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DeAndre Liggins: Will he Qualify?


There is a great deal of discussion on other sites this morning about the question of whether DeAndre Liggins will ultimately qualify. Matt May of TCP this morning added that he is hearing that UK is not nearly as confident about Liggins as they had been in the past and expect to get final word next week. I likely get asked about Liggins more than any other question right now, including by a number of people who I saw last night at Hoopfest. Here is my take on the situation (for what it is worth):

(1): Just a couple months ago, no one I spoke with thought Liggins could get eligible. The score needed was too high and it was considered almost a certainty that he would not be at UK.

(2): Then some things changed….Liggins did some more class work, got his high school GPA up, meaning he would need a lower test score. Confidence raised….

(3): Throughout that entire period, my best source on the subject from the UK end remained not confident….part of that is his cautious nature….part of it (I believe) was a thought that it was still a difficult hurdle to climb, even when public proclamations were to the contrary.

Now Matt May suggests that others at UK may be less confident as well. If that is the case, it conforms with the info I have heard for a bit from my source on it. Will he qualify? Who knows? But either way, we will likely know next week. I dont like to be a betting man on these things so I wont make a wager….but either result would not surprise me and I think a lot of the optimism for a while may have been a bit misplaced.

May also mentioned some concern over Kevin Galloway. I have no info on that and the only information I have ever heard suggested all was ok on that front. If that is not the case….well get ready for the Michael Porter/Buddy Halsell era….and call Hunter McClintock on speed dial!

Article written by Matt Jones