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University of Kentucky Basketball, Football, and Recruiting news brought to you in the most ridiculous manner possible.

Couple of quick notes……

Just a couple of notes on the future of this site. We are in the process of making some changes around these parts and it is very likely that the Kentucky Sports Radio you see today will look somewhat different by the time football season begins. However one thing that wont change is what got us here to begin with and that is our style and method of covering UK. In recent weeks, I have seen a flurry of comments criticizing various posts as not being “professional” enough or not having enough “news” in them. For those of us who have been here from the beginning (now a bit over a year), these comments are frustrating.

This site started, literally as a place to host our podcast and a way for my friends and I to make fun of each other. If you go in the archives, you will see that the first few months were simply me, Rob, my friends and a few others making jokes and talking UK. And I gotta tell you, the site back then was a hell of a lot of fun. The site was like a family and nearly every time I came on, I read something that made me laugh until I cried. Then came Patrick Patterson and Jai Lucas. And with the two of them, the recruiting news flourished, the site grew and a lot of the original feel of the site became tougher to keep. All conversations usually became Tubby debates, idiots creeped in calling others names and all of a sudden the clever discussions were much harder to have and our best posters tended to drift off. Success in these parts has been a bit of a double-edged sword. Because of it, we have a daily radio show and the opportunity to do much more in the very near future. Plus I have gotten to meet a lot of great people and had more fun than should be allowed by a guy with literally no training or experience to do any of this. But the days of looking forward to see what funny stuff “Lenny Christ” has posted in the comment section or being able to actually go a day without updating a post and not having people criticize and tell me to “do my job” in the interim are gone as well.

Many of you discovered this site through the recruiting news and for that we are greatful. But this isnt the Herald Leader or the Courier Journal. We report on recruiting, but this isnt a news site like TCP or even a recruiting-only site like others on the net. Rather this is……well I am not sure what it is, but it is Kentucky Sports Radio. We have tried to walk an odd line……reporter of news and tidbits, but from a mostly fan perspective. We have the BEST Kentucky football writer on the net in Rob Gidel, my basketball recruiting topics but also the comedy of Chris Tomlin, the unique perspecitve of the Intern and the random thoughts of guys like the Turkey Hunter and Mosley. That is what this site is about…..telling you where Rotnei Clarke is leaning, but also giving you Oh Napier, “We Love Kentucky Ba Ba Basketball” and now, Kige Ramsey. If that is not your cup of tea that is fine, but it is the basis for the existence of this website.

I appreciate all the new people who have found us here. The numbers of visitors here is staggering to me and is beyond my wildest expectations. And, the changes that are coming down the pike would have been impossible if not for these new fans. But we do this for free, and at its core this site is about being entertained and having fun. We hope we do that for you, while at the same time giving some info away as well. But it does seem like some are hoping for the Wall Street Journal of recruiting…..that isnt us and if that is what you want, unfortunately I believe we will continue to disappoint. There will be news here…..not just recruiting, but when the season starts, outside of the newspapers, there may be no place with more game coverage than Kentucky Sports Radio. However there will also be oddities and randomness like videos of Dicky Lyons Jr rapping at a BBQ. As a man in Middlesboro once said, “A man just looks like a man looks.” We try hard to be interesting and the best UK website going…..but minus Rob’s professionalism, the rest of us are at its core, just a bunch of UK fans enjoying the ride. Walter Cronkite we will never be.

And on that note, if you havent heard it yet, you really need to catch the Mexican Soccer Report on The Sports Mob…..

Article written by Matt Jones