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Crawford responds…..and UK gets ready for Music Row….


Sort of a slow news afternoon, with little truly worthy of getting ones blood pressure going. Eric Crawford of the Courier Journal was kind enough to respond to one of our readers who forwarded him the link to my column from last night. His response:

Thanks for the link!

Funny that Mr. Jones agrees with my point, only to go on to call me “hypocritical.” Seems he acknowledges my consistency in pointing out the truth (even if he doesn’t agree with my style).

What he fails to mention is that there’s a big difference between criticizing performance and calling for one’s job. He also fails to note that while nobody much is surprised when a mainstream source calls for a coach’s head, it’s a different story when fans begin to do it.

It’s one thing if Matt Jones calls me a hack. It’s another if my wife does. That’s the difference in this case.

I don’t think I was slamming anyone for giving their opinion. I was just saying that now, those fan opinions are in a position to have more influence. Seems he and I are pretty close to being in agreement. We both are observing that the fan voice has gained a stronger platform.

If you know Matt, you’re welcome to forward this to him. I’ve not met him, but this was a well-thought-out critique he gave.

Eric Crawford
C-J Sports

Not a whole lot to respond to here. I appreciate him taking the time to write our reader but he did not really address my main issue. Saying that fans are causing recruiting troubles by publically calling out the coach is hypocritical when you have taken the “voice of the fan” in your column and publically called out the coach. That seems to me a basic point, and yet is one that was not really addressed. Either way, I appreciate Eric writing back our reader and communicating with him. Since Eric is the only member of the Kentucky media who hasnt responded to our requests to have him on our shows, I am glad he at least will respond to someone. 😉 (The guy at the top of course is Norman Mailer….a great writer who would have loved the internet vs mainstream media fight…..and maybe still does)

UK plays Vandy on Sunday….we will have much more on the game through the weekend but it should be quite the game….Cats better show up…..

Article written by Matt Jones