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Dez Wells is on UK’s campus


Matt mentioned on the radio this morning that UK could be interested if there is a chance he can be eligible this season. Maybe Cal is confident that’ll happen.

Louisville voluntarily dropped out of the running because of scholarship numbers.

Article written by Drew Franklin

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41 Comments for Dez Wells is on UK’s campus

  1. PsychOfMSE
    6:29 pm August 29, 2012 Permalink

    Please, NO.

  2. that guy
    6:29 pm August 29, 2012 Permalink

    That’s funny! Earlier today, the dudes on 790 were saying how basically Wells’ situation was blown out of proportion – and was really NOTHING.

    Guess we’ll see if the uofl crew says the same thing if / when Wells signs on with us.

    PS, you know the national media (and tipton) wont care what the truth is.

  3. Mr. Math
    6:30 pm August 29, 2012 Permalink

    Not sure how the birdies could have been “in” the running due to scholarship numbers.

  4. they said...
    6:30 pm August 29, 2012 Permalink

    new viiiidddddd!!! matt jones voice is in it;)

  5. this is why we can't have nice things
    6:34 pm August 29, 2012 Permalink

    Guilty or not, we don’t need this guy. Not worth the trouble.

  6. grandpablue
    6:36 pm August 29, 2012 Permalink

    too much baggage; we have other wants/needs

  7. PsychOfMSE
    6:50 pm August 29, 2012 Permalink

    After reading this article. I stand corrected, and would like for him to come to UK.

  8. this is why we can't have nice things
    6:53 pm August 29, 2012 Permalink

    Thanks for the link Psych. He was hosed.

  9. Tomas
    6:53 pm August 29, 2012 Permalink

    How is he too much baggage? He was wrongly accused of sexual assault and was cleared of all charges. The evidence cleared him of all charges. He also had a minor role in the brawl, but a couple of months ago everyone was talking about how much we needed Mark Lyons, the guy who actually started the brawl. You guys can’t be this stupid. We could use another body.

  10. barn
    6:57 pm August 29, 2012 Permalink

    pass on this guy

  11. Matty
    6:59 pm August 29, 2012 Permalink

    Thank you, #10. There is no baggage here. We act like we didn’t have a guy by the name of DeMarcus Cousins a few years ago who was known to have ‘baggage’ as well. We didn’t judge him because of prior actions now, did we? This kid can play and if he wants to come to Kentucky, I’m all for it.

  12. Voice of Reason
    7:02 pm August 29, 2012 Permalink

    He’s probably negotiating his price as we speak.

  13. Hal
    7:14 pm August 29, 2012 Permalink

    so uofl suddenly drops out of the running the day they’re supposed to have the guy on campus b/c of schollys?? no one actually believes that, right?

  14. Another Perspective
    7:21 pm August 29, 2012 Permalink

    I know people can be falsely accused of things. And I know the prosecutor supports him. But I don’t know if we need that discussion on every game’s broadcast. And they would discuss it. And it just adds to the “smoke” for which naysayers will claim “fire” when calling UK a dirty program. I say “pass.”

  15. Matt jones
    7:25 pm August 29, 2012 Permalink

    Im guessing the whole wells and Pitino comments and jabs from earlier today are now irreverent.

  16. john
    7:30 pm August 29, 2012 Permalink

    15 So now we are letting Media and naysayers dictate who we should take and who we shouldn’t?

  17. UKFanXUAlum
    7:33 pm August 29, 2012 Permalink

    Joe Deters, the Hamilton County Prosecutor, is an absolute straight shooter. He indicated that XU screwed up on this and should reconsider their decision. Deters is not the type to mince words. Xavier’s board has the Feds breathing down their neck about some past sexual harassment cases and how they were handled. I believe that Wells got the short end of the stick and XU simply didn’t want to take any chances at all. I wouldn’t be surprised if Wells’ attorney fild suit against XU. Having said all of that, the kid was a top 50 player in his class out of Hargrave Military Academy and can play. He’d get solid minutes at UK. Million dollar question is…will NCAA grant him immediate eligibility and what jersey will he be wearing.

  18. Louden Swain
    7:48 pm August 29, 2012 Permalink

    I imagine Pitino pulled the old take the scholly now or you lose it and he didn’t take it. Same thing he did to Rondo several years ago.

  19. Vinny
    7:53 pm August 29, 2012 Permalink

    Same guy that, instead of helping break up a fight, immediately starts throwing punches… Hey Dez, please go somewhere else young man, true Kentucky fans do NOT want you warring blue… Go Big Blue..!

  20. blue & white fan
    8:09 pm August 29, 2012 Permalink

    Hey vinny speak for yourself, not for the rest of us. I wouldn’t want you to speak for me on anything that deals with UK, you bandwagon pu$$y.

  21. Kez
    8:11 pm August 29, 2012 Permalink


    First off, learn to spell. Merriam-Webster has a website you can visit…

    I’m a true Kentucky fan, and I wouldn’t mind seeing Dez Wells “warring” blue. But I’d rather see him WEARING a UK jersey and contributing to our winning tradition!

  22. Han
    8:11 pm August 29, 2012 Permalink

    15) Well, at least it would keep them from insinuating Noel was bought.

    20) We’ve had a couple guys who came very, very close to throwing punches.

