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Darius West postpones his announcement

darius west

Four-star safety Darius West was expected to announce his college decision on Thursday, with all signs pointing to UK, but apparently, he’s had a change of heart. This afternoon, Edwards told 247’s Steve Wiltfong that he’s calling off Thursday’s commitment announcement, and will take all of his visits instead:

“I need to really think about it all and take all my visits to really find the best fit for me, and I think it was just a little too early. I just feel this is best for me.”

West’s final four schools are Kentucky, Louisville, Michigan State and Wisconsin. He and fellow four-star safety Mike Edwards were thought to be heavy UK leans, with Drew Barker and other 2014 UK commitments going as far to predict good news for the BBN on Thursday. Hopefully this isn’t too big of a setback for the Cats.

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15 Comments for Darius West postpones his announcement

  1. Drewsster02
    4:15 pm May 28, 2013 Permalink

    I was wondering if Barker’s tweet may be detrimental because these recruits want to be the ones to reveal their school of choice, not a fellow recruit.

  2. UK
    4:21 pm May 28, 2013 Permalink

    Kentucky football…once again snatching defeat from the jaws of victory….to me this is deflating and not a good sign.

  3. Terry Blue
    4:28 pm May 28, 2013 Permalink

    #2, nothing personal, but you’re an idiot

  4. tltaworl
    4:30 pm May 28, 2013 Permalink

    ugh, I guess Stoops wasn’t the right choice. Can’t get it done…

  5. A Guy
    4:42 pm May 28, 2013 Permalink

    @1: Yea, Barker’s tweet didn’t sit right with me either. I love the recruiting he is doing, but it’s not cool to steal the spotlight from someone else. Barker got his press conference; let everyone else have theirs.

    I’m hoping for a long-shot plot-twist: Barker was referring to someone else. *fingers crossed*

  6. capt
    4:46 pm May 28, 2013 Permalink

    #3, How do you see this as a good sign??? Enlighten #2, since he is an idiot.

  7. Imagine
    4:49 pm May 28, 2013 Permalink

    what’s going to transpire when you guys go 2-10 this year.

  8. We'll be fine
    4:58 pm May 28, 2013 Permalink

    It says “postpones”. Just relax.

  9. dave
    5:35 pm May 28, 2013 Permalink

    im confused, was it edwards or west who said they called off the announcement? & are both holding off announcing or just west?

    6:26 pm May 28, 2013 Permalink

    Barker didnt say anything to ruin or affect anything,he was actually talking about Tucker whom is visiting tommorrow and could committ.
    Also, the comment eveyone should be paying attention to is Edwards tweet that said..”Just sayin some schools should stop recruiting at a certain position” Im sure he was referring to UK as they are heavily recruiting several at CB/S. Him and Edwards want to attend the same college and both play CB/S

    6:27 pm May 28, 2013 Permalink

    9. West was suppose to announce Thursday but called it off. Edwards was ready to announce a couple weeks ago but his Coaches told him to hold off. Both want to go to the same school

  12. JBCat
    7:49 pm May 28, 2013 Permalink

    Drew Barker did not take the spotlight away from anybody. Did he name any names? No. Did he mention any high schools? No.
    Somebody please explain how he has taken anything away from anybody…
    #2–Shut up, you trollin’ ass fool. You ignore the unbelievably positive turnaround in UK football that is presently taking place to focus on one postponement of a single recruit. He hasn’t taken UK off his list, has he? You must be the weakest-willed human on the planet if this is “deflating” to you. Go back to your own school’s website.

  13. JiffyLubeGuy
    8:04 pm May 28, 2013 Permalink

    Washing a car at home uses 5 to 20 times more water than a professional car wash. So skip the DIY car wash guys & let the professionals handle it!

  14. BK in Scottsville
    8:11 pm May 28, 2013 Permalink

    Please let these guys go through the process…They are teenagers….

    They have the option to be on a potentially bowl eligible team, even if they dont see the game field for 3 years. They really need to think about this as it is their future.

    To me the options are clear…Play in the SEC, play now, play for a coach that put 7 defensive players in the NFL last year, be a hero. But; I am not the guy suiting up or making the decision. Give them some space!!!!

  15. Louisville1Cal4
    9:40 pm May 28, 2013 Permalink

    @ 2,4,7 They’ll commit to UK or go else where before Otis. They know what will happen once Bridgewater goes pro. Back to normal, aka an automatic W on Kentucky’s schedule.