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Culley Pagri love China long time


Perhaps the most interesting thing to come out of the “press conference heard ’round the world” from Coach Calipari the other day was the focus that he said he’s planned to put on China in terms of marketing the UK brand and mining the country for basketball talent.  This idea is off-the-charts brilliant for a number of reasons….but I’ll let Matt get into that later on.  He’s really geared up over this.

But, there are a few interesting connections between The People’s Republic and Coach Calipari that were presented in the comments section the other day by a KSR reader in China.  Sadly, you did not see these connections because they were blocked by the spam filter due to a couple of links.  But, fear not, my KSR buddies.  I’ve saved this intriguing info from the netherworlds of spam so you can bask in it’s wonderment and say “hmm, that’s pretty interesting” just like I did.

Basically, our good friend “ChineseUKFan” said that Coach has made two trips across the big pond to China, with the first being a brief week-long trek in 2007 with a Memphis Board Member and an official from the city of Memphis. This trip was to announce the partnership between the University of Memphis and the Chinese Basketball Association in a coaches exchange program. Each year, 15 Chinese basketball coaches would head to Memphis for a two-week training session, one of whom would remain on the staff for a full year as an intern. In exchange, Calipari and Co. would travel to China every summer for coaching clinics.

The second trip lasted three weeks and took place in the summer of 2008, shortly after massive earthquakes struck the region. The trip was organized for the Conference USA All Star that Calipari was coaching to play against the Chinese National Team, but ended up also including a fundraising game for the earthquake victims. Coach (known as “The Basketball Reformer”) stuck around with good buddy Del Harris (the person who originally sparked his interest in China) after the journey ended to do some of the clinics mentioned above.

Is that not enough for you yet?  Well, our good spam-blocked buddy also included this link to a story about Calipari’s response to the earthquake…or something.  It’s all in Chinese.  So, I put it into a Chinese translator for you so the entire KSR nation could enjoy it.  And, just as you’d expect, the translation was flawless.  Enjoy the story of Coach Culley Pagri:

The Sina sports news “Sichuan we and you ” Culley the Pagri white show solicitude for in the same place are printing such two lines of large brush-written Chinese characters clearly. This causes him to be more conspicuous without doubt in the crowd.

Is also starts with Culley Pagri’s this conversation from 512 big earthquakes, “in fact, not only I, have many people in the US to pay attention to this matter. We through the picture, the article, the television and the broadcast understood is having all. This disaster let many children lose the life, the house also collapsed, the school did not have. Said really, when saw after this all, our profound clear family regarding the child is how important how. “in the Culley Pagri’s spoken language is bringing sadly.

In fact, the earthquake has later Culley Pagri to pass itself to understand earthquake’s all information after China’s friends. For expresses own care and the regards to the earthquake disaster area’s people, for this reason Memphis University has carried on disaster relief soliciting donations. From player to team, but also had the university to participate in the disaster relief donation. Not only that the American university student alliance has also carried on donation.

Before this time comes to China, the team entrusted China’s friends to design showing solicitude for which carefully for them was pregnant with meaning, expressed them to the earthquake disaster area people’s salute. Before tonight the benefit performance, possesses the Memphis team the member can put on this clothes to enter the stage.

Sichuan we and you in together ” with striking blue color writing on the pure white T-shirt, and ” you around ” also used in ” Sichuan ” red to mark a stave heart, but although the heart was stave, but has actually drawn the situation which grew. Its implication is, although the earthquake lets the human be brokenhearted, but because everybody stands in the same place, the disaster can pass, the heartache will also heal.

Not only that, the Memphis University team this time came China to compete specially has also manufactured the special training vest. Behind ” Memphis ” has used the Chinese character specially. Obviously they visit to this time come China’s to have the how value.

  Except Memphis University and Chinese team’s warm-up match, Culley Pagri in after also will participate in the training training class which the Chinese basket association will conduct. But according to the original plan, this training class is arranged to hold in Chengdu. But occurs after 512 earthquakes, the plan changes. “we outside may go to Chengdu originally, after but the disaster occurs all had to change. We very are also regrettable, said really we really want to go to there to look. Has a look to be able to help them (disaster area people) to make any, even if is only the little tiny matter.

***I know you are probably wondering this, so I’ll just reinforce it here.  This is not made up or some sort of parody or spoof that you don’t understand.  This is the new, real-life, global UK world that we’re living in these days.

Go Cats.  Go Culley Pagri.

Article written by Thomas Beisner