. I like the article but the title is awful for the program. Please go with “Why All True Fans Want Everyone to Return” or maybe “Why We’re Disowning All “Fans” Who Say They Don’t Want These Guys Back”.

    I’m embarrassed to be in the same fan base with the @ssholes talking about 18-year-olds this way.

  54. prpcat
    12:00 pm March 20, 2013 Permalink

    It is what it is these are our guys lets stand behind them and support them

  55. 3cats
    12:00 pm March 20, 2013 Permalink

    Yes, for all. They just need more time. Go Cats!If we don’t take or want them back, what kind of fan base does that make us. we’re already hated by most, this would just add fuel to the fire.

  56. ace883
    12:00 pm March 20, 2013 Permalink

    Wow…this post worked exactly as you thought it would…great post…from sending them all packing to of course we want them back….what a great way to turn the tables on some of the idiots having little fits and wanting to throw them all off the team….btw…that was me last night…so I can say that…lol

  57. Fancoulo
    12:01 pm March 20, 2013 Permalink

    The fear ismthat they will poisinthe incoming class, or pout about being on the bench. His will be a distraction. If they can accept coming back and being practice players and getting only spot minutes, then a case can be made for having some of them back. However, at the first sign of trouble, or as soon as AG goes 1 on 3, Cal needs to come down hard, or else there will be turmoil.

  58. Shocked
    12:01 pm March 20, 2013 Permalink

    I can’t believe we said that about young athletes, I though this was a players first system…

  59. MustangCat
    12:02 pm March 20, 2013 Permalink

    First things first, these are KIDS. Then, these are FRESHMEN. Except for Harrow that is. bad combination in this case. we’ve been spoiled in our combinations here under Cal. These kids have a lot of growing up to do. The realistic view here is that next year, Harrow won’t see the floor except for mop up duty. He will be a decent back up at either guard spot. Polson may be ahead of him of the depth chart tho….honestly. I look for Alex to transfer. Dont think he can handle negative input. I think Archie will play a fair amount, but he’ll be spotting people. I hope Willie stays!! If Alex stays, that’s fine. But i think of these four, Willie will be the key. Hope the best for them.

  60. Merde
    12:02 pm March 20, 2013 Permalink

    Cal said yesterday that there was a lack of skill, so if they are ready to be bench players, then maybe ok for a few of them.

  61. james
    12:03 pm March 20, 2013 Permalink

    Change the title you a**holes thats ridiculous!!!

  62. Mc
    12:03 pm March 20, 2013 Permalink

    Agree with just about everyone on here. This post makes us look bad.

  63. catdaddyd
    12:03 pm March 20, 2013 Permalink

    I don’t want Archie or Ryan back.

  64. pawn star
    12:05 pm March 20, 2013 Permalink

    I came to this site looking to get away from the trolls and the whiners that were on the rivals site….Looks like Ill be relocating real soon…ALL it is anymore is a constant whine and/or bash session and honestly its not worth reading on here anymore

  65. ONE EYE
    12:05 pm March 20, 2013 Permalink

    Ky can use ALL these young guys next year. I hurt like hell after this season but these kids need UK more than anything right now and it wold be a shame to just throw them away….They came here looking for a family and now the basketball world is gonna see just how serious the…..PLAYERS FIRST….statement is. GO WILDCATS

  66. james
    12:06 pm March 20, 2013 Permalink

    @ 64 agree about harrow but will take goodwin can you imagine how much better he would be going up against wiggins and young in practice instead of hood? get real the kid is 18 and we would have lost by 20 last night if it wasn’t for him

  67. stmlax03
    12:06 pm March 20, 2013 Permalink

    The media can make the brightest of people believe the most idiotic things… like that Cal pays his players.

  68. Tovax
    12:06 pm March 20, 2013 Permalink

    Yeah change the title. What a terrible image this shows to future recruits.

    Who said YES to that title?

  69. ThankfulCat
    12:06 pm March 20, 2013 Permalink

    They all might want to come back and need to come back but only 3 of the 4 will be allowed to return. Ryan Harrow will not be back

    I’m betting your farm

  70. barn
    12:07 pm March 20, 2013 Permalink

    this is one of the worst posts ever. why are you dissin’ these guys in blue and white?

  71. Don't go there
    12:08 pm March 20, 2013 Permalink

    Willie!!! Kyle !!! Archie !!! Ryan !!! Alex !!! Come back !!! Let’s Get #9 Next Year !!!

