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Dan Dakich: The Sequel


The man with the most awkward interview in the history of Kentucky Sports Radio radio returned to the airwaves today. I won’t spoil the entire interview for you but it ended with a promise to meet up and be buddies at the Kentucky game next week. “All of us smart people are a little weird.”

Have a listen…

Article written by Drew Franklin

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14 Comments for Dan Dakich: The Sequel

  1. scott
    4:27 pm December 15, 2011 Permalink

    Hah! Let me guess, the picture of Dakich is “all in fun” too. And no, after your guests come on, you agree, they shouldn’t be bashed, but your going to post this pic? What are you? 30?

  2. scooter
    4:43 pm December 15, 2011 Permalink

    scott is danny’s designated dooshboy.
    rinse that cavity, you Lil’ hoosier helper!
    i’m not sayin’ anything, i’m just sayin’.

  3. Alex
    4:56 pm December 15, 2011 Permalink

    Having listened to both interviews, I don’t understand why this is a big deal. Matt, you’re a lawyer, you framed your initial question in a way that sounded condescending — “Indiana fans with their chests puffed out.” C’mon, don’t play the victim.

  4. gossie21
    5:35 pm December 15, 2011 Permalink

    1. I didn’t know I was viewing this website through the radio. Weird.

  5. scott
    6:16 pm December 15, 2011 Permalink

    Jeez O pete, why doesn’t this thing refresh???

  6. CliffFrankLou
    6:50 pm December 15, 2011 Permalink

    Any clues as to why Mr. Dakich did not get the IU job when it was open? Seems rather apparent, don’t you think?

  7. scott
    6:57 pm December 15, 2011 Permalink

    What up…why does this thing NOT refresh, DAMN!

  8. Wildcat Kyle
    7:07 pm December 15, 2011 Permalink

    #1 Are you high? You make no sense!

  9. scott
    7:28 pm December 15, 2011 Permalink

    #8-no, I am not high..from Drew Franklin:

    “I hope the Mason County school personnel will accept our apology and understand that we were never really upset; it was all in fun”…I assume the superimposed photo is “all in fun” as well? This all comes on the heels of Matt agreeing with Double D that bashing guests after an appearance is something that should not be done.

    Just ironic…and in the end, more evidence that KY fan can dish it, but can’t take it. That’s all.

  10. Drew Franklin
    7:56 pm December 15, 2011 Permalink

    I can take it as much as anyone. #nohomo

  11. Blueburg
    8:37 pm December 15, 2011 Permalink

    This guy is a freakshow.

  12. RickyPVoodooDoll
    9:28 pm December 15, 2011 Permalink

    He said that he is a friend of Rick Bozo on the radio this morning, That should explain why he acts funny toward Matt.

  13. GZA
    9:52 pm December 15, 2011 Permalink

    I agree with #3. The first interview, Double D seemed defensive…..but this one, I think he made a good argument. Still no response to his absurd statement about the game being and “upset,” but the rest of the interview he made several good points.

  14. scott
    11:06 am December 16, 2011 Permalink


    No upset because IU did not have to do anything in the game that would have been out of the oridinary for them. They did not have to shoot 70%, they did not have to make 15 three pointers. They did not need single digit turnovers. DD also explained that the crowd was going to be a big factor. He also mentioned the young team UK has. He knew things would be difficult for the Kats. He also took into consideration the win over UNC…big win, now we have to go to Indiana…no big deal….he knew they would no be prepared for what they were walking into. He explained the most important match-up, Watford V. Jones. He said if Jones went for 30-IU had no chance. He explained the improvement of Sheehey and Oladipo…translation…these guys are good enough to run/play with Kentucky…so, the task was not a “monumental” one. Sure, it was a tall task, and a good win, but not something shocking, or something the Hoosiers did not think they could accomplish. He watched tape, broke down each team, and discerned all this. he is a coach, he has a trained eye, and he said his peace, and he was spot on. Hurts, eh?