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Crash Holly’s Tuesday Notes


In honor of our website server coming down with an unknown disease that still plagues it, we will honor former WWF wrestler Crash Holly. I could wax poetic about Crash, but for all intents and purposes, he was a jobber wrestler during a time that the WWF was famous for better and more interesting participants. I think he may have passed away not too long ago, which is sad, but all too often normal for professional wrestlers. I picked Crash just to highlight the server issues, which are likely to continue throughout today as well. Do know that we are working on them and the problem (for once) is not traffic related. It is better for this to happen in August and not before football, but hopefully we will be back to full capacity very soon.

Having said that however, the server issues were not the only thing on the agenda today. It was just strange all the way around:

Brandon Knight’s mother visited UK yesterday without her #1 PG son accompanying her. Knight’s mom told TCP that she will be visiting all of Knight’s top schools, including UCONN and a couple of others, in the coming weeks. She was impressed with all things UK and as we first reported early this morning, met with Calipari and Dr. Todd while she was here. For eleven years, Brandon Knight has never had anything but A’s in school and academics are very important to him. But who knew that the ace in the Kentucky recruiting hole could be Lee “The Punisher” Todd?

— We found out the UK football schedule for 2010 and much to John Clay’s dismay, the three new teams on the schedule are Western Kentucky, Akron and Charleston Southern. I am with Clay a bit on this one and I do think UK should improve at least one game on the schedule. I am fine with Western and the Div I-AA game, but instead of Akron, I would like to see a similar situated team to Kentucky from a BCS conference….a team like Minnesota, North Carolina, Indiana, etc. I know the argument is that it is better to play an Akron and have a guaranteed win for a bowl. But honestly, teams like last year’s 6-6 Kentucky team dont really deserve to go to a bowl. The point of this enterprise is to be entertaining…a rivalry with a school like North Carolina, Duke, Iowa State, etc would be more entertaining than a 2-6 SEC team beating three no names and Louisville and playing in the Liberty or Independence Bowls every year. But thats just me.

— I submit that we should have had Ravi in our top 50 UK players post. He likely would have been a good final entry over Perry Stevenson. Most folks complained primarily about the lower ranking for Walter McCarty and the high ranking for Keith Bogans, but I think both are justified. I was also surprised for the groundswell of support for Saul Smith. He would be so proud.

— So have you heard that Papa John and Calipari are boys now? Seriously, the relationship between the Papa and Cal has reached “Jon and Kate” level proportions, with an all-day long deluge of information on the new friendship/pizza pie happy time. We love Cal here, so we only kid because we love. But man, I got more tweets today from Calipari about pizza than from Beisner about his new baby.

— Speaking of twitter, did we ever think we would see the day that coaches and reporters would be doing ads via Twitter? Calipari with the pizza and Larry Vaught with his blog sponsors, is slowly making Twitter into a series of commercials. How long until Alan Cutler comes out with a “I will tell you this, when I get an auto accident, I only call the Heavy Hitter…it is the place to go, call 456-1000!”? And I know we arent far away from Rich Brooks saying, “when I picked my tomatoes today, I ate them with some Purnell’s Country Sausage….its GOOOOOD!” I promise never to tweet any ads on the KSR Twitter site….only UK news, random observations about the television show I am watching and smartass remarks about others who are not in the same room with me.

Bear with us as the day goes on and we try to get the server in order. Hopefully by the end of Tuesday, all will be better. As soon as it is fixed, we will start Round 2 of the Blogger contest as all entrants have stepped it up this round. Stay tuned…..

Article written by Matt Jones