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Detroit Tayshauns

I admit to being an NBA fan. I think the league is at its highest point since at least the end of the Jordan era, if not before. The playoff games have been great and the style of play is refreshing. However, having said that, I dont particularly care who wins most games because, unlike in MLB and the NFL where I like the Braves and Bears, I dont have a favorite team. There is no franchise that has my unconditional support….in large part because whatever teams have had it (read Lakers), find ways to get players who I cannot tolerate (hello Kobe!).

But I do admit to having a thing in the last four years for the Detroit Pistons. When I try to explain to folks why I like the Pistons, I usually make some excuse about team play and the fact that I like Rip Hamilton and secretly admire Rasheed Wallace’s fire. However ultimately the only reason is Tayshaun. Tayshaun Prince is likely my favorite non-goofy Kentucky player in history (behind Gimel Martinez and Woo overall). I love his silky smooth game; I love how he is versatile and never seems to break a sweat; I love how, in an era where most players cant even spell the cities where they play, he is articulate and thoughtful in most of his interviews. As far as I am concerned, Tayshaun Prince is what NBA players should be like, and as long as he on the Pistons, they will be my team.

In the interim however, someone has to do something about Dick Bavetta….140 years old and still trying to fix games. How could he not have seen Tayshaun call timeout…..did he think he was just standing there talking for his health? The man truly needs to be investigated….maybe the FBI can act like he is a member of Congress and go raid him.

Article written by Matt Jones