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Daniel Orton Quote Misconstrued


I woke up this morning to a host of emails from fans and a couple of sites in a tizzy about a quote given by Daniel Orton in an interview with The whole interview is linked here, but the relevant exchange is here: With the lack of opportunity this past year at Kentucky, if you had to do it over again, would you have gone to a different school?

Daniel Orton: If I had done it differently I would have gone to Kansas. But with the way things have worked out, in the end, no I wouldn’t have done anything differently.

A number of fans have written (and at least one website has headlined) that this meant that “Daniel Orton would have gone to Kansas if he had done it differently.” I dont read this as an Orton jab at all. The interviewer asks Daniel if he had to do it differently, would he have gone elsewhere. Daniel seems to answer a different question, mainly if he had done it differently, where would he have gone. He says that if not Kentucky, he would have gone to Kansas but then makes clear that he would not have chosen a different path. The key phrase to me is that Daniel does not say “if I could have done it differently”, he says “if I had done it differently”….that difference in phrasing, followed by his next sentence suggests that he was not saying he wishes he had gone to another school.

There has been some frustration with Orton and the way he departed UK and I understand some of that. However, we should be careful not to read negative into everything he says or does. I dont believe Orton was suggesting that he wishes he had gone to another school, and writings that he did seem to me a bit off base. The rest of the interview is interesting and he gives credit to not only Pat and Demarcus, but Perry Stevenson and Josh Harrellson for his development this year. A good read on a nice Friday morning.

Article written by Matt Jones