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Dan LeBatard: Not new to stokin’ the racial fires

Hey there handsome.

Yesterday, Bryan the Intern posted the video of Dan LeBaturd trying to stir up a few controversial sound bites from Jay Bilas, only to find out that Bilas was entirely too intelligent for his journalistic bottom-feeding. Well, folks, I’m sad to report that this wasn’t LeBaturd’s first foray into the world of trying to create racial controversy.

A few months ago, being the high-quality journalist that he is, LeBaturd invited Trick Daddy onto his show to discuss the Michael Vick situation. Now, we can’t deny that “Trick love da kids”, but I’m not really sure what would be the point in having him on the show to talk about Vick’s dogfighting charges unless he’s just trying to get a few shocking soundbites. This, after all, is the guy who brought in Tim Hardaway to talk about John Amaechi’s sexual preference and then baited him into bashing it.

Well, he got them. If you’re in to hearing a professional journalist (I, as a complete unprofessional myself, use that term lightly) calling another grown man “Trick”, then you should enjoy the first several minutes of unintelligible talk where Mr. Daddy claims Vick is the greatest football player ever, that dog fighting is just like cock fighting so it should be ok (pretty sure that’s illegal too, Trick) and his bold claim that “weed is weed”. But don’t worry, sweet KSR reader, LeBaturd pounces on the already pointless interview and begins with the racial questioning thereafter.


***And just as a side note before the racial arguments get started:  I’m posting this purely to prove what a moron Dan LeBaturd is.  If he can’t be the Miami Heat butt-boy, then he’s got nothing left.  Also, I’m not condemning or celebrating what Mr. Daddy has to say, but I will say I find it hard to question a man raised on sugar water and mayonnaise sandwiches.

Article written by Thomas Beisner