    I’m sorry, I just don’t see how we even have the right to ask this question. Nothing against the writer here, but this is just a question we shouldn’t be asking.

    And for ‘fans’ that think otherwise, you don’t deserve a winning program.

  72. catlanta31
    12:10 pm March 20, 2013 Permalink

    HELL NO we don’t want Harrow back. The guy should be starting his senior year this fall!!! He ain’t got “it”, never gonna get “it”. Be done with him.

    Poythress has to become a man. I hope watching Randle, Lee and Johnson next year while he is on the bench lights a fire.

    Goodwin. Hell yes!

    Wiltjer. I don’t see it. Transfer

  73. catlanta31
    12:11 pm March 20, 2013 Permalink

    64, you are crazy if you don’t want Goodwin back.

  74. UKBlue1!
    12:12 pm March 20, 2013 Permalink

    The key to next season is gettng some of the players to come back. They have experience. They have lived thru what it is like to play basketball at UK. They are now going to have 7 months to listen to the trolls.

  75. vator32nh
    12:12 pm March 20, 2013 Permalink

    I hope they all come back next year. These kids had a tough year, they arent the first freshmen to have a rough year at UK, just the first under Cal. These are our guys and I hope nothing but the best for them. Come back and get it done next year.

  76. BLUE BLY
    12:12 pm March 20, 2013 Permalink


  77. Flint
    12:12 pm March 20, 2013 Permalink

    I want them all back.

  78. WildcatByTheGraceOfGOD
    12:14 pm March 20, 2013 Permalink

    The post just says what we’ve all said at some point in the latter part of the season…it just makes it “reality” that most don’t want to deal with.

    FOLKS, no matter how “talented” we all think and the “experts” think the guys coming in are, they’re still going to be FRESHMAN!! Not only should we want these young men back we NEED them back.

    This season alone was the end all be all for “winning with freshman”. Last years class wouldn’t have been much different without the veteran players.

    Lamb, Jones, & Teague should still be students at UK and they wouldn’t be in the D-League.

    WE as UK fans have to change the mindset about getting a kid, crowning him king, and pushing him to leave after 1 season. College is supposed to be 4(FOUR) years, not 1.

    These young men are good freshman, and could play A LOT on another team with veterans and would NOT look as poorly as they did for UK this year. When you HAVE to play these guys as much as they did, you’re going to see the weakness of being a FRESHMAN exploited because they’re in there ALL THE TIME. It’s unfair to them, and we need to change our views. Support them, expect perfection, but be real and look at the facts in front of you.

    You had a team of TRUE FRESHMAN that just went out and won 21 ball games…this is on Cal to a degree. Players first mentality is great, but I truly think he needs to say to some guys look, I’m not trying to hold you back, but you really don’t need to go yet. That’s still putting the player first and their best interest first. Yes they could get drafted, that doesn’t mean it’s the best decision, and Cal SHOULD tell them that. And he might, and we’ll never know. But at some point, you HAVE to keep kids on the team that can and will be effective for 3-4 years. Otherwise, you’ll have a team like this almost every year.

  79. Don't go there
    12:15 pm March 20, 2013 Permalink

    72. I definitely don’t want YOU back!!!

  80. RUPPS_rhetoric
    12:19 pm March 20, 2013 Permalink

    If you don’t want them all back you are not a UK fan and may god have mercy on your soul. Some were disappointing but they aren’t bad kids. Ton of competition next year will force the cream to rise to the crop. Simple as that. Again if you don’t want them all back you aren’t a fan. Please turn in your blue and go play in traffic. Some UK fans make me sick.

  81. RUPPS_rhetoric
    12:22 pm March 20, 2013 Permalink

    And by the way, I hardly ever rip the writers, but this is a terrible point to bring up. I can see asking this question if someone got arrested or did something off the court worthy of not returning. But to suggest we don’t want someone back because they aren’t good enough for us? That makes us no better than Rick Pitino for running off Swopshire, Justice, Buckles, etc… We’re Kentucky, we’re better than that.

  82. BRAD
    12:25 pm March 20, 2013 Permalink

    We don’t turn our backs on our players. With the other recruits coming in the best will start and the ones that want to play will have to work and earn it. If they all work together and play as a team the only team that can beat them is themselves. They need to reedem themselves and I’m sure that’s why they will come back with the exception of maybe two that will go pro. Noel and Cauley-Stein. Go Cats!!! Hope Randle says KY:)

  83. plain and simple
    12:28 pm March 20, 2013 Permalink

    Basketball season is over.
    Start writing about football.
    Plain and simple, UK basketball needs no more stories.

