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Dana O’Neil likes the Cats…in the SEC at least

As conference play gets underway, the Southeastern Conference isn’t exactly a jewel of a basketball league. ESPN’s Dana O’Neil points that out in her conference preview, but also throws a lot of affection in the direction of Coach Cal’s team, which appears to be the only thing close to a national contender in the SEC. O’Neil picks Brandon Knight as the Player of the Year, Josh Harrellson as the biggest surprise and Rupp as the best place to see a game. However, she has no update on Enes Kanter. Weak.

If you’re not a big fan of the whole reading thing, there’s also this…

Article written by Thomas Beisner

27 Comments for Dana O’Neil likes the Cats…in the SEC at least

  1. jdhuck
    11:03 am January 7, 2011 Permalink

    Her husband is a double douche bag.

  2. T.J.
    11:10 am January 7, 2011 Permalink

    1) Who’s her husband?

  3. Roggensak
    11:13 am January 7, 2011 Permalink

    Is it Patrick o’Neil?

  4. dhighdrated
    11:13 am January 7, 2011 Permalink

    Kige gives better analysis than Dana O’Neil just did.

  5. bearded gnome
    11:15 am January 7, 2011 Permalink

    The actor Patrick O’Neil is not interested in the girls if you get what I mean.

  6. Roggensak
    11:15 am January 7, 2011 Permalink

    All I got out of that was, She doesn’t know anything, She needs a dart board and Kentucky is the team to beat… Wow!

  7. ThankfulCat
    11:16 am January 7, 2011 Permalink

    louisville must have a small weiner

  8. RidgeRunner
    11:16 am January 7, 2011 Permalink

    Bundy (Blogger) mentioned this in the post below & I think as he does, some could take what she said about “Freeing Enes” as if she was putting a dig in at us fans…

    If thats the case, DayNah…

    If you did your homework, you would see that while we still want Kanter, we are giving high props to Jorts at the same time. Props to Jorts means we don’t give up a fight for Enes. Dana, we can multi-task, Beyotch!

    Love, BBN

  9. my dog eats better than this
    11:17 am January 7, 2011 Permalink

    i want to try to be positive … but i think the ncaa has made their decision … probably made it from the get go … they are simply trying to work backwards from it to form some sort of logical ‘ruling’

  10. Red Rooster
    11:26 am January 7, 2011 Permalink


  11. Justme
    11:26 am January 7, 2011 Permalink

    She’s hot. Free Enes.

  12. whatumacallit
    11:37 am January 7, 2011 Permalink

    the ncaa has no balls!! unfortunately, you cant have a enis with no balls

  13. jdhuck
    11:40 am January 7, 2011 Permalink

    2) Pat Forde is her husband.

  14. Al's IndiCats
    11:43 am January 7, 2011 Permalink

    A lot of love being thrown at us…..but I hope this isn’t to put the jinx on us. We love our Jorts, and we want our Enes out of the warm-ups. (Patrick O’Neil would love that). And if the Enes mention was a dig BITE US ALL Dana!…….GO CATS FREE ENES!!!!!!!!

  15. Don Quixote
    11:44 am January 7, 2011 Permalink

    It is good for the NCAA for Kanter to play. I think they know that. I also think they have created a mess for themselves and its now a game of damage control.

    If they claim the exchange of money is the issue not the intent then Sydney should have never played a game, Ohio State’s 5 should have been on the pine and thus Kanter should be ineligible.

    If they claim intent then Newton should be on the pine, wins should be vacated and Auburn isn’t playing in the title game. Thus Kanter should be ineligible.

    Since all of the logical progressions went against their own rules it becomes a situation for them to rule Kanter eligible, going against their own rules is the only consistent move. Quite the paradox.

    Not withstanding the $$$$$$$ they risk losing by creating a disincentive for foreign players to vet the NCAA D1 to the NBA route as opposed to the current foreign league to the NBA. NCAA is missing a huge market with the current one year rule in the NBA. Huge!

    If they rule Kanter ineligible they are passing on an opportunity to market to foreign players to come to the US, go through the NCAA and test your skills against the best and similar competition.

  16. Al's IndiCats
    11:46 am January 7, 2011 Permalink

    Not understanding why some posts show and some don’t…..Is it heavy foot traffic?

  17. Joe B. Hall
    11:47 am January 7, 2011 Permalink

    she sure didn’t go to broadcasting school.

  18. CallerfromLexington
    11:51 am January 7, 2011 Permalink

    I don’t think she did such a bad job. I don’t know the answers, either. But the same with Andy Katz- these guys need to take 2 extra minutes to position their cameras better so they don’t end up making what look like hostage videos. The overlay graphic (why centered?) covered up part of her face and there was still 4 feet above her head.

  19. whitelightning
    11:54 am January 7, 2011 Permalink

    really took a genius to figure that one out (end of sentence)

  20. Al's IndiCats
    12:00 pm January 7, 2011 Permalink

    15) very well said. What they have here is a failure to communicate. It’s good for one but not the other. 5 players were found to be in direct failure of NCAA rules. Money, tatoos, and from one sports writer riding around in a Borrowed cars (because his car was in the shop), this has been going on for years at OSU, it’s been a way of life to them. And yet the rule they bring to the Kanters is just rediculous.
    Kent Benson when he was at IU was tooling around in a new Caddie for the first three years he was there. My father-in-law was child hood friend of his father. His folks had a 12 year truck and a 15 year old chevy. They were barely breaking even on the farm they lived on. And yet Knight looked the other way because he knew the NCAA would never accuse him of such a thing as improper benefits.

  21. Jason
    12:00 pm January 7, 2011 Permalink

    Thanks Sweetcakes!

  22. Karen Sypher's Miniskirt
    12:06 pm January 7, 2011 Permalink

    Dana can’t be married to Pat. She has the wrong hair to be a sister-wife.

  23. why does NBA not like Knight?
    12:10 pm January 7, 2011 Permalink

    So’s draft mock draft dropped Brandon Knight from 7 to 21 in three days. Guess they must have really not liked something from the Penn game. He isn’t as flashy as a John Wall but the kid can definitely ball.

  24. coack K
    12:38 pm January 7, 2011 Permalink

    I SUCK. DUKE SUCKS. loserville SUCKS.

  25. mattcat68
    12:48 pm January 7, 2011 Permalink

    How appropriate, the lead in to her vlog was a trailer for Season of the Witch. Hilarious!

  26. ukbill
    1:28 pm January 7, 2011 Permalink

    20 – Nice Cool Hand Luke ref…

    any man don’t FREE ENES, spends a night in the box

  27. Roach K
    1:31 pm January 7, 2011 Permalink

    Let our ENES go!