    Cal has done a very good job of bringing in the right kind of people to play here, and I can’t think of an incident involving any of our players off the floor (and the only stuff on the floor is the occasional trash talking gone too far or shoving T after someone gets hard fouled). We had one 1-year guy who has since had further problems elsewhere, but nothing while here that I’m aware of.

    If Cal offers, we should embrace him.

  23. Tomas
    8:13 pm August 29, 2012 Permalink

    Hey Vinny true Kentucky fans know how to spell wearing correctly. Stupid people piss me off.

  24. Jack
    8:19 pm August 29, 2012 Permalink

    I want him bad. Dude punishes the rim with his dunks. Wow. Top 50 Player. 10 PPG. Insane dunking ability. I mean the charges were dropped with EVIDENCE. Everyone around him, the school, and media show he has NO issues and this is ridiculous. He isn’t a bad kid. If you don’t want him in blue because of anything regarding his off-court news, you are an IDIOT.

  25. Matty
    8:26 pm August 29, 2012 Permalink

    If I recall correctly, Boogie elbowed the you know what out of Swopshire’s head and got praised for it. But we don’t want somebody like Dez Wells on our team because he shoved somebody and was falsely accused of a crime. Got it.

    I guarantee you Chris Mack is livid right now. I live in NKY and sports radio has been ripping Xavier’s admin. I bet Mack would go to bat for this kid in a heartbeat but can’t because X officials have ordered a gag order on the case and he can’t comment one way or another. If he wants to come here, I say good for him and good for us. Kid can play.

  26. Ares
    8:28 pm August 29, 2012 Permalink

    It it coincidence Jeff Goodman tweets he is unlikely to get waiver. I think not!

  27. Big Blue 66
    8:32 pm August 29, 2012 Permalink

    have you guys not learned two important things, 1 dont judge unless you really know what you are judging and 2. In Cal I trust

  28. Durrrr
    8:39 pm August 29, 2012 Permalink

    I will to the fair and proper thing, wait to pass judgment until he commits or not.

    Choose wisely young man…

  29. High Point Can Fan
    8:43 pm August 29, 2012 Permalink

    After listening to some Cincinnati sports talk shows today, he was wrongly let go from Xavier over things college kids do all the time. I would take him in a heartbeat based on their observations of the situation. If big time Frat Boy with straight A’s did the same things this kid did, he wouldn’t get the same treatment. So, give the kid a break, and embrace him should he decide to matriculate the rest of his college days at UK. Ironically, he may be looking at U of Cincinnati next, according to the hosts of the show. Hmmmmmmmmmm………….

  30. William Braskey
    8:46 pm August 29, 2012 Permalink

    The only ? that should be asked on this issue:

    If he commits now, how does it effect the twins? Nothing else means ish………..

  31. WhatSheOrder?FishFilet?
    8:50 pm August 29, 2012 Permalink

    since all you guys know the whole story and EXACTLY what happened, i’ll trust your opinions

  32. Dean
    9:57 pm August 29, 2012 Permalink


  33. Vinny
    10:03 pm August 29, 2012 Permalink

    Sure, incorrectly spelling a word is MUCH worse then violence. Personally, I hope Kentucky passes…
    Go Big Blue

  34. Rixter
    10:35 pm August 29, 2012 Permalink

    When did a lack of scholarships ever stop da ville from signing a better player than what they have? I figured it was about time for Van Treese to decide once again that it was ‘in his best interest’ to transfer closer to home.

  35. jill
    10:54 pm August 29, 2012 Permalink

    I guess Cal and Wes paid him too. lol

  36. BCO
    10:57 pm August 29, 2012 Permalink

    Like other dude said, this kid can play. if he was cleared, bring him down. hed help this year a lot…wed be really deep at the guard position and should have a great front court too.

  37. Rixter
    11:20 pm August 29, 2012 Permalink

    15, if we passed on everybody based on the haters hating, coach Cal would still be at Memphis; Tubby would still be coaching the Cats. The haters seemed to like him just fine (the same way we liked Kragthorpe). Demarcus Cousins would never have stepped foot on campus; John Wall’s misdemeanor citation for being in an abandoned building his senior year in HS would have sent him to another school, too.

    Are we going to let those outsiders decide who is going to wear the Blue?

  38. Head Bussa
    11:44 pm August 29, 2012 Permalink

    As I’ve said before, Cal understands what this program is all about and he understands the importance of having good kids. Thus, let Cal make those decisions. If he wants him, I want him.

  39. Urincatland
    8:51 am August 30, 2012 Permalink

    I think the coach who won the 2012 National Championship will decide if he plays here or not. So screw the negative bullsh-t!!

  40. JodyRay25
    9:29 am August 30, 2012 Permalink

    Well Chuck Hayes was once accused of a similar crime and the allegations proved false and no charges were brought against him. Chuck Hayes is one of the best kids we ever had play for UK. If this kid, said by many who know what they are talking about, is a good kid, a talented player and Cal wants him, I want him. Listen guys, public preception of our basketball program does NOT matter, time will tell as far as how we will be looked at in hindsight. Calipari may have seemed shady to some of us at one point, but one thing Ive never questioned is the integrity of Sandy Bell and the current UK compliance department. Final thought, I think Calipari is on the up and up, I always have, Im a firm believer that until you are implicated directly and proven of wrong doing, you should be judged accordingly. Operate in the gray area? Probably. In the black. No way.