  84. UK All Day
    12:28 pm March 20, 2013 Permalink


    At the UL and other fans who say “SEE, THE ONE AND DONE WILL NEVER WORK”

    Umm, Did you watch TV last April? We won the National Championship!!! People just hate because we recruit the best. There are reasons why everyone is jumping on the hate wagon across the entire country because they know this is short lived. Lick em while they are down if you will.

    IN CAL WE TRUST!!!!!!!!!!

  85. peoplewhowork
    12:28 pm March 20, 2013 Permalink

    You know who doesn’t want them back? UNC, Louisville, the rest of the SEC. These guys are going to learn, their going to get better. It didn’t happen in one year, big deal not everyone is a one and done. Nazr Mohammed sucked at first and then became awesome. Think about the bad habits these players have and how easily it can be corrected with time. Archie Goodwin, drives to the basket out of control, head down. He can fix that but, it takes time. Now he will have it. Poythress always seemed uncomfortable, like Terrence Jones his freshman year. Can’t wait to see Poythress next year. WCS, OMG the potential and growth we saw this year was great but, he was starting at such a raw point. He shoots 18% from the Free Throw line, that takes time to fix. Time is all they have now, let’s hope they use it wisely.

  86. cat89
    12:30 pm March 20, 2013 Permalink

    Kristen, really? “Do we even want them back?” is your byline? Really? I see no good coming from this thread.

  87. Big Blue Coming At You
    12:31 pm March 20, 2013 Permalink

    WCS and Goodwin are the only ones i would want back. Both of them will get better. Poythress just doesn’t have it in him to be the player he could be and Harrow has a weak mind. You can’t correct those things. It’s not bashing. It’s just being real from what i’ve seen this season from those two.

  88. UK All Day
    12:32 pm March 20, 2013 Permalink

    I agree with 86

    What a stupid title to this article. Of course we want them back!

    (BUT, I would take Dominique over Harrow), just keeping it real

  89. BravoBigBlue
    12:33 pm March 20, 2013 Permalink

    Willie Cauley-Stein Hell yes
    Archie Goodwin Probably yes
    Alex Poythress Probably no
    Ryan Harrow Hell no

  90. SP
    12:33 pm March 20, 2013 Permalink

    Goodwin, Poythress, and WCS are all still projected first round picks

    why would they stay, so next year in a better draft class they can be second round picks

    dont think so

  91. ukcat58
    12:34 pm March 20, 2013 Permalink

    Wow – still hurting from a disappointing season on minimal effort – It seems as though there are locker room issues and numerous players don’t like one another. Egos were an issue and this time Coach Cal could not get the guys to buy in – Too much ME ball and lazy attitude. I do trust Coach Cal and am confident he will never allow this to happen again – I agree, some may want to come back but may not be invited. Next year has the potential to be special, however, unless the locker room improves and the pride in the KENTUCKY brand is honored, we could miss the opportunity of a lifetime, maybe developing a team that makes a multiple year deep run for the championship.
    Go Cats!

  92. WestKYcat
    12:38 pm March 20, 2013 Permalink

    Why wouldn’t we want them back. Number 1, none of them are ready to play at the next level. Number 2, they are very talented. How many of us expected them to hang another banner? Number 3, there is no coach who ever complains about having too many good players. Of course we want them back, they will only get better and contribute next season. Sometimes a good butt whippin’ is a good thing.

  93. @90
    12:39 pm March 20, 2013 Permalink

    Hey 90,

    TO PROLONG THEIR CAREERS! Sure, get drafted make a few million. But, once the NBA finds out they are not mentally ready then it’s over.

    If they come back and get mentally and physically ready they can play in the league for 10 plus years instead of 1 year then cut!

  94. playersfan
    12:41 pm March 20, 2013 Permalink

    I’m sorry but I don’t see any heart, except Archie. Last night you were bullied, laughed at, and I didn’t see anybody, except Archie, Polson, and Hood that cared, or was upset about it. My gosh not only that they committed 2 fragrant files on your friend, and companion, and teammate, did I see any anger, only Archie. I don’t so much get upset, that they can’t rebound, shoot, or play defense, as I do that they don’t show they care. “Well we lost another road game, it’s tough”. It sure is if it doesn’t bother you, bother you more than that.
    I think Archie can be special because he wants to be, it may take 2 more or 3 more years, but he will be special. The rest might be special if they get the “I want to”, and show it in the gym, and shut up talking about it, just prove it on the court.

