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Danielle Santoro and A Day of Craziness


I have honestly never had a day quite like today. I thought that I had been through the madness of UK basketball 2 years ago when Tubby left and Billy Gillispie was hired. But that was before another generation of folks got onto the internet, before internet sites replaced news reports as the primary info gatherer for fans and before our site grew at such a large rate. As I write this, over 200,000 unique visitors have logged onto this website today… absolutely astounding total. Our server has gone on and off for most of the day and we have spent countless hours trying to prepare it for the onslaught of whatever tomorrow brings. Kentucky Sports Radio has never seen a day like today and it likely never will again.

But that only hints at the absurdity around the program this Thursday. I have been called, emailed, texted, facebooked, twittered and actually spoken to in person by everyone you can imagine, all with their stories, reports or sources. Quite simply I cant imagine another day like this having happened before. Attempts at practicing law have been mostly futile as all focus for virtually the entire state of Kentucky workforce has been on the Cats. Will he go? Who will replace him? What is going to happen? That is all that is on anyone’s mind and opinions are all over the place. Because no real “news” has taken place, lets look at what little info we can get from various sources around the globe….

The big news is that someone named Danielle Santoro may have forgotten to call in sick to work on the wrong night, as she was the face of a WHAS 11 report that Billy Gillispie is out at UK. The report, which broke into “Greys Anatomy” and caused the entire city of Louisville’s UK fans to watch McDreamy for 15 minutes, essentially said that WHAS’s “sources” were confirming that Gillispie was out at UK, with an announcement on Friday. I was, and am, shocked by the report….no one I know has confirmed the story before (I dont count Maggard’s 7 am email this morning) and it seemed like quite a stretch that WHAS 11 would do it now. Plus I have no idea who Danielle Santoro is and I feel bad for the woman if she ends up being wrong about this call. WHAS 11 took a chance and we will see if it pays off.

This was followed by a statement to WHAS 11 from UK saying the story of Gillispie being fired today is not true. WHAS 11 said that in their 11 pm story, but stuck with their report that he would not be back next season.

Lexington news media continued with their “he is likely gone” parade, but also saw some dissenters. Dick Gabriel put the “back” in “backtrack” on his show today as he insisted that he never said Gillispie was likely to be fired and that people were wrong in speculating that it has happened. Gabriel, who has repeatedly said he thought Gillispie was likely gone, is close to the AD and his change in tone caused some to take pause….but it isnt clear what, if anything, the tone meant.

Billy Gillispie did his radio call-in show, which had the sounds of a long, extended funeral, with fans calling and saying they hoped he would be the coach and Gillispie not calling himself the coach at virtually any point. While he continued to talk about “going to work”, it was hard to hear the show as an obvious sign of a man who believes he will keep his job….but then again, one could read anything into it that they wanted. I however did notice that Gillispie praised Tom Leach a number of times, an interesting move considering the awkwardness at various times this season.

Finally we have the rumors of a press conference tomorrow. AS OF NOW, NO PRESS CONFERENCE HAS BEEN SCHEDULED….but that doesnt mean that one cant end up being called at a later point. If a press conference will take place, we will likely know by 10 am or so….thus making any decision an early morning rise. When Gillispie was hired, the email was sent out at 6:30 am….we may have that kind of morning again on Friday….or this may drag on, who the heck knows.

Long story short, after a day of chatter, we dont know anymore than we did yesterday. What we did have was one of the craziest and wackiest days in internet UK history. I am saving emails, message board comments, etc to use in a post at some point in the future….it really has been crazy. And no matter WHAT happens, when this is all over, I am taking a vacation away from my problems like Bill Murray in “What About Bob” and Fake Gimel, Beisner and BTI can run the blog for a few days.

The Big Blue Nation….gotta love it. Stay tuned (and pray for our servers)

Article written by Matt Jones