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DeAngelo Hall just lived my dream

As you may have heard, Bobby Petrino just signed on for a much more difficult life, taking the job at Arkansas.  That job is #1 on my “is this sh*t really worth it?” list of coaching jobs.  High expectations, good-but-not-great native recruiting base, and an environment where everyone’s down to do whatever they can to help the football program.  Problem is, there hasn’t been anything they could do to get Arkansas a conference championship since the SWC days.

But oh well.  It doesn’t matter why he left.  It only matters that he left, giving ESPN reason to interview DeAngelo Hall.

Hall says things with he and Petrino were getting better, but that doesn’t mean he actually liked the dude.  So imagine how happy Hall must have been to get a phone call asking to interview him about his now former boss, whom he did not like.  He was granted the rare opportunity to dog his boss as far out as you possible with no fear of repercussion.  No one will get Petrino’s back on this one, even though it was clear he did not be an NFL head coach.  Hall could say anything he wanted and nothing bad could possibly happen.  No image hit, no fine, no gassers after practice.

So, if you were Hall, imagine everything you’d say.  Now, if you can do that, and then edit out the cuss words, then you’ve got what Hall said about Petrino.

This will say it all–he said that Arkansas “isn’t even a good SEC school.”  Well, something right around there.  Either way, no punches were pulled.

I wish somebody would let me do that about some of my old bosses.

Article written by Bomani Jones

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