  95. take'emback
    12:43 pm March 20, 2013 Permalink

    This is the kind of silly speculation that makes us Cats fans look ridiculous. They are on the team, and are Cats. Of course you “take them back”. Unless Cal tells them to take a hike, or they go to the NBA….they are coming back. Not for any of us to decide.

  96. playersfan
    12:43 pm March 20, 2013 Permalink

    One thought also, I just watched the NAIA final four, there are some pretty good players that never become McD All Americans, I am not dissing those that do, but maybe we need a few “blue collar” talented guys, that can shoot, to mix in with the blue bloods.

  97. AllentownWildcatFan
    12:44 pm March 20, 2013 Permalink

    I agree with others. The article is decent, but the “Do You Even Want Them Back” title is ignorant. Unless they commit a felony, or continually don’t adhere to the Wildcat Code of Conduct, it’s not a question worth asking or answering.

  98. Sheeeeiiit
    12:49 pm March 20, 2013 Permalink

    What a rediculous post and question. It does not matter what we want. We are talking about free people with feelings here. They are in college. Man this type of post is really making me question this site lately. These guys can play for a team and attend college if it pleases them and thier family. Fans have zero to do with it. But if UK fans keep acting like idiots we will have an impact on the players school choice but it will be in a bad way.

  99. Fat Cat
    12:51 pm March 20, 2013 Permalink

    Am I the only one who wants to be part of a Kristen Geil and Tara Bilby sandwich?

  100. Yngvie Malmsteen.
    12:53 pm March 20, 2013 Permalink

    Absolute bull shit article.

  101. WestWorld
    12:55 pm March 20, 2013 Permalink

    Very amateur post/headline if I ever saw one. Certainly does not help BBN.

  102. Yngvie Malmsteen.
    12:57 pm March 20, 2013 Permalink

    Take this freaking piece of crap down now and fire the writer.

  103. tigerDNA
    12:58 pm March 20, 2013 Permalink

    I want them all back!

  104. cotton nash
    12:58 pm March 20, 2013 Permalink

    Only one I would want back is Archie Goodwin,..fwiw.

  105. Charlie Perkins
    1:01 pm March 20, 2013 Permalink

    Your title is outrageous. They feel badly enough already. Of course we would take them back! These are good talented kids, who have gone through hell falling short of their dreams…so far. It has been a difficult season. I’m not so sorry it is over. But, every game I thought the light would come on. It did not. When we played well, it did not stick. They weren’t ready. They are kids. We are all disappointed, the kids more than us. But, we are not here just for our wins. We are a player first program. We owe the players our best, too. Of course they should come back, with our welcome, our loyalty and our commitment to support them all the way.

  106. brain
    1:03 pm March 20, 2013 Permalink

    Disrespectful piece of trash.

  107. Nick Roush sucks
    1:07 pm March 20, 2013 Permalink

    Do us all a favor and never write another article. Half the reason we get so much crap as a fan base is because of YOU, Matt, and the rest of the team. Ignorant fans do not need to be feed ignorant information. Simple as that

  108. gOOdridDance
    1:15 pm March 20, 2013 Permalink

    here’s a great bigg resounding NO!!!!!

    each of Messrs. Noel, Stein & Goodwin still project as NBA first-round piX, so these three ought to DEFF. go-pro, & thus become instant millionaires

    when Poythres first signed-on, i believe he came w/a reputation as a very good student; so, he ought to redshirt next year, as the deep roster won’t miss him…….he could continue to develop, then, both academically & athletically, & mature a bit overall (i.e., mental toughness), too

    & Harrow ought to Xfer to a lower-level school so that he wouldn’t have to sit-out a year & thus he’d be eligible to play @ his new school (?perhaps somewhere closer/near to his home?) immeiately…..

  109. kfund
    1:30 pm March 20, 2013 Permalink

    Bring back Stein and Goodwin.
    Only Cal knows what to do with Poythress.
    Harrow? Part of the scout team.

    On another note,–ncaab.html
    I wonder if her husband was the only one coached “under Pitino”.

  110. Walter Kronkite
    1:35 pm March 20, 2013 Permalink

    Harrow was not a freshman. Harrow had a year at a D1 ACC school and a year going to school and practicing at Kentucky. What’s his excuse?

  111. Drew Bledsoe says Brady Sucks
    2:00 pm March 20, 2013 Permalink

    If Noel had stayed healthy, & UK had Shabazz Muhammad come instead of UCLA, that would have made a HUGE difference this year.

