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DeMarcus Cousins wants to set the record straight


These day, it seems like DeMarcus Cousins only makes headlines for the wrong reasons. Despite being one of the most promising young players in the league, the media loves to villainize him for his bad boy image and emotional play. DeMarcus sat down with Bleacher Report to set the record straight about who he really is, how he feels about his portrayal by the media, and his future in the league.

How does DeMarcus think the media portrays him? As the league’s villain:

“They make you who they want you to be. …What people don’t realize is that this is the entertainment business. That’s entertaining. You draw up a big storyline of this is the bad guy and this is the good guy. If I am a bad person, let me do those things to be a bad person. Don’t make me into one.”

DeMarcus says that bad boy image provokes officials to quick whistles and because of that, he’s held to a different standard than other players. Who is the real DeMarcus? “I’m a guy with a big heart who cares about people. I’m goofy. I like to have fun. I’m always joking around. The complete opposite.”

However, DeMarcus will be the first to admit that he’s an emotional guy, both on and off the court:

“I’m human. I mean, I’m not always happy. …I am a 22-year-old man; I could be going crazy right now. So saying that I am immature, that’s ridiculous. I feel like I’m very mature. It’s just I’m an emotional person when I’m on the court. I am very emotional. If I’m happy, I’m extremely happy. If I’m angry, I’m angry. It’s finding a way to balance it out.”

As for those rumors that DeMarcus wants to be traded from Sacramento? Not true, he says.

“No, I am loyal to this organization. The biggest reward to me would be, at the end of the day, hearing them say, ‘He turned this around. He stuck with it through thick and thin and he made it happen.’”

Be sure to listen to the entire interview. It’s worth every second.

[B/R’s All-Access Interview with Sacramento Kings Star DeMarcus Cousins]

Article written by Mrs. Tyler Thompson

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20 Comments for DeMarcus Cousins wants to set the record straight

  1. bret1555
    12:48 pm April 17, 2013 Permalink

    Cousins saying he is immature shows a stunning lack of self-awareness… Especially when, in the next breath, he says he can’t control his own emotions. Great players play with competitive fire — he throws tantrums. There is a difference.

    Blaming the media, and officials, for his actions is a cop-out – and until people stop enabling him or excusing his behavior because he is a “fun” interview, it will never change.

  2. bret1555
    12:48 pm April 17, 2013 Permalink

    ^^^should say, “saying he isn’t immature”.

  3. Michael F. Jox
    12:57 pm April 17, 2013 Permalink

    Yeah, dude needs to grow up. It’s simple. If he had played for Florida he’d be on about every UK fan’s “top 10 players I hate” list. Liars will not admit this.

  4. Jerry Garcia
    1:06 pm April 17, 2013 Permalink

    If the shoe is on the hand that fits…

  5. josh
    1:37 pm April 17, 2013 Permalink

    You will always b my favorite player boogie screw the haters

  6. beezer
    1:41 pm April 17, 2013 Permalink

    Love me some Boogie but the fact he still doesn’t realize he is immature is a sign that he still isn’t on the right track to putting it all together yet. He is still “young” but I hope he figures it out sooner than later. All-Star talent

  7. SuperTroy
    1:44 pm April 17, 2013 Permalink

    Oh yes, yes, yes. He’s very immature. Such a toxic personality. A terrible role model for out children…blah, blah, blah. HE’S 22 YEARS OLD!!! He’s in a grown man’s league where opposing players go at you with everything they’ve got. Compared to most of us, I think he’s doing just fine. Most of us were probably living at our parents’ house and getting drunk on the weekends. He’s probably supporting his parents, plus 10-12 other family members. This kid has a lot on his shoulders and when he was at UK, he was amazing. Played with babies at fund raisers, interviewed teammates on the road and lived up to all he was hyped up to be and then some. He gives everything he has when he plays. When I saw him react in even a semi-hostile way, it was because an opposing player had just tried to take a cheap shot or he was reacting to something that had instigated it. Uninformed people come to uninformed conclusions. People forget that he’d just be out of his Senior season if he’d stayed. Boogie…is gonna be an all star for a long time. Mark it down.

  8. Ky Realist
    2:03 pm April 17, 2013 Permalink

    If he went to any other school, most uahk fans would think he was a thug and should be locked up. Without basketball, Booger would likely be wearing an orange juimpsuit right now.

  9. DeMarcus
    2:09 pm April 17, 2013 Permalink

    Ey yall I srysly apolgize for my behavurs dis seasin in the NBA. I hop yall forgive me cuz I rilly tryna be a best perzon.

  10. Reality Check
    2:19 pm April 17, 2013 Permalink

    All these antics Boggie has done over the past couple years just proves Swopshire for uofl was ikn the right. Cousins should have been tossed from the game. All you hicks owe Swopshire an apology.

