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Couple of Former Cat News Bits


These guys are back in the news, semi-positive for one and negative for the other


Andy Katz and Oscar Combs both wrote about Dodson today.  The exact reasons for the split between the Cats and Dodson aren’t known by many, but obviously there were some internal issues abound.  We tracked Dodson to the University of Southern Mississippi. where he joined the basketball team for a brief period before getting kicked off…again…this time for theft.  Check out Oscar’s tweets here for the lowdown on the latest update that Darnell may be back in action the second half of this season.  Via @WildcatNews:

A media report says former UK Wildcat Darnell Dodson is likely to be cleared to play at Southern Miss by midseason this year. Dodson, who was dismissed from UK last year, enrolled at Southern Miss in January, but was dismissed from the team in April. The Hattiesburg (Miss) American said Dodson was charged with felony burglary for allegedly stealing items from a fraternity house there.

Katz chimed in on the subject, as well, while discussing the new contract for Southern Miss’ coach, Larry Eustachy.  You may remember Larry from his Iowa State days, where he became famous for antics such as this.  And pictures like this.  I know, right?  Dude liked to party.  In fact, he made Billy G look like the freaking Pope.


The NFL Preseason saw Mike Hartline get a chance at playing QB at the professional level.  The Indianapolis Colts gave him that chance, but cut him from the game roster after signing Kerry Collins.  Not long after, Mike was asked to come back to the practice squad where he could possibly have seen a future opportunity if he got lucky.  Welp, that stint is over, with the Colts adding Dan Orlovsky (one of Mike’s preseason positional competitors) and dropping the former UK QB.  Hartline was waived from the Colts practice team today, says Colts owner Jim Irsay on Twitter.

*Jim Irsay is one of the more open and compelling NFL owners out there.  Whether it’s his eclectic music taste, penchant for quoting classic rocks songs, or his genorisity to the fans, he finds a way to keep his Twitter followers entertained.  It’s guys like this who make Bengals fans even more angry that Mike Brown still owns the team.

Article written by Chris Thomas

19 Comments for Couple of Former Cat News Bits

  1. Mr Schwump
    8:25 pm September 28, 2011 Permalink

    Who gives a flying eff?

  2. Dane Brammage
    8:25 pm September 28, 2011 Permalink

    Don’t discount Darnell.
    Oh, he’ll be back.
    He’ll discount it himself.

    As in: Five Finger Discount Darnell.

  3. Doron aka Cold Buckets
    8:30 pm September 28, 2011 Permalink

    serious question…that HAS to be Darnell’s mugshot, right?

  4. Denise
    8:34 pm September 28, 2011 Permalink

    Larry Eustachy looks like UK Economics professor Darin Gulla.

  5. Dodsonishighrightnow
    8:43 pm September 28, 2011 Permalink

    Cal’s Memphis squads were loaded with Dodson type players. It seemed like most of them were straight out of the prison leagues. Glad he doesn’t have to do that here.

  6. Idiot Fans
    8:46 pm September 28, 2011 Permalink

    we were all upset about the lack of 3 pt shooting when Darnell left…nevermind the fact that he’s a punk.

  7. UK fans
    8:48 pm September 28, 2011 Permalink

    Yeah #5 I think thats why some fans were worried about Cal coming here initially. Memphis was loaded with thugs no doubt.

  8. FrigFullofBeer
    8:49 pm September 28, 2011 Permalink

    WOW Drummond from Uconn might not be eligible to play!!! That stings for them ala Enes Kanter but he appear in adidas video

  9. 1st Down Kentucky
    9:06 pm September 28, 2011 Permalink

    Darnell = Carruth

  10. 1st Down Kentucky
    9:07 pm September 28, 2011 Permalink

    L. Eustachy will right Darnell’s ship!

  11. seriously
    9:27 pm September 28, 2011 Permalink

    just another thug calipari player, dont worry cal will be back to his old thug tricks with the 2013 class. Tubby would never do that.

  12. WallMVP
    9:32 pm September 28, 2011 Permalink

    8) Our latest commit was also in that video.

  13. WallMVP
    9:33 pm September 28, 2011 Permalink

    Meant to type 8 and a smiley face showed up. LOL!!!

  14. Salem Cat
    10:02 pm September 28, 2011 Permalink

    Dr. Heimlich, please report to Turner Field, stat.

  15. SagaciousMind
    10:07 pm September 28, 2011 Permalink

    Anthony Davis is a beast! He threw down a nasty dunk just a little bit ago. I’m sure it will be on here soon.

  16. Hypocritical
    11:36 pm September 28, 2011 Permalink

    He was awesome when he was a C-A-T! Now that he is gone, he is a criminal, but that does not reflect on us because we would never have a thug on our team like those black birds.

  17. bluesince66
    7:24 am September 29, 2011 Permalink

    12 What’s ULs recruiting look like, take your jealous ass back where it belongs. The quality of kid Cal brings in is getting better each year.

  18. Inside Your Mind
    1:46 pm September 29, 2011 Permalink

    It’s not a surprise Hartline was cut again. However, i have come to the conclusion that it’s not 100% his fault. It’s pretty obvious he was poorly coached while at UK. While we run a pro-style offense which should prepare them for the next level, they are poorly coached. More so the QB’s than any other position. Hartline would have been better off transferring to play for a better coach.