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Daniel Tosh’s Tuesday News and Views


I always try to stay hip to the trends that the kids are supporting. Some I end up latching on to and supporting (“Always Sunny in Philadelphia”) and some I dont understand and universally dislike (“Twilight”). With that in mind, I watched three episodes of Tosh.0 tonight and gradually I became a fan.. Tosh.0 is on Comedy Central and is basically like “The Soup” for the internet, although with much more in the way of produced bits and generated content. The host is a comedian named Daniel Tosh, who grew on me over the course of the episodes, potentially like a bad fungus. At first I found him to be utterly unlikeable, smug, a bit over the top in his comedy and with a smirk that says “please punch me in the face.” However the reality is that he (and the show) is funny and over time, that overtook my initial tendency to want to have him deported. The show is now the highest rated on Comedy Central and while it still will not be must-see viewing for me, it has entered the “if it is on, I will watch it” stage, which is increasingly encompassing fewer and fewer shows (“How I Met Your Mother” offiically lost me this year). This Tosh dude is going to be a star, walking the “he might be gay, he might not” line that apparently wins all popularity contests in 2010 and the show does pick the best of the absurd on the internet. That is our mission as well, so we cant hate…Tosh.0 has another fan…even if I dont want to be.

To the news:

(1): Not a lot happened in the world of UK sports today, which left me focused on the wackiness of the Karen Sypher trial. I attended Monday’s opening statements and was surprised by the scene. The general public is admitted, seats were always available and the media was heavy, but not the huge throng that was expected. I recounted the opening statements earlier and Deadspin among others picked it up, showcasing just how odd the story is on a national level. Basically we learned that the prosecution will allege that Karen Sypher’s preferred currency is oral sex and Sypher will allege that Rick Pitino is a really bad guy who she stayed around for six years and then randomly people started asking him for money for her without her knowledge. It promises to be quite the show. Cell phones arent allowed in the courtroom, but they are kept just outside and we will tweet if anything interesting happens. We know after today that Pitino spent $10,000 on Sypher to get her a car and was in the process of setting up an education fund for her daughter. We may learn more tomorrow when Pitino himself is expected to take the stand.

(2): It was a REALLY slow day in UK sports….no, I mean a REALLLLLY slow day. A lot of fans, and potentially me as well, have become spoiled in recent years, as the Clyde craziness and the first year of Calipari produced news everyday. But this July has been unbelievably slow, making us look to the little things for writing. Speaking of such little things, Jeff Goodman of sent out a tweet that said Calipari was watching Quincy Miller play today and after seeing his team go down 26, got up and said, “I have seen enough.” Now this probably means nothing….I take that back, of course it means nothing. As anyone who has ever been to an AAU game can attest, they are mind numbingly awful to begin with, and if its a 26 point game, it can be too much to bear. So while fans debate online what the statement could have meaned, please save your breath. It could have meant anything or nothing….so forget about it and go back to trying to stop UK fans from sending messages to recruits on Twitter (please dont…just dont).

(3): This week is the Calipari Pro Camp and former Cats are coming in. Demarcus Cousins will be here Thursday, John Wall on Friday and now Patrick Patterson will join Eric Bledsoe on Saturday. All of those attending will meet the media here and work with the kids at the camp. It is good to see that Calipari does instill the love of the Blue in the players and their return this soon after leaving is a good sign for keeping up their connection to the program in the future.

(4): A reminder that UK football Fan Day is August 7 and will be held once again at Commonwealth Stadium. I have only been to this once, but I hear great things and my guess is that the UK folks will be attempting to make it extra good for Joker’s first year out. Go if you can.

(5): Two quick notes to finish….Jacob Tamme’s charity for veterans and helping them find housing had an event today which raised $50,000 in Danville. Congrats to Tamme for a job well done. Also, the Windsor, Canada trip is coming soon and UK will actually begin practicing next week in preparation. The games are August 15, 16 and 17 and if the KSR crew can get all their passports in gear (harder than you might think), we will all be in attendance. If you can go, you really should. It is going to be a great event.

More all day as we give you info if Rick testifies and whatever else might be going on. Hopefully more than today will happen so Beez can have more to write about than I just did. Time to watch the “Mad Men” premiere….

Article written by Matt Jones