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Dakari Johnson to Announce on ESPNU Tonight



In a surprising move, Dakari Johnson will announce his college choice tonight on ESPNU during halftime of the 8 pm Cancer Research Classic. Johnson, a five-star center in the class of 2013, is deciding among Kentucky, Georgetown, and Syracuse. The latest buzz has been that Kentucky is a “done deal” for the No. 1 center in his class, and one has to think that a sudden announcement on the weekend that Kentucky is scheduled to watch him play bodes well for the Wildcats.


Want more good omens? Johnson has also said that it wouldn’t bother him if Nerlens Noel and/or Willie Cauley-Stein were to stay on next year: “I talked to Coach Cal and it wouldn’t matter to me, even if they stayed they would push me harder in practice and I would just be better developed going against those guys every day.” And let’s not forget that Johnson attended Sayre School in Lexington as a 6’10” eighth-grader before going on to play alongside Michael Kidd-Gilchrist for St. Patrick’s.


Dakari Johnson, come on down!



Article written by Kristen Geil

29 Comments for Dakari Johnson to Announce on ESPNU Tonight

  1. The dude
    11:13 am January 5, 2013 Permalink

    this is going to be the super class

  2. SeaCat
    11:17 am January 5, 2013 Permalink

    So, is he playing a game?
    Announcing at halftime?
    Any idea about what time?

  3. Cope
    11:19 am January 5, 2013 Permalink

    His game is at 6 and he is announcing at halftime of the following game

  4. Holler Baller
    11:23 am January 5, 2013 Permalink

    Are there going to be enough scholarships for all these guys next year????

  5. Ruppsfatrunt
    11:26 am January 5, 2013 Permalink

    Here we go!! Cal better keep up with Coach Stoops! Mr Johnson, you will look great in blue

  6. hello washington
    11:28 am January 5, 2013 Permalink

    There will be room…. Kick off Jon hood, Tracey Polson and the rest of the super freshmen this year will probably leave….

  7. Steely Dan
    11:29 am January 5, 2013 Permalink

    Hey did you guys hear that Dakari Johnson wouldn’t mind playing alongside Noel or Cauley-Stein?

  8. TampaCat
    11:30 am January 5, 2013 Permalink

    Wow, Cal is there and he decides to make the committment. Gotta love this guy. There will never be another class to ever match this one. Who’s next?

  9. jaxcats8503
    11:30 am January 5, 2013 Permalink

    Holler Baller, there is no need to worry about scholarships. Ever (under Coach Cal). He has a short roster for a reason. When he has couple extra scholarships he rewards guys like Polson or Long. It’s not like Pitino who has 15 guys to start on roster and then recruits another, thus pulling scholarship on injured athlete.

  10. red headed step child
    11:31 am January 5, 2013 Permalink

    I love a kid that is not afraid to COMPETE. He doesn’t care who returns to UK next year, states they will only make him better. That’s a kid that GETS IT ! so many of these high profile players only want to go where they are a big fish in a small pond. Not this kid, he wants to BRING IT. Good luck, young lad, you will be successful in life.

  11. oh really?
    11:35 am January 5, 2013 Permalink

    #5 Keep up with Stoops? What, the race is on to see how many visits they can arrange? Commits, that’s what we’re after. No, not even that, how about performers? I love the Stoops hire, but puhleeze, can we actually see if Stoops signs some of these guys and further see if they pan out before we stupidly compare him to a National Championship winning Calipari?

  12. really omg r u srs
    11:40 am January 5, 2013 Permalink

    Only on every post for 3 days now lol

  13. ATLCat15
    11:41 am January 5, 2013 Permalink


  14. Big Whoop
    11:42 am January 5, 2013 Permalink

    We will need big guy to man the Center slot with Nerlens and Willie leaving for the NBA. And, if the NBA take Archie and Alex, that’s four guys gone. Will Harrow be ready to leave also? That leaves Wiltjer,Hood & Polson on scholarhips. I don’t think Malone, Long and Lanter have scholarships, so that leaves 10 available? Beckham and Mays graduate. We have five commitments now, so we can take a few more which is highly unlikely.

    Does ANYONE believe we will get Wiggins,Randle,Gordon and Johnson? Can Cal,or anyone,handle that many star players. That’s a lot of egos to deal with. I think it is more than likely that Wiggins and Gordon will go elsewhere. I’ll take any one or two of the four, but would prefer Wiggins and Randle.