  112. CTEJr
    2:01 pm March 20, 2013 Permalink

    Hope they all come back. They are kids and they are learning – and for us, the fans, we must be willing to accept that learning process. They wanted to come to UK to play and learn and we should embrace that…it was a frustrating season but I’d hope we treat these guys with respect and encouragement. C’mon UK fans, let’s stay classy…

  113. truecat
    2:06 pm March 20, 2013 Permalink

    Hole it ? Can they handle coming off the bench to get a few minuetes here and there. Only WCS has a good chance to complete for a starting spot. If these new freshman deliver on the court like their talent and rating says then they should get a lot of playing time. This incoming class is not over yet. I think some of them shout move on.

  114. Drew Bledsoe says Brady Sucks
    2:10 pm March 20, 2013 Permalink

    Shabazz Muhammad is the best 40 year-old freshman in college!

  115. Oohlala
    2:21 pm March 20, 2013 Permalink

    Yes we want them back!!! These kids were freshmen. With a hefty load of expectations thrust upon them by the media and fans. They were alone out there with no bench support, playing major minutes and learning. They had some curve balls thrown at them with Nerlens injury and Willies knee surgery, and they gave it their best. If they didnt give their best then they have learned their lesson now. We need to support them 100%. We have a great class coming in and these kids will be a great addition to those kids. While i love Cal I think even he would admit he was a little light in recruiting last year with no real experience returning from the previous year. These kids deserve a chance to prove themselves in a more supportive environment and with more help. Im super excited for next year and i believe we needed some adversity to make us appreciate how great we have it as UK fans.

  116. Oohlala
    2:35 pm March 20, 2013 Permalink

    Also at #1…the last time UL won a championship…27 yrs ago, they also went to the nit. Other teams have as well in the past. Why dont you celebrate what your own team has done on their website instead of spending your time on ours. Funny how even now our site is still more exciting than yours.
    #2…. I agree 100 %. And #4 ….its the small percentage of our fans who post negative comments and rip these guys apart that make UK fans look foolish….its up to fans like us to keep it honest take the heat off these kids.

  117. Joe
    2:48 pm March 20, 2013 Permalink

    They are Wildcats… They are Legends… YES

  118. Oohlala
    2:58 pm March 20, 2013 Permalink

    To all who are mad at this article…this is the most supportive thread Ive read all year for these kids. If she had said “We want them back.” Then all the naysayers would be on here tearing them down right now. Finally some people are standing up for these kids the way all our fans should have been doing all year.

  119. oldblue
    3:12 pm March 20, 2013 Permalink


  120. Kevin Grevey
    3:47 pm March 20, 2013 Permalink

    Remember “uncoachable”? Harrow, Poythress and Goodwin need to play somewhere where you do not need heart, teamwork and sacrifice.

  121. Big Slick
    3:51 pm March 20, 2013 Permalink

    This is a ridiculous article, whoever allows this girl to have space to write should fire themselves immediately. She needs to get a Rupp Rafters account and go bash our guys over there with the other looney tunes. Real fans realize that freshman are freshman and we can’t expect them to walk on campus mistake free and mature from day one.

    If the author were in charge we probably would have never won the titles in 96 & 98 because she would have wanted to kick all of our studs off the team before their upper class years. Please go find something else to write about, you don’t deserve to cover UK athletics in any capacity.

  122. please
    4:05 pm March 20, 2013 Permalink

    Please stay on KSRCollege where the bad writers roam.
    I almost cringe when I see a post from you or Ally. Stay away.

  123. JPhelps
    4:39 pm March 20, 2013 Permalink

    If they do come back, and they do this same crap, they won’t play. Looking at you Ryan Harrow. With that said, they won’t be back!

  124. bluemanchew
    5:13 pm March 20, 2013 Permalink

    Without a doubt these boys deserve to win a championship ring

  125. Blue Trudy
    5:57 pm March 20, 2013 Permalink

    That headline is just hateful! You owe those young men an apology!

  126. ksr spin doctors
    6:06 pm March 20, 2013 Permalink

    Wow! When did ksr turn into a cyber bullying website? I’m guessing none of you miserable P.O.S have kids. I’m a die hard uk fan, and I’m starting to hate uk fans. Those kids owe you nothing. The only people with entitlement issues are these p.o.s ksr messge board nerds. To hell with this site. Matt jones will never stop this trash. That might affect his web hits, that’s all he cares about now.