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David Foster Wallace’s Monday News and Views


I was really saddened this evening to read online that author David Foster Wallace was found on Sunday having hanged himself at his home in Los Angeles. Wallace was the author of a couple of books, but was best known for his first work, Infinite Jest, a masterpiece of a book that I first read when I was young and found myself enthralled. Infinite Jest is somewhat of a comic novel and is amazingly long (ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you that if anything is absurdly long, I usually like it), but is also a fascinating piece of modern fiction. Like other pop culture authors like Chuck Klosterman and David Sedaris, Wallace liked to mix a variety of topics in his writing, ranging from sports to politics. But Wallace was the more serious of the group and his writing style was on another level from a literary standpoint. Recently I saw someone in the comments section talking about Mosley and Tomlin’s work and saying that it depressed them because they knew they could never write with as much humor as they do consistently. I always had that feeling about Wallace. His mastery with the English language was awe-inspiring and Infinite Jest still ranks as one of my ten favorite novels. Wallace was 46.

And if you arent following the fall of Lehman Bros and Merrill-Lynch, you should. Whatever you think about this election, the failure of both of these institutions is an unbelievable occurrence….both are over 100 years old and are stalwarts of the US economy. An amazing turn of events and an ominous sign for the near future….

To the news….

(1): Even though the wind has knocked out my power and that of most of Louisville, it hasnt knocked out the memory of a crazy day in Commonwealth. The ending to the UK game was phenomenal and if the game hadnt been on PPV, it would have been a moment forever etched in the UK fan consciousness. As it is however, it was an amazing escape and one that UK can be thankful to have made. Today Rich Brooks noted that the blocked kick was a systematic failure, caused most importantly by the kick blocking teams incorrect line-up on the line of scrimmage. By favoring the wrong side, the blocker came through untouched and Seiber’s kick never had a chance. Technically the responsiblity for noticing such a failure is that of the holder, but it is so rare that no one would have believed it possible. Coach Brooks said it would be an open kicking job over the next two weeks….he said Seiber’s kicks were just hooked a bit, but now Ryan Tydlacka has a chance to win the job this week. Should be interesting to follow…..

(2): Both in the post-game press conference and in the review of the game, the play of Kyrus Lanxter has been brought into focus. The de facto #2 wide receiver had a tough game, dropping passes, running the wrong routes and missing blocks. After the game, Brooks mentioned Lanxter by name on his talk with Tom Leach and hinted at him in other comments. What is odd about Lanxter’s play is that he had been doing well in the two previous games and made one good catch in the MTSU game. But at this point, he is simply missing reads and routes that he cant at this point in the season. Earlier this year we gave you the depth chart as it stood right before Week 1. We will do it again before the Western game and my guess is that it will look quite different from that original group. Give Brooks credit….he isnt afraid to mix it up.

(3): As for basketball, another set of pickup games took place on Saturday. I talked to someone there who said that it was generally a similar set of games as to last week. Once again, this person was impressed with our man Razor Ramon who continues to turn heads over and over. Harris has become “the leader on and off the court” for this team and he is the most improved player on the team. Lots of the UK commitments were there as well, especially Dominique Ferguson, who took in the football game on Saturday as well. I have to tell you, while I occasionally wonder about some of the offers Gillispie gives, I LOVE his unique and forward ways at looking at the recruiting process. From jumping on the “Elite camps”, to moving up Midnight Madness, to bringing commitments on campus to play with the team. He just keeps hitting on every mark.

(4): I have said this multiple times and I will say it again. Every thing I see makes me think that Mark Krebs will see playing time this year. He is working out with the team and in the rotation as a regular scholarship player. I think he starts the season as the potential backup “shooter” on the team, an important part since there are some weaknesses in outside shooting. You will see him play….mark it down.

More throughout the day, including a profile on the newest UK legend, Robbie “Cedric Jenkins” McAtee…..

Article written by Matt Jones