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Count von Count Wants to Talk Numbers

By: Taylor Harry

My, oh my, where would any of us be without the educational guidance Sesame Street provided us with as children? The show gave me both nice dreams, and if I remember correctly, numerous nightmares (Really,a giant bird and a creepy thing living in a trashcan? Come on.). Also, numerous creatures on Sesame Street loved to rock the uni-brow. Perhaps this is the reason Mr Anthony Davis loves his so much. Sadly, we may never know the truth behind the forehead caterpillar of our big man. Anyway, let’s give it up for the creepy vampire for showing us what teams have done under John Calipari on the court the past 10 seasons, with some numbers.


The reason behind this post is to take a look at where the 2012 ‘Cats stand currently compared to the rest of the teams from Coach Cal’s tenure at Kentucky and last seasons at Memphis. The numbers may surprise you…


What do I take away from these graphs? First, it is obvious that talent plays a major role for teams under Calipari. Second, I believe intangibles play an even bigger role in determining a team’s success (Tragically, you can’t measure a team’s intangibles with a graph, you just can’t. Trust me, I tried.). Interestingly, by looking at some of the shot percentages from each season, it can be noted that teams with the most talent were not always the most successful on the court.

Season Results Notes:

2002-2004: Memphis made the NCAA Tournament in back-to-back seasons.

2005-06: Memphis entered the NCAA Tournament as a No.1 seed after a record-breaking 30-3 season.

2006-07: Memphis entered NCAA Tournament, as a No.2 seed and record of 30-3 during the season. (Note: Memphis went undefeated in conference play)

2007-08: Memphis went to the Final Four with Derrick Rose and an NCAA record of 38 wins.

2008-09: Memphis went to the Sweet Sixteen and lost, thus ending the Memphis-Calipari era.

2009-10: Calipari’s first season at Kentucky with an overwhelmingly talented recruiting class led by John Wall. (We all know the story of that magical season, so I will avoid further salting the healing wound)

2010-11: It was a roller-coaster of a year for a young Kentucky Wildcats team. The group went from an immature team on the road to a tournament power in March advancing to a much needed Final Four appearance and falling just two points short of an NCAA title game.

2011-12: The story of the 2011-12 Kentucky team is going to be a good one, and the mid season stats can show you that

The 2008 Final Four team for Memphis shot very well from inside the arc; however, their 3Pt.% and FT% struggled. Kentucky’s Final Four team, in 2011, shot 39.7% from 3Pt. range and 71% from the charity stripe. FG% was a struggle for the ‘Cats as they only made 45.9% of their shots. All of the statistics are impressive, both from Memphis and Kentucky, but none of the numbers represent a National Champion. If Kentucky can keep up their shot percentages at both the charity stripe and inside the arc and improve on their 3Pt. shot percentage, there is no reason to believe this team doesn’t have what it takes to be a banner-raising team.

Go Cats.

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  5. kyrobman
    7:29 pm January 27, 2012 Permalink

    5th ha, ha, ha. Nice graphs, statistcally we are better than Cals other teams but the others never won a title. Lets hop this is it.

  6. Han
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    Fellas, I think we have a replacement for the “B” signs they hang with the 3s and Ds.

    I give you, 1 Block, Ha Ha Ha!

    Student section should hold up a cutout/fathead of the Count every time Davis gets a block and yell out, “1 Block! Ha Ha Ha! 2 Blocks! Ha Ha Ha!” etc.

    Hey, people have been complaining that our student section and crowd isn’t creative and involved enough. What’s more understandable and fun than counting like Count von Count?

  7. Han
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    Also, I did that with Comic Sans, because it’s not enough to mock the opposing team. You have to mock them with the most offensive common font.

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  9. Ldbowe10
    7:42 pm January 27, 2012 Permalink

    I want everyone to check out this idiot writer on bleacher report named Matt Madsen. The title is 5 reasons kentucky won’t win a championship.

  10. 2KATS
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    im a student and the erupption zone is terribly because of the people who run it. idk what theyre called, the q crazies? or something, idk. they have us do the bernie on free throws. 1 that just looks retarded. and 2. that just looks retarded.

  11. JesusIsTheOnlyWayToHEAVEN!!!
    7:49 pm January 27, 2012 Permalink

    Hey Taylor Harry- Nice graphs. Anyway you could add to the graphs (in a different color) the national champion so that we can see how Cal’s teams compare to the actual Champs?

  12. LowDownDirtySnitches
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    These Tenn tix aren’t really going to go for face value, are they?

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    9)i read it. just another east coast hack

  14. J From The Milky Way
    8:13 pm January 27, 2012 Permalink

    Your can’t really get much out of these statistics, even the FG% numbers cant be analyzed b/c a better 3 pt shooting team will shoot more 3’s and lower their FG% when in actuality they may be a better overall scoring team. Should do this same thing with some of the stats found on Ken Pomeroy’s site.

  15. Mr Schwump
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    This crap gives me a headache.

  16. BowelMovement
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    For the most part, the hayseeds who read this board do not understand how to read a simple graph.

  17. Roggensak
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    As Dave Chappelle said, I know a Pimp when I see one…and Count is a pimp…

  18. kyrobman
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    9) saw that yesterday it should read “5 Reasons I don’t want UK to win a NC”. Dude is probably a UNC or Dookie grad.

  19. Bulldawg
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    Nice post.

    Those bleacher report dudes are turrrrible! I stopped reading it when some freak show picked vandy to win the sec tourney either last year or year before, anyway he was way off on his picks and obviously did not get many right. Just a hater. Most of the “national” media are, plus some of the local media…JT.

  20. Jdaws
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    The last name Harry is hilarious to me for some reason. Taylor Harry. Funny name for no reason other than its just funny.

  21. Nuffsaid
    8:16 am January 28, 2012 Permalink

    Good comparison of different teams. How about one comparing this team’s game by game results. We all know what can happen on a cold or hot shooting night from behind the arc. Still trying to forget that WVA game.

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    22nd!!!!! Free throws never won anything….



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    Welcome back, BTI.

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    I thought BTI left!