  15. gog8ors
    11:47 am January 5, 2013 Permalink

    D.J. committing to UK shouldn’t be a surprise, I’ve been telling you guys this for weeks. Wiggins will go to Florida State, Randle to Texas, Gordon to Arizona. Florida won’t be adding any other recruits to next season’s class of Walker and Hill. Patric Young could return for his senior season and with the addition of the transfers sitting out this season, Finney-Smith and Harris, the Gators will be in solid shape anyway. Congrats to UK for another outstanding recruiting class and looking forward to the Florida/UK battles in the seasons to come. Go Gators!

  16. Better think again
    11:48 am January 5, 2013 Permalink

    He does not care if Stein or Noel stay or not is B.S. This kid has repeadly said that he wants to be one & done with a chance to prove himself. That will not be the case if Stein or Noel stay.

  17. Cvillecat23
    12:01 pm January 5, 2013 Permalink

    #16 – You mad bro? #BBN #WeAreUK

  18. Jeff Garlin
    12:05 pm January 5, 2013 Permalink

    Live blog tonight? BTW, word on the street is UK football is getting a commitment today!

  19. William Braskey
    12:10 pm January 5, 2013 Permalink

    Scholarships won’t be an issue, with Noel, Poythress, and Goodwin all getting lottery slots.

    3)WCS-could be gone as well
    7) Harrison

    Still have 3 scholarships available. I’m not sure, but I think Hood’s scholarship comes off of the books his last season as well since he used it the red-shirt year. So no worries on scholarships.

    That rotation above would be stout as hell tho without any additions

    We could play big with Harrisons, Young, WCS, and Johnson, or go blinding with speed using Harrow, Lee, WCS, and 2 of the Harrison/Young trio

  20. William Braskey
    12:20 pm January 5, 2013 Permalink

    Practices next year should be mighty fun, scrimmages will probably be better for team than 1/2 the teams on the schedule

    PG-Harrison vs Harrow
    SG-Harrison vs Young
    SF-Hood vs Willis
    PF-Wiltjer vs Lee
    C-WCS vs Johnson

  21. Plain Truth
    12:24 pm January 5, 2013 Permalink

    One reason he should not care who returns, if he is 6’10” and 265 pounds now, he could join the team this week, we do not have one of those.

  22. Better think again
    12:30 pm January 5, 2013 Permalink

    #17…No SISTA, not mad. Just don’t jump on the band wagon & believe everything that’s printed or MAYBE said when I have seen different. You still believe in the Tooth Fairy Sista? YOU MAD SISTA! #We are UK #YOU ARE DUMBASS!

  23. Drew
    12:36 pm January 5, 2013 Permalink

    15. Thought u said Wiggins was a Uf lock??? U have no sources u just talk BS!!!

  24. Kyle
    12:49 pm January 5, 2013 Permalink

    @23 he also said Randle was a lock for Florida too we all know he is clueless but I just like looking at his BS makes me laugh sometimes

  25. Danny Mac
    2:03 pm January 5, 2013 Permalink

    15 I disagree about some of the recruits, but it’s not like I know they’re going to UK, I just don’t think anyone but the players themselves know, especially in the cases of Wiggins and Randle. IF we were to get Randle though that would make for some great key match-ups in games vs Florida’s top 10 PF Walker. I agree, either way, UF-UK basketball will be great next year.

  26. Cking9698
    2:45 pm January 5, 2013 Permalink

    This is big time…lee and Johnson!!!! I think his addition makes us even more attractive to wiggins, those who say Florida state have no clue what they are talking about. Wiggins is no dummy.

    That leaves randle….. I really don’t think we get him.

    One last thing….I don’t believe poythress will go pro. Noel and Goodwin will go, wcs possibly.
    Lets be real… None of these guys on this years team is ready for the NBA.

  27. omgnoway
    3:05 pm January 5, 2013 Permalink

    Are we getting another unibrow?? C’mon Dakari grow that thing out!

  28. gog8ors
    4:01 pm January 5, 2013 Permalink

    24- I have never said that Wiggins was going to Florida, that was some jerk using my sign-in name. I have no idea why this site allows people to use the exact same sign-in names because it allows jerks to portray themselves as others.

  29. T stone
    4:21 pm January 5, 2013 Permalink

    Wasn’t he originally going to announce Jan. 26