  11. Merlin's
    2:29 pm April 17, 2013 Permalink

    He’s a thug who is really good at basketball because he has the rare combo of freakish size/athleticism/basketball skills. There have been many players in the past who fit this bill (or worse i.e. ron artest or kenyon martin) and were still successful in the league and still in the league. They were all young and rich, being held in a different regard. The difference between always a thug and becoming a successful NBA player is a change in mentality and personal growth. Like Artest or Mike Vick, perhaps it is goin to take an extended time away from basketball for Demarcus to realize how do he acts and how charmed he really has it. I think he is capable but HE must also think this. Granted he is 22 but that can no longer be a valid excuse when you leave UK and enter big business. What if you fudged up at work and your excuse was “well I’m only 22 so can I keep my job?” Unfortunately Mr. Cousins is finding life after 1yr in college to be quite demanding *duh*

  12. tyrus
    2:29 pm April 17, 2013 Permalink

    He’s immature and been an embarrassment to BBN. I don’t have the love fest with Cousins as the top dogs of KSR. Again, how bout a post on Jodie Meeks! Remember him right KSR and the UK records he broke? His team is going for a playoff spot and more is going to be asked of him since Kobe is injured. Or will KSR just post another freaking story about Noels going pro?

  13. Biff Switters
    2:36 pm April 17, 2013 Permalink


    I’m cheering for you and so are many sensible people. You’re a polarizing player living up to that ‘black and white’ persona from your childhood that you alluded to. Without forsaking your upbringing and disrespecting your roots, you can embrace the gray. You have a lot to be proud of and any portrayal that leaves that out is an incomplete picture, but your detractors are not completely baseless…and that’s not a condemnation of you. That just speaks to your humanness. You’re a person, subject to the same strains as other people. A big problem in the world today is the “I’m a victim,” attitude. What so many folks do not realize is that they’re only a victim if they allow themselves to be. If you allow this bad boy image to define you, then it will. Live in the here and now. You can be victimized without playing that role. Something to consider, take it or leave it, don’t dismiss the professions of psychiatry and psychology those fields simply contain professionals whose job it is to help their clients figure things out and they happen to be well-trained in it…or at least they are on paper. It might help to think of it as a qualified confidant (Coach Cal comes to mind). And talking to a psychologist does not have to be you saying, “You’re all right I’m crazy.” If you were asking me, and that will likely never happen, I would tell you to create awareness around portraying yourself as the victim and also getting involved in the blame game. Nothing good will come of it, and it certainly won’t alter your ‘bad boy’ image. I think you know what you need to do. You say basketball has never been hard and not really been a challenge. If you are looking for a challenge then you’ll have a sizable one in evolving your persona. To be sure you can evolve your persona while not forsaking your upbringing or the principles your mother worked so hard to instill in you. In closing if this was preachy, I apologize, it’s hard to give advice, especially unsolicited advice, without preaching. One thing to remember…It’s a beautiful world and there is no reason to be unhappy. You have the makings of an all-star (bothon and off the court all-star) and as soon as you fully digest that and couple it with your obvious determination…the sky is the limit. You say you can’t wait for an end to these rough times and you want it to get better. If you realize the stake you have in your own success you’ll go far. Take accountability for your success and ALWAYS REMEMBER that BBN is pulling for you.

    Your fan
    Biff Switters

  14. BR?
    2:51 pm April 17, 2013 Permalink

    I thought KSR didn’t link Bleacher Report articles? I thought you guys were too good to even mention such horrible writing? That’s what you guys said. I guess things have changed. Namely, Bleacher Report is actually landing interviews and writing original stories and KSR is still stuck in an endless cycle of google alerts and crappy writing.

  15. Pickle Roll
    2:57 pm April 17, 2013 Permalink

    Boogie is the man no matter what!

  16. Duke Blows
    3:23 pm April 17, 2013 Permalink

    To all the haters like1,8, and 12 have you ever met big Cuz? Do you know him other then what the media has portrayed? I have and I found him to be a lot different then he has been portrayed! He was very kind to me and my 5 year old daughter. He even took time from eating to sign my daughters cast on broke arm!
    Does Cuz have some growing up to do? Sure he does. Just like every kid his age but no more then most!

  17. blueman54
    4:54 pm April 17, 2013 Permalink

    Matt and Drew continue to blow Cousins

  18. Lakesidecatsfan
    5:00 pm April 17, 2013 Permalink

    Did you guys ever report that he had a son a year ago? That took me by surprise.

  19. bgblue
    8:31 pm April 17, 2013 Permalink

    Screw all the haters!
    I lover you Boogie. There are a lot of 22 year old who are not matured yet. I have a child who graduated from UK last year. She has a long way to go to be considered to be a matured person. Boogie is in public eyes so it is easy for people to pick and hate him. If he were your child, would you say the things you said about him here?

  20. bret1555
    8:56 pm April 17, 2013 Permalink

    7. Well, I have known a lot of guys younger than 22 who have led Marines into combat and been entrusted with national security. Youth excuses dumb decisions – it doesn’t excuse refusing to take responsibility for those decisions.

    16. I am not a hater — I don’t think Boogie is a thug. I also understand that term is, itself, loaded. I don’t think he does things out of malice or that he is an unkind person. I do think he is immature. Immature young people can be engaging, polite, kind, and fun. On the other hand, they can be sullen, temperamental, and childish. I think all of the adjectives I have used in the previous two sentences can accurately be used to describe Cousins at different times.

    Ultimately, instead of blaming others (read: media) for the way they portray him, Cousins would be better served by working hard to